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2011 SEC Football Week 7 Review

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Before we get going on Week 7 in the SEC, I would like to take an opportunity to let everyone know about the Media Relations Department at the University of Tennessee, especially Jimmy Stanton.

Not only was my request for a press credential never acknowledged, but also no replies ever came to my follow up emails. I would have at least appreciated a get lost message, but I didn't even get that.

I was going to do a story on the game day atmosphere in Knoxville, and how great it is to see a game there. Now, all I can write about is what a terrible media relations department the University of Tennessee has and how difficult they are to deal with.

I know I am no Grantland Rice, or Clay Travis for that matter, but it is important to give everyone the proper respect when they are trying to do a job, no matter what your name and media outlet is. If they were not sure about me or the website I work for, all they had to do was ask.

I have always been treated with the utmost consideration for whomever I worked for, no matter how big or small. Allison George at Georgia State, Mike Stamus at Georgia Tech and Claude Felton at Georgia have always treated me with the same respect and consideration as they show Verne Lundquist, or Tony Barnhart. And that means a lot.

Is it arrogance? Ignorance? Maybe both. The again, I should remember that this is the same athletic department that sued their own fan club, the Big Orange Army, a few years ago. Who sues their own fan club? That's similar to the SEC suing CBS Sports for promoting and broadcasting their games.

With the football program in the middle of one of it's worst periods in decades, the firing of Bruce Pearl, allegations of other sports being investigated, and the worst news of all, Pat Summitt's illness, you would think UT would like some positive press about their program, and the game day experience.

Growing up in Knoxville and being a lifelong fan of the Big Orange, that makes the snub even tougher to swallow. I just hope that something good can come of this, and maybe it will be Jimmy Stanton showing a little more class next time when he is asked for help from a writer who is there to do a job.

Well, since we are talking about the mess that is the University of Tennessee, let's start in Knoxville with the #1 ranked Tigers facing the Vols

LSU - 38 - Tennessee 7

Pretty much as we thought as the Tigers pretty much wore out the Vols. UT gave LSU a game for the first half, but you could tell it was only a matter of time before the flood gats would open.

Tennessee did have some moments of their own as they became only the second team to rush for over 100 yards on the Tigers (111), and he offensive line looked better than the previous week against Georgia.

But they had nothing on the Tigers who rushed for 260 yards and had almost 400 yards total offense. They almost had a two to one advantage in time of possession as well.

Since the game was a snoozer (my wife fell asleep twice during the first half) there were some high jinks off the field.

As we were leaving, a black Tahoe pulled out of the "High Dollar Donor" lot across the street from the Stadium, and made its way up Peyton Manning Pass. It was honking its horn at the large number of people walking in front of the car, trying to get them to move so he could get by.

Bad move #1.

As he honked the horn, the people got pissed and began punching his car. He was getting bombed on the left side, so he took the car and veered it to the left, trying to slam into the guys punching the car.

Bad move #2.

The cops saw the whole thing and stopped the action. It became a heated discussion as the cop who stopped the car began to get red in the face (Never a good sign if you are the driver) and voices began to escalate.

The Driver must have said something about the cop's haircut, because the next thing you know, they jerked him out of the car and had him up against the side. All the while, the guys who were punching the car were gathered at a safe distance and began taunting him with, "That's what you get Buddy!"

They called him a few other colorful names, but they are not for sharing on this update.

The other funny thing was the two LSU fans in the bathroom in Section GG. With the Tigers leading 14-0, these two Pee Wee Herman rejects, wearing their cute little bow ties, and were having a little too much to drink, were taunting the Vol fans by signing Rocky Top, and remarking, "I wish we had an annoying fight song we could sing."

His buddy replied, "They haven't sung it too much so far, a-huh-huh-huh."

Gee, I didn't know Beavis and Butthead were in Neyland on Saturday. Then again, it was nice to see these two got all dressed up for their first date together. I really hope they had a good time.

South Carolina 14 - Mississippi State 12

In the latest addition of the mess that is the South Carolina football team, somehow the Cocks got the job done, despite losing Marcus Lattimore for the year with a knee injury.

Sophomore quarterback Connor Shaw lofted a 4-yard touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery, for the game-winning touchdown in a defensive slugfest.

The big question is what will happen to the USC offense now that Lattimore is gone? They have a week off then go to Knoxville and Arkansas then come home to play Florida in the SEC season finale. Ooops.

Despite impending predictions of doom, Coach Spurrier was happy to get the victory. "Guess what -- we're 6-1, we're bowl eligible," Spurrier said. "We're going to go in there and celebrate becoming bowl eligible. That's something we're never going to take for granted. That's an accomplishment."

I think I heard a door just open. And I am sure they heard it in Athens too.

Alabama 52 - Ole Miss 7

Hey, this just in, Trent Richardson just scored again.

The Heisman candidate rushed for 183 yards and four touchdowns. His 69 yard TD was a thing of beauty as he ran past several Rebels defenders, left one looking for his jock strap after a stutter step juke, and finished by plowing into the end zone. He should get the Trophy on just that one run alone.

Bama amassed over 600 yards of offense, 389 on the ground. Ole Miss rushed for only 28 yards on 31 attempts. Ouch.

Ole Miss played without four suspended players, but I have a feeling they got suspended on purpose.

Auburn 17 - Florida 6

I am sure Will Muschamp pulled a Harry Doyle as he must have told the team, "6 points? That all we got, 6 points?"

When was the last time you saw a Gator offense look so anemic? No touchdowns and only two field goals.

Both teams combined to use seven quarterbacks in the game. In fact, I thought I saw Kerwin Bell and Stan White taking a few snaps in the second half.

I though Charlie Weis was supposed to be some kind of offensive genius, but as it stands now, the only offense he has been able to generate was when he ran over to an open casting call for a spot in a commercial for the Shoney's Big Boy.

Did you guys catch the update on the ESPN website? The announcer reviewing the highlights said, "It's a touchdown for the War Eagles." Look, you Bristol Clodhopper, it's the Tigers. Or if you are really old school, The Plainsmen. NEVER the War Eagles. Gee, I know times are tough, but where are you getting these guys from Morons-R-Us?

Georgia 33 - Vanderbilt 28

Aaron Murray threw for a career-high 326 yards and three touchdowns, and Blair Walsh kicked four field goals, as Georgia was able to win their fifth in a row by beating Vanderbilt in another stress sandwich of a game.

The Doores made in exciting as they blocked a Drew Butler punt with seven seconds remaining to give them a final shot from the 20. But two plays and two incompletion later, the Dawgs escaped.

As if that weren't enough excitement, UGA Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham got into a verbal exchange with Vandy Head Coach James Franklin at the end of the game. Rumor has it Grantham was unhappy that Franklin had used all the free passes to the Grand Old Opry, so I can see the reason for possible fisticuffs after that one.

Georgia is now 5-2 and playing the best football of anyone in the East. With South Carolina unsure of what their offense will look like in two weeks, the race in the East has come down to two teams going in opposite directions.

Then again, what will the reward be for winning the SEC Least? Maybe it's better to not be in contention rather than have to face either Bama or LSU in December? Just a thought.

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