SEC Not Played in North in Two Decades

by Buckeye Bill
(Midland, OH)

While I agree with your assessment that the SEC has been the most solid performing conference over the last decade or so, I take issue with the continued bashing of my Buckeyes.

It is a fact they have struggled against the SEC in Bowl games, however their overall record against the SEC is 7-11-2, which basically says that with 9 bowl losses, they win against the SEC in non-bowl games by a wide margin.

Strange I guess. And overall, the Big 10 has a winning record over the SEC all time. My biggest issue with the main SEC teams is that they never play north of the Mason-Dixon line. It gets a little squirly playing in the north in the snow and ice of late Nov. Sort of messes with the speed thing and the whole timing of the passing game.

I did some research and I could not find an SEC team that played in the north in over 2 decades. Ohio States losses come against the SEC mainly when they play on their turf, i.e. bowl games. Not an excuse, as we should have done better. I think it's in their psyche at this point.

I welcome some comments and tell me where I'm going wrong here. Again, I give the SEC all the kudos in the world for their athleticism and record, but give me a break on the whole speed issue. The Buckeyes have speed all over the place, it's more in the trenches in recent years where we have had our problems.

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