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2011 SEC Football Week 11 Preview

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Week 11 Predictions

Last week: 5 – 2

Season: 53 – 13

Western Kentucky at LSU

After seeing last week's performance, I do not think LSU's defense will even let Western Kentucky's bus pull into the stadium.

You just saw the future National Champions last Saturday night, and after the next two warm up games before playing Arkansas for the SEC West title, they will have so many first place votes cast their way, they would be able to run for President.

LSU's offense goes nuts, and their defense pitches a shutout. With a few breaks, they might even break the Georgia Tech record for most points and largest margin of victory in the history of the game.

Predictions: LSU 223 – Western Kentucky 0

Louisiana Tech at Ole Miss

My question is this: Are the Rebs playing poorly so Houston Nutt will be fired? Remember, this is a team that only a few years ago won back-to-back Cotton Bowls. How did this happen?

Louisiana Tech almost beat Mississippi State and should have beaten Southern Miss. They will get the long sought after victory on Saturday, as the Rebs are road kill.

Do you think I should make a follow up call to Oxford to see if they got my resume?

Predictions: Louisiana Tech 28 – Ole Miss 21

Florida at South Carolina

Before losing Marcus Lattimore, I thought Carolina was going to take the SEC Least this year. However with the injuries, and UGA's soft schedule, I am not so sure anymore.

Then the Gators come to town, losing four of their last five, and it would have been five if they had been playing anyone but Vanderbilt.

Both teams are struggling, but I think Florida has a little more offense and defense than Carolina does at this point in the season.

The 'Cocks are 4-10-1 against the Gators in Columbia, and before the 2005 victory, the last time they beat Florida at home was a few weeks after World War II began (1939).

I hate to tell you this, Cocky, but that sound you hear is the door slamming on your SEC Least chances.

Predictions: Florida 28 – South Carolina 17

Kentucky at Vanderbilt

In a strange twist to the season, both Kentucky and Vanderbilt do not have to worry about finishing last in 2011. That distinction goes to the permanent pain in the ass in orange they both finish up with each year.

I think the 'Cats are coming together at the right time and have played well the last few games, especially on offense.

Vanderbilt should have two more wins than they do (Arkansas and Florida) and have proved they can play with most anyone on their schedule.

Seeing as the game is in Nashville, and seeing as how the 'Doores are the better team, they do not have to worry about choking at the end since everyone expects them to beat Kentucky.

Predictions: Vanderbilt 31 – Kentucky 17

Auburn at Georgia

I have good news and bad news for the Dawgs.

The good news is Carolina is going to lose, so their place in Atlanta on December 3rd as the ass that gets kicked around the moon (Special thanks to Buford T. Justice for letting me use that line) will be secure.

Bad news is, they aren't going to beat Auburn.

This is a Georgia team that has won six games this year, but of the six, none of the teams on the list could move the ball across the street, or stop a group of hopped up Blue Hairs from marching downfield in their walkers.

Auburn has played some tough teams so far this year and has the talent and game experience to end UGA's winning streak at six.

Come to think about it, of the six, did anyone of the teams even have a pulse?

Predictions: Auburn 35- Georgia 24

Tennessee at Arkansas

If you have nothing to do on Saturday night, and you want to start your own drinking game, tune in to the Tennessee-Arkansas contest.

Here are the rules:

Take a drink every time Tennessee goes three and out or has a turnover.

Take a drink every time Arkansas scores a touchdown or makes a first down.

Take a drink every time the announcer says the name of a Tennessee player you have never heard of.

Take a drink every time the announcers tell you the Vols are rebuilding.

With those rules, please do not go out to watch this game. Stay home and save yourself the DUI since you are going to be drunker than Cooter Brown after this one is over.

By the way, who is Cooter Brown, and why is he always so drunk?

Predictions: Arkansas 42 – Tennessee 7

Alabama at Mississippi State

After narrowly losing to LSU, in a game they should have won by a large margin, Bama travels to Starkville to play the Bulldogs.

Alabama's defense is the best in the nation, and after seeing how Mississippi State was able to move the ball against the second best defense in the nation in September (LSU), I have a feeling this one will get ugly in a hurry.

The Crimson Tide will be angry and pissed off for this one, and that is not a good thing for the Bulldogs.

With their hopes for still making the National Championship game, if things roll right, Saint Nick's team will see that Christmas has come early on Saturday.

Predictions: Alabama 35 – Mississippi State 0

For more visit LSU vs Alabama Preview or check out our take on last week's games at 2011 SEC Football Week 10 Review.

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