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2011 SEC Football Week 10 Preview

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Week 10 Games

Last week: 4-1

Season: 48-11

Vanderbilt at Florida

This one is a simple game to predict. Here is what will happen on Saturday:

Vanderbilt will lead the whole game, and then by five with one second remaining. Suddenly, Danny Wuerffel will appear out of the crowd, announce the NCAA has granted him one more second of eligibility, then run into the huddle. He'll still be wearing his street clothes by the way.

He will throw a Hail Mary pass that will travel 99 and three quarter yards, bounce off every player on both teams, twice, then land in a Vandy defensive back's hands. He'll return the ball all the way back to the Florida goal line, where he fumbles, and Wuerffel picks up the ball and runs 99 and three quarter yards for the game winning touchdown.

Hey, the way things have gone for Vanderbilt in their long history of these kinds of things, that's tame compared to some of the endings they have had.

Prediction: Florida 27 - Vanderbilt 24 OT

New Mexico State at Georgia

Gee, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Florida and now New Mexico State. That's a Murder's Row.

Prediction: Georgia 35 - New Mexico State 7

Middle Tennessee at Tennessee

I would say the same thing about this game, but who is the murderer and who is the murdered?

Prediction: Tennessee 24 - Middle Tennessee State 14

Tennessee Martin at Mississippi State

Looks like Dan Mullen and the Dawgs will have a nice tune up before they get sent to the pound next week. And they will get pounded when the Red Elephants come to town.

Prediction: Mississippi State 42 - Tennessee Martin 3

Ole Miss at Kentucky

For those of you still awake who are reading my Blog, I apologize for having to put you through all those terrible matchups. I promise after this one, I will get to the good stuff.

Ole Miss gave Auburn a game for the first half last week. Kentucky has not given anyone a good game since Babe Parilli was the quarterback, and some guy named Bryant coached them.

As much as I promised not to do this, I am risking another broken heart. Col. Reb, please come through for me once this year.

Prediction: Ole Miss 28 - Kentucky 17

South Carolina at Arkansas

All right, now we are getting to the good stuff. Arkansas should have lost last week in Nashville. South Carolina wanted to lose last week in Knoxville. Neither happened.

What does that mean in this one? I think with Marcus Lattimore out, the pressure falls on Connor Shaw, who is talented but inexperienced, and in a game of this magnitude that's critical.

On the other side of the ball, Arkansas has Tyler Wilson and a bevy of playmakers on offense. They have been the Cardiac Hogs all season, so they know what it means to make plays when they have to.

Get ready UGA fans, your opportunity arises on Saturday, as the Gamecocks won't get out of Fayetteville in first place.

Prediction: Arkansas 38 - South Carolina 14

LSU at Alabama

I know I have used this line before, but it is appropriate for this one. In my best Judge Smails voice, "This is a biggie, Billy.. Don't let me down."

The two heavyweights in the SEC, as well as the nation, square off for the SEC West title, SEC title (Since nobody from the East can even find their way to the Georgia Dome, let alone complete with other of these two teams in the SEC Championship game) and dare I write it, (Dare.Dare) National Championship.

LSU has been a juggernaut this year as they have plowed through everyone they have played. With all the distractions this team has faced, they have not missed a beat, as their closest margin of victory has been 13 points.

In 2011, they have outscored their opponents 314-92 and have the third best points allowed in the nation at 11.5 per game. Wow!

Alabama has been even more impressive, especially on defense where they have allowed only 55 points all year long. That's an average of 6.9 per game, which ranks them 1st in all of college football. Double Wow!

The highest point total allowed all year was 14 to Arkansas and we know what kind of offense they have.

How can you pick a winner when both teams are so evenly matched? Here's how: LSU has been lights out for every game this year. Each game has been a route and they have not had a bad week all season long.

See where I am going with this?

No matter who you are, you are due for an off week. Every powerhouse that has ever stepped on a football field has had one, and LSU is due. Funny it should come the weekend they have to be perfect.

Bama had their off week two weeks ago against Tennessee. They got all the stink out of their system, and are now ready to roll.

Alabama is at home. Alabama has Nick Saban. LSU has Les Miles. (Sorry I had to get my weekly Les Miles joke in there somewhere). Ladies and Gentlemen, this one won't even be close. Hey Alabama..

Prediction: Alabama 24 - LSU 7

For more visit LSU vs Alabama Preview or check out our take on last week's games at 2011 SEC Football Week 9 Review.

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