My life as a SEC football fan

by Kavin Caruso

The SEC football to me is the most competitive conference. The SEC gets better recruiting and gets more tv coverage.

Whenever two SEC schools face each other, the stadium is compact and full. It could be a game in September and both teams could be 1-2, the fans still show up. In other conferences the stadiums would be half full. It seems like the SEC teams fight to the last second of the game. The players are real competitive, coaches get into the players faces, and there is that intensity in the air.

I've seen games from other conferences and it seems to me that the game just plays along and there's no drama in it. I love seeing drama played out in the 4th quarter when the game is on the line.

One of the best games in the SEC is when Tennessee plays Alabama. Those two schools dog it out and the game gets real exciting.

The SEC has always been a "good ol boy " conference for the last 70 yrs. Things have changed, but it still has that "southern tradition" that was used back in the 50's.

The SEC fans are the best, they tailgate for hours before the game, and they tailgate after the game. If their team wins, they would be partying all through the night. The fans wear their team colors, they paint their faces,and also chant with other fans. When the season ends, everyone gets ready for the next season and discusses the recruitment and spring practice.

Spring practice, the fans show up and gets autograph from players and coaches. When each school have their annual spring games, the stadium fills up and it feels like a real game. When other schools from around the country have their spring games, the stadium is not fully full.

The SEC will always be the best conference, no matter what the BIG 12 and Big 10 have, nothing BEATS SEC.

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