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College sports seem to grow in popularity each day perhaps because they embody the best of sports and maybe people are sick of the big money egos in pro sports. Passionate college sports fans want to find the best blogs and websites that cover their favorite school, team or sport. Blogs, websites and forums are places where you share your thoughts and ideas on sports with likeminded people. However not all blogs, websites or forums are created equal. There are some that are known to attract very good and knowledgeable fans; whereas others are simply known to have posts where people vent out their frustrations without much serious thought.

So, we have sorted through the thousands of blogs and websites dedicated to various university teams and college sports in general and selected the online college sports resources that we like, trust and spend the most time with. That led to the creation of this section of the website where I will be showcasing some of the blogs on college sports that I believe in. I personally visit most of these websites and can vouch for the quality of content they offer.

In this section you will not only find generic blogs and websites about college sports, but also you find a few highly targeted and specific blogs on particular teams. If you support a particular school then chances are you might be looking out for regular up to date information on the progress of the team, rankings, standings, injuries, new recruits and much more. That is where the blogs dedicated to specific team will come in handy.

Are you into fantasy sports? If yes then you know how critical it is for you to be on top of authentic and reliable information in order to take decision. You will find a few blogs dedicated to providing information on fantasy sports. These are the ones that will guide in the decision making process with their cutting edge reporting.

The Best Sports Blog: Cover everything in the world of sports from the hottest current story to the issues that have been around forever. Share your opinions and read comments from other fans about issues relevant to the world of college and pro football, basketball and baseball.

Best All Time: Everyone has an opinion about the best all-time sports team, coach, player, program in every sport.  Read others' opinions and give your own -- right here!

Saturday Down South: Saturday Down South is the home of SEC Football fans. SDS is the ultimate source of uncensored commentary and fanaticism on the Southeastern Conference. Breaking SEC Football news one story at a time.

All set to explore the blogs and websites we trust? We've categorized the blogs by topic. So, check the pages below for more information:

College Baseball Blogs

You will find team specific information, general discussions, game reviews, player profiles, interviews, schedules, news updates and much more in these resources. Click Here!

College Basketball Blogs

Here's our "best of the best" list of college basketball blogs and websites. These blogs cover NCAA b-ball scores, standings, statistics, players and rankings among a host of other things. Click Here!

College Football Blogs

To stay up on the latest news and updates on college football you have to visit the top college football blogs. So here’s the list of my favorite college football blogs for you. Click Here!

College Sports Blogs Articles:

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