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2011 SEC Football Week 11 Review

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Week 11 in the SEC only affirmed what we all have thought all season. Tennessee stinks, LSU is really, really good, and Vanderbilt…well, they're Vanderbilt. Let's get to the week that was in the SEC.

South Carolina 17 – Florida 12

South Carolina's day has come. They completed their first sweep of the SEC Least and gave former Florida head coach Steve Spurrier his third victory over his former school.

In a defensive slugfest, both team looked like throwbacks to the way the SEC used to be. Florida looked like the old school Gators as the loss gave then their first losing season in the SEC since 1986, and most losses in the conference since Charlie Pell's 1979 edition. Charlie Pell was a real honest guy, by the way…

South Carolina still has a chance to complete their second 10-win season in their history. Even more impressive was the victory gave them six wins in the conference, and that is the most victories they have ever achieved since they joined the SEC in 1992.

Vanderbilt 38 – Kentucky 8

Who were those guys in the black and gold uniforms? This edition of the ‘Doores are now 5-5 and could be 8-2 (Georgia, Arkansas and Florida)…if they weren't Vanderbilt.

Their defense stopped the ‘Cats when they had to, and Jordan Rodgers is looking more like his big brother ever week.

The win puts Vandy in a position to be in a bowl game this year, which is a miracle worker like achievement for coach James Franklin.

Once again, Kentucky's offense was awful. They rushed for only 32 yards and had a total of nine first downs. Most teams have nine first downs in their first drive…

Arkansas 49 – Tennessee 7

Arkansas became the next in the SEC West Trifecta of Death to pummel the Vols.

The highlight had to be Joe Adam's 60-yard punt return for a touchdown in the first half. Adams ran about 350 yards around the field and eluded every member of the Vols punt return team, including the managers, ball boys and even Bob Kesling, the Tennessee play by play radio voice of the Vols.

In fact, Adams just ran right by my computer so I can see the Vols have still not laid a hand on him…

Can it get any worse for Tennessee? Sure it can since the season still has two games to go…

Georgia 45 – Auburn 7

I have been laughing all weekend as I listen to all the Georgia fans talk about how they knew the Dawgs would win the rest of their games and Mark Richt's job would be secure for another year.

Who has Georgia beaten? Did they have to play Alabama, LSU or Arkansas like the rest of the SEC had to do? Is Coach Richt's job safe for another year, not because of his team, but because of their schedule?The combined records of their previous eight opponents are 48-52. The conference record of the SEC teams they have played is 11-35.

I love an inflated sense of worth, and after hearing all the fans of the red and black, we are head over heels at this point of the year.

Georgia looked good on Saturday, but temper your expectations with whom they were playing, and who they have been playing. Next up are Kentucky and Georgia Tech. I don't think they will be much of a problem, so this will go down in history as the worst…no let me rephrase this, wretched, 10-2 team ever.

Well, 10 – 3 team after the SEC Championship that is…

LSU 42 – Western Kentucky 9

LSU slept walked through the first half of their game against the Hilltoppers before numbers turned the game in their favor.

LSU only led 14-7 at the half, and QB Jordan Jefferson, who finally got back in the starting lineup, might not be there for much longer.

With Arkansas on the schedule in two weeks, LSU must have gotten the stinker of a game I knew they would have sooner or later. That's not good news in Fayetteville…

Louisiana Tech 27 – Ole Miss 7

I guess Ole Miss did not want to win one for the Nutter? A week after resigning, it is clear now that Houston Nutt has lost his team and they went out and laid an egg in their loss to Louisiana Tech.

I know that Ole Miss has an SEC streak of losses, but I did not know they wanted to continue their losing streak to teams outside the SEC. I mean really, your coach has resigned, so you don't have to keep rolling over and playing dead to get him fired.

No wonder the Rebs can't do anything right this year.

Alabama 24 – Mississippi State 7

Similar to LSU, Bama went out on Saturday and was uninterested in their opponent, but their talent eventually got tyhe3 job done.

The loss has sent the Bulldog's Dan Mullen to an awful 2-11 record against Western Division teams. Both wins came against…you guessed it…Ole Miss! Well, at least they are ruling the state.

The game was only 7-0 at the half, and 10-0 in the fourth quarter when Trent Richardson broke off a TD run to seal the game.

Mississippi State rushed for 12 yards. Isn't that like running from the sideline to the huddle? Wow, that's pretty bad.

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