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College Football Books and Videos

Check out the great new book by SEC Sports Fan's own Scott Sergent "Coach Scooter" and Mo Johnson about the great history of SEC Football. You won't find a more comprehensive, authoritative and fun look at the history of the greatest college football conference in history -- the Southeastern Conference!!

There are many terrific college football books and videos. As the popularity of college football has incrased, so have the sales of books (and DVD's) about NCAA football. They are particularly popular Christmas gifts, birthday presents; graduation or fathers day gifts.

Certainly you know someone who loves college football. That person would certainly love a college football book. But, how do you know which to get him or her.

First, try to find out which team is their favorite. I went to school at the University of Tennessee. So, I would love nearly any book about the history of Tennessee volunteers football. It could be a biography about one if it's great coaches (Bob Neyland; Phil Fulmer, etc). Not Lane Kiffin by the way, though I might enjoy a video that makes fun of him….

College football is full of history and tradition. It also has lots of colorful pageantry. All of that can be combined in great coffee-table type picture books like the ones you can read about at the bottom of Florida Gators Football History and Alabama Crimson Tide Football History also link to all these people's bios, etc.

Those pictures can really be inspiring for the college football fan.

SEC Football Books and Videos

Recently, more and more college football fans have become fans of the conference their team plays in. Hence this site – SEC Sports Fan. "SEC" is the initials for the Southeastern Conference. It's colleges include the Universities of Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. So, certainly a fan of any of those schools would likely appreciate a book or video about the SEC as a whole.

Of course the person or their friends or family might be able to tell you what kind of book or video they would want. But, if not, don't fear. I have a tip to picking out a great present.

I would just go to Amazon.com and search there. Amazon is generally the cheapest place to buy books and it also has the biggest selection and also when you search they will automatically return the most popular books or videos. So, these are likely to be good choices.

Just use a search term like "Auburn Tigers football book" or "LSU Tigers DVD" or "SEC football history" and you'll quickly find what you are looking for.

Here's a few particular ideas for you. Just click on the ad. You'll then go to Amazon and from there you can search for any of the millions of books and videos they sell.

One particular book I'd recommend for the serious fan of college football history would be "The American Football Trilogy." It's actually a compilation of writings by several of the towering figures in the early development of the sport: Walter Camp; Amos Alonzo Stagg; Henry Williams; and, Lorin Deland. You can read more about this book at College Football Yesterday and Today.

Or, just get it by clicking:

Another great "early" college football book is Stars of an Earlier Autumn: College Football from 1869-1936 by Tex Noel.

You can read more about that book at Great Early College Football History Book or buy it by clicking:

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