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2011 SEC Football Week 12 Review

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Week 12 in the SEC held about as mystery and excitement as watching a boil being lanced.

Then again, this is the SEC so there was something for everyone. Let's get to the week that was…

South Carolina 41 – The Citadel 20

Leading only 20-13 at the half, South Carolina rallied to beat The Citadel. In the process, they earned back-to-back nine win seasons for the first time in 118 seasons of football.

Stat of the game: The Bulldogs passed or only eight yards. Eight yards? My two year old threw a dirty diaper at me the other day that went for ten yards. And yes, before you say it, he didn't like the crack I wrote about Tennessee's rushing offense could have done a better job playing the baby from the E Trade commercials…

Eight yards? You have to imagine the Citadel playbook has no pass plays in it, just runs.

Georgia 19 – Kentucky 10

Believe it or not, I have heard rumors that all the Georgia people are writing up formulas that put UGA in the national championship game.


After playing one of the three worst teams in the SEC, and only scoring one touchdown…at home…the Bulldog Nation seems to think they have the stuff of which champions are made.

I don't want to bore you with how we got to this point, since I have been writing about it for nine straight weeks, but the Dawgs have played the easiest schedule in the history of any sport ever played since the dawn of time.

I think even the Romans had to play an away game at the Spartans, which was a real test, but they won and assured themselves the top spot of all the teams competing for world domination.

The schedule, not the team, is the reason they have won nine in a row.

The balloon is almost ready to pop, and when it does, you will see more fans jumping off the bandwagon that at a Buck Owens Reunion Tour.

In one of the next two weekends in Atlanta, or maybe both, the bubble will burst. And when it does, those who have gushed about what a great team and great coach they have, will turn on their team like Junior Samples at an all you can eat BBQ restaurant.

Sorry, I have a Hee Haw theme going today…

Florida 54 – Furman 32

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on in Gainesville? Did you know Furman scored 22 first quarter points in The Swamp and led 22-7 at the end of the first fifteen minutes?

I thought Furman wouldn't score 22 points in the rest of the year.

The Gators fought back, and from that point, outscored the Paladins 47-10. Good thing Coach Muschamp brought the alarm clocks out to the field to wake his team up since they pulled a Rip Van Winkle through the first 15 minutes.

Auburn 35 – Samford 16

Another close one saw Auburn struggle for most of the game before putting Samford away.

The Tigers, who got a little spooked when they saw they were playing the Bulldogs for a second straight week, led only 14-10 at the half, and 21-16 in the fourth quarter.

Was Auburn looking ahead to Alabama next week? Or are they not a good football team? You be the judge…

Alabama 45 – Georgia Southern 21

Speaking of the Crimson Tide, they might have been peaking ahead to the Tigers as they led only 24-14 against Georgia Southern at the half, but numbers and talent were the difference in the last thirty minutes.

The Eagles did something nobody else has done to the Tide all year, and that is score more than 14 points against their defense. Even Arkansas and LSU didn't get that many, and GSU had that by halftime.

Dominique Swope had an exciting 82-yard touchdown run and finished with 153 yards. Swope is only the 10th back to rush for 100 yards against Alabama since 2005 and first since Tennessee's Tauren Poole last season.

The Tide was impressive and kept themselves in the national championship race.

Arkansas 44 – Mississippi State 17

I might have to hire Colombo or Kojack, or one of those guys, to investigate what has happened to Mississippi State this year.

The Bulldogs never showed up yesterday as Arkansas blasted them in Little Rock. The lopsided victory meant two things: One, Arkansas has come out of nowhere to be a national contender. And two, if this keeps up, Dan Mullen will be hanging out with Houston Nutt a lot more than you think.

Look on the bright side, State fans, next week you will play the worst team in the SEC and have a great chance to turn your season around. We'll call it the Rotten Egg Bowl since both teams have stunk in 2011.

LSU 52 – Ole Miss 3

Speaking of stink, you just knew the outcome of this one would not be pretty.

It got so bad that Les Miles told his team to take a knee…with five minutes to play in the game!

The Tigers outgained the Rebs 458-195, and scored on an interception return with only :28 gone in the game.

If you want the definition of mailing it in, you'll find a picture of the 2011 Ole Miss football team.

Tennessee 27 – Vanderbilt 21

How many times do we have to read it? That's why they are…you know the rest.

When in the history of overtime has a team thrown an interception that was returned for touchdown to end the game? Well it happened Saturday night in Knoxville as Eric Gordon returned a Jordan Rodgers pass for a touchdoen to end the game.

This is one Vandy gave away. They missed two field goals. They had a long completion to the Vols one-yard line that was called back because of an illegal clipping penalty.

The penalty was 20 yards away from the pass and had nothing to do with the play, still the lineman did it and it cost the team since the ‘Doores never got close to the goal line on the drive.

Then the Vols, who have the second worst kicker in the SEC, had a field goal blocked that would have cut the lead to 21-17. The kick was so bad, it hit one of the lineman, but the Commodores were called for running into the kicker. What made it worse was the Vandy defender was only inches away from the ball and somehow he wiffed.

Then in the final minute, they were driving to try to kick a game winning field goal when Rodgers threw an interception. Then again, as bad as their special teams were, I am sure James Franklin would have went for the touchdown even if the ball was on the one yard line, rather than take his chances on a short field goal.

In overtime, they reviewed the play, which was ruled down by contact, and reversed the call. What was worse for Vandy was the fact that the play was blown dead and should not have been reviewed. However, the initial call was wrong, so in a poetic justice kind of way, they got the call right, even if they did it wrong.

I have never seen a team lose more games in the incredible ways Vanderbilt seems to do every week.

Once again, that's why they're Vanderbilt. I can never get tired writing that one since we all love watching a train wreck.

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