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SEC Football 2014 Week 8 Review and Week 9 Preview

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Oct 23, 2014
SEC Football 2014 Week 8 Review and Week 9 Preview

The SEC ended the week with 4 of the top 5 ranked teams. All 4 of these teams are from the SEC West. South Carolina won against an inferior opponent in Furman. They may be the most disapointing team in the SEC East, but with that side not fairing as well, they could make a run to get into the championship game, believe it or not. Texas A&M got crushed by a very determined Alabama team. I really have little to say other than A&M played their worst and 'Bama played their best game. Georgia beat Arkansas fairly easily. Their backup running back, Chubb, ran for 202 yards. This guy is for real and so is Georgia.

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SEC Football 2014 Week 7 Review and Week 8 Preview

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Oct 14, 2014
SEC Football 2014 Week 7 Review and Week 8 Preview

It was yet another wild week in the SEC. We start with Kentucky easily handling UL Monroe and becoming more of a threat in the East. Georgia played well without their star running back and hammered Missouri. This win helps Georgia out a lot and shows weaknesses in Missouri's game. Tennessee needed to get some momentum in the East and got a big win over Chattanooga. While Chattanooga may not be the best of teams, the confidence may be what Tennessee needed to get them back on track. LSU had a close game with the Gators. Florida drops it's second SEC game while LSU wins it's first. LSU will go to a bowl game, but I don't think they're anywhere near what we thought they were at the beginning of the year.

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SEC Week 5 Review Week 6 Preview

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Oct 02, 2014
SEC Week 5 Review Week 6 Preview

Most of the SEC held to form, but a few games brought some big surprises. South Carolina is having a very disappointing season. Missouri beat them after the Tigers lost to Indiana last week. It is obvious that the Game Cocks are not the team we thought they were. LSU made short work of New Mexico State. Even with the one loss, LSU is still in the hunt for the SEC West. Tennessee is obviously improving. They gave a good Georgia team a major test. Georgia's running game is very good and Missouri kept up scoring 32 points. Georgia will have to play better if they expect to continue with winning the East. Kentucky played a good game and beat Vanderbilt. Probably a test of the worst two teams in the conference, but they could both beat mid-level teams of most other conferences.

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Week 4 Review and Week 5 Preview SEC Football 2014

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Sep 24, 2014
Week 4 Review and Week 5 Preview SEC Football 2014

Week 4 turned out to show us some more things about the SEC. We saw three games that featured SEC on SEC and several games versus lesser opponents and one good win against an out of conference team. We started off the week with Auburn defeating Kansas St. This was a big win for the Tigers and should lift them past the doubters. They are a top 5 team and showed it. We saw what we thought we would in most of the rest of the out of conference schedule, Georgia handed it to Troy, A&M easily defeated SMU and Arkansas beat Northern Illinois. I do think that the Arkansas win was big for the Razorbacks. I don't think they were expected to handle this team like they did. They may be setting themselves up to upset a team or two in the ultra competitive SEC West.

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Week 3 Review Week 4 Preview SEC Football 2014

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Sep 17, 2014
Week 3 Review Week 4 Preview SEC Football 2014

Here's the question that I come away with after the third week of college football. Can any SEC team, in either division, make it through the SEC schedule undefeated. I am very concerned that the West may not produce any undefeated teams and it's going to be hard to get through with less than two losses. With five teams in the top ten and teams like Arkansas and Mississippi State surprising the Nation right now, it's going to be a very difficult division to sift through. These teams also have to play a couple of teams out of the SEC East, which is not slouch of a division in itself.

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Week 2 Review and Week 3 Preview SEC Football 2014

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Sep 10, 2014
Week 2 Review and Week 3 Preview SEC Football 2014

Most of the SEC played out of conference this week and for the most part played much weaker competition. They played well, as far as you could tell. Alabama looked very good in a game against Florida Atlantic. I think their Quarterback issue was solved with Sims playing very well. Missouri played well against a decent Toledo team and won by three touchdowns. Tennessee beat an Arkansas State team that has some good years in the previous few seasons. Tennessee is looking good this season. Mississippi State's offense looked good against UAB and they won. Kentucky beat an Ohio team out of the MAC, they need to improve.

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SEC Football 2014 Week 2 Preview

Posted in SEC Football
Sep 03, 2014
SEC Football 2014 Week 2 Preview

Alabama will play Florida Atlantic on Saturday. I obviously don't think they are in trouble of losing this game, but a better performance from the Quarterback position is needed. The entire team needs to play better, but they need to have more big play ability and start working on getting the all down field in order to compete in a very good SEC West.

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Gators Still Bite

Posted By Guest in Florida Gators Football
Aug 10, 2014
Gators Still Bite

It was nothing short of a disaster for the Florida Gators in last season South Eastern Conference, ending with a record that read 4-8. Despite losing seven games on the trot and posting their worst figures since the 1979 season the fans who call "The Swamp" their home are optimistic of their chances in this year's SEC.

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South Carolina Will Win the SEC in 2014

Posted By Kory Kinslow in South Carolina Gamecocks Football
July 17, 2014
South Carolina Will Win the SEC in 2014

The Western division has a lot of contenders this year. You have the usual with Alabama and LSU being good teams, but of course this year we worry about last year's Championship game contender in Auburn. We also can't count out the great recruiting class of Texas A&M. I feel that considering each team's schedule and pure strength on returners and recruiting, that you must feel that Alabama may come back into the lead for the SEC West this year.

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Popular NFL Bets Explained

Posted By Guest in SEC FOOTBALL
July 09, 2014
Popular NFL

The NFL has long been a favourite market for sports bettors in the US, and growing interest in the sport overseas has led to this being an increasing trend internationally as well with NFL bets now widely available courtesy of international bookmakers like Betfair. When it comes to betting on the NFL, there are three basic ways to do it - namely Money Line, Handicap, and Total Points - and these are by far the most popular markets. Here, we shall talk about each of these in turn, how they work, and the best strategies for getting the best out of them. You can delve more deeply into NFL betting strategy here.

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