Tennessee Vols rumors: Out with Jones, in with Gruden?

Posted on: Tennessee Volunteers
Oct 08, 2017
Tennessee Vols rumors: Out with Jones, in with Gruden?

Often one finds an online sportsbook proposition in which the odds are given as to which head coach is sitting in the proverbial 'hot seat' - i.e., dangerously close to getting fired.

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Alabama Overwhelming Favorite to Win SEC

Posted on: SEC Football
July 31, 2017
Alabama Overwhelming Favorite to Win SEC

The last time we saw the Alabama Crimson Tide, they were sitting on the sideline of the national championship game with their heads slumped over in defeat. But the Tide keep rolling and they are expected to win the SEC once again in 2017 according to

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SEC 2017-2018 Football Preview

Posted By: Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
May 01, 2017
SEC 2017-2018 Football Preview

An Outlook on College Football's Toughest Conference. The SEC is coming off of one of it's toughest seasons in recent memory. Alabama played as predicted, but the rest of the teams took a step back in the 2016-2017 season.

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National Championship is Alabama's to Lose

Posted By: Marcus Williams in SEC Football
Dec 11, 2016
National Championship is Alabama's to Lose

It isn't a mystery that the Alabama Crimson Tide is arguably the best football team in the NCAA space. This team is incredibly...

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2016-2017 Bowl and Playoff Preview

Posted By: Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Dec 06, 2016
2016-2017 Bowl and Playoff Preview

The SEC had another great season! There are 12 teams representing the SEC in their respective bowl games and the number one seed in the...

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SEC Football 2016-2017 Season Week 12 Review and Week 13 Preview

Posted By: Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Nov 21, 2016
SEC Football 2016-2017 Season Week 12 Review and Week 13 Preview

There was only one top 25 match up in the SEC in week 12. Florida went into Tiger Stadium to play LSU in a game originally scheduled to be played in Florida a few weeks ago, but moved due to...

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SEC Still Best College Football Conference

Posted By: Marcus Williams in SEC Football
Nov 20, 2016
SEC Still Best College Football Conference

To some, the SEC has lost a bit of its luster in the past few years. While Alabama is still considered the best team in the country, critics say that the Big...

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SEC Football 2016-2017 Season Week 10 Review and Week 11 Preview

Posted By: Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Nov 08, 2016
SEC Football 2016-2017 Season Week 10 Review and Week 11 Preview

Week 10 was a big week in the SEC. There were some upsets, some close games, and some big surprises. There was only one match-up with...

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SEC Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Preview
NCAA Football 2016-2017 Season

Posted By: Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Oct 17, 2016
SEC Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Preview NCAA Football 2016-2017 Season

There were 3 games in week 7 involving only non top 25 teams. Mississippi State lost by a touchdown to BYU. The road loss drops...

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Did You See That Tennessee - Georgia Finish? Wow!

Posted By: Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Oct 04, 2016
Did You See That Tennessee - Georgia Finish? Wow!

Week 1 came with some thrills, but few surprises. We saw all of the highest ranked or favored teams win, but some of them won in some very...

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SEC Football 2016 Week 3 Review

Posted By: Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Sep 19, 2016
SEC Football 2016 Week 3 Review

It's hard not to start off this article without mentioning Alabama. They are currently ranked number 1 and had a narrow win over Ole Miss. Alabama is now 3-0 and Ole Miss is 1-2. I don't see a lot of...

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3 Standout Performances From The Past Week

Posted in SEC Football
Sep 10, 2016
3 Standout Performances From The Past Week

The Southeastern Conference had a...

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Comparing Bear and Saban in NC Seasons

We know SEC Football has been the best for at least the past SEVEN  years.  With Alabama's 2012 and 2013 BCS Titles; Auburn's BCS Championship the year before (2010 - 2011), the SEC has now won 7 straight BCS Championships (no conference has ever won more than 3 straight college football national championships before); 8 of the past 10; and 9 total since the BCS system began 14 years ago.  That's more than four times as many as any other conference.

Read about the four prior consecutive National Championships for Southeastern Conference football at 2009 Alabama; 2008 Florida; 2007 LSU; and 2006 Florida.

But, what about next season, 2012? Well, we'll have more to come; but look out for LSU.

You won't be surprised that we are predicting the SEC will be the top college football conference, again, in 2012. And that LSU (or Alabama) will win it all again. If so, that will be 7 straight National Championships for the SEC. No other college football conference has ever done anything close to that before.

Dominance at the top of the college football world is certainly exciting for SEC football fans. But, just as significant to the overall strength of SEC football is the tremendous depth from 1 through 12. The SEC consistently sends more teams to bowl games than any other conference. Here's a review of all the 2010 - 2011 SEC bowl games.

If you are looking for tickets to an SEC football (or bowl) game, check out 2013 SEC Football Tickets.

LSU vs Ohio State
Auburn's Jordan Hare Stadium

Auburn's Jordan Hare Stadium. Thanks to Carolina Hornig at for the picture. 

SEC football is always spectacular. In fact, Southeastern Conference football games are simply the most exciting sports events in America. Every weekend there are always at least several amazing games.

The SEC is the best college sports conference because of its football. Football is the #1 college sport in America. Nothing compares to the fan interest and support that football receives. It has become our national sport. SEC football is simply the best spectator sport in America -- if not the world.

For this reason, in ranking the conferences, we have given extra weight to football. And it is the SEC's supremacy of college football, that, in the end, makes the SEC the #1 college sports conference.

How do we know SEC football is the best college football in America?

Crazy Florida Gator Football Fan

Crazy Florida Gator Football Fan. Thanks to bjsmith at for the picture.

One of our readers might have put it best when he said:

The SEC is the #1 conference against ranked teams, the number 1 conference against top 10 teams, the number 1 conference against major teams and the number 1 conference in the rankings. In light of all that, I'd be uncomfortable saying the SEC is anything but the best conference ever. You can read more of what he had to say here.

Also, for instance, the Nov 21, 2007 USA Today sports page headline: "SEC Football Best College Has To Offer" summarized the general consensus at the time. And things obviously have only gotten better for SEC football since.

Or, how about the October 16, 2006 issue of Sports Illustrated the premier sports publication in America. The cover story is titled "SEC Power: On Any Given Saturday the Southeastern Conference Proves It's the Toughest in the Country."

Beyond that, look at history. When you compare the number of all-time Bowl Appearances; Bowl Victories; National Championships; National Rankings; and just Plain Old Wins SEC Football is #1 in them all.

The SEC has the most alumni playing in the NFL. The 2008 NFL opening day active rosters showed 259 former SEC football players on NFL rosters. The ACC was second with 254 players; the Big Ten was third with 227; Pac-10 -- 178; Big 12 -- 170; Big East -- 87. The SEC has led all conferences with the most NFL players every year since 2001. In the 2009 NFL draft, again, the SEC led all conferences with 8 first rounders and 37 players drafted overall. (For info on how individual SEC teams ranked, see SEC Schools With Most NFL Players).

The SEC has led the nation in football attendance for 13 straight years in 2010 averaging 76,719 (just short of the record set by the SEC in 2008 of 76,844) fans per game! Amazing. Really, that fact alone says it all.

Florida Gators National Championship Sign
2007 Music City Bowl at LP Field in Nashville
Volunteer Football
Auburn Tigers Football
Tennessee Vols Football
Florida Fans Kentucky Football Fans Florida Gators Band
Florida Field
Ohio State fans watch loss to Gators

Thanks to for photos 2 and 8 above. Thanks to for photos # 5, 7, and 9; for photo 3; for photo 4; for photo 6; for photo 10; and for photo 11. Some or all rights are reserved for these photos.

In 2006, the SEC led all conferences in winning percentage vs. non-conference opponents with an incredible .854 winning percentage. In 2007, and again in 2008, the SEC was tops with a 47-10 non-conference record.

According to the 2008 SEC Football Fan guide the SEC holds an all-time 72.8% non-conference winning percentage (not including bowl games). From '92 - 07 the percentage was 77.2 % in the regular season and 60.6 in bowl games.

Check out this blog for a great study on why SEC football is simply tougher than football in other conferences.

And -- to see the future of SEC football, we need only look at current recruiting. There, again, the SEC not only leads -- it dominates. Every year the SEC has more schools than any other conference in the top 10; top 20; and top 30 in recruiting. The early 2010 recruiting rankings are no exception. has the SEC, right now, with 4 of top 10 (LSU, FL, AL, GA). 

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Year in and year out the SEC has more teams than any other conference ranked in the Top 25.

Simply put, no conference compares to the SEC for its depth, competitiveness, talent, football history and football culture.

When you are in a state with an SEC football team and that team is playing a home game you probably know about it because it is probably the biggest thing going on in the entire state.

During every home game at Tennessee Neyland Stadium becomes the 5th biggest city in the state. Actually the 4th biggest because, during the game, there are actually more people in the stadium (110,000 or so) than in the city of Knoxville.

In the end, it is all about the fans. Ultimately, the conference with the best fans will have the most support for its football program and over time that is the key to why the SEC is #1.

How do we rank the other conferences in Football?

  • #2 -- Big Ten -- It has Ohio State and Michigan; then Penn State and Wisconsin. And now...add Nebraska to the mix. With a great football tradition, second only to the SEC, and the arrival of the Cornhuskers, we've got to give the Big Ten the #2 spot despite its woeful bowl record of late.
  • #3 -- Pac-10 -- The Pac-10 is a great sports conference and dominates some sports -- see SEC Tennis and SEC Volleyball for instance. As for football, historically, they had USC, but that was about it. But, last year Oregon went to the BCS title game and nearly beat Auburn. Stanford and Cal have stepped up. UCLA is on the upswing. Then, the additions of Colorado and Utah seal the deal. They are clearly at least 3rd.
  • #4-- ACC -- The addition of Miami, Florida State, Boston College, and Virginia Tech greatly strengthened ACC football. In fact the conference probably had more top-50 teams last year than any other. Still, ACC football tradition and history (as well as the top of the conference) remains weak.
  • #5 -- Big 12 -- Very strong conference. Even without Nebraska and Colorado it still has Oklahoma, Texas, OK State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Kansas and Missouri. Good schools, great history.
  • #6-- Big East -- Big East football has certainly arrived. West Virginia, South Florida, Rutgers, even Connecticut. Lots of exciting talent now in the Big East. Obviously, not the tradition and history of the other conferences.
  • #7 -- Mountain West -- The MWC is new to our list. They have not traditionally been considered a major college football conference. And, they still aren't really. Especially since losing Utah to the Pac-10.

Sports Writers Wanted We have one position still available. If interested, go to SEC Sports Writer

If you are interested in head-to-head comparisons between the SEC and each of the other major college football conferences, check out:

We also have head-to-head SEC East vs SEC West stats at SEC East vs SEC West All-Time. You'll see the West as a comfortable edge through 2010.

Now, for our SEC Football Rankings and Previews

Click on the team name to read more about each team. The most current previews and reviews of each weeks' games are at SEC Football Blog.

1. South Carolina Gamecocks -- This team is loaded.  Clowney, Shaw, Thompson and WR Bruce Ellington give Steve Spurrier one of the best teams he has ever had in Columbia.  The key is the schedule.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide -- Alabama has a great shot to be playing for the SEC championship in December.  Their defense is young, but there is a lot of talent there.

3. Georgia Bulldogs -- This offense is going to be incredible as they can burn you from a variety of options.  Aaron Murray should be in the thick of the Heisman talk, and if they can sweep or at least go 3-1 through September, this is going to be a team that will challenge for the SEC and nation championship.

4. Florida Gators -- Florida will once again have a tough running game and until the passing attack gets on track, they will be able to lean on Matt Jones to keep them in games.

5. Texas A&M Aggies -- Head Coach Kevin Sumlin had an impressive first year in the SEC and has gone 46-19 overall so he knows what he is doing. With fantastic sophomore Johnny Manziel leading a high powered offense, they will put up some points to cover for an inexperienced defense.

6. LSU Tigers -- LSU will be tough once again, but will drop a notch in 2013 as Texas A&M and Alabama will be the teams to beat in the West.  The defense is young and inexperienced, while nobody is sure which Zack Mettenberger will show up.

7. Ole Miss Rebels -- Ole Miss is a team on the rise as Hugh Freeze has them heading in the right direction.  However, they are not there yet as Alabama and Texas A&M have too many horses for the Rebels to contend with this year. After Strong Start, Ole Miss Poised to Play Dark Horse in the SEC.

8. Tennessee Volunteers -- Butch Jones has the Vols headed in the right direction after the failed Derek Dooley regime.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores -- Franklin has made the 'Doores respectable, and is looking to take them to the next level.  However, breaking in a new QB, a tougher schedule in 2013, and a team that will not sneak up on anyone will make it tough to duplicate last year's nine win season.

10. Mississippi State Bulldogs -- Dan Mullen's teams are competitive and play hard, so they will be a tough opponent for anyone.  However, both lines have to step it up, and the inexperienced WR's will have to give Russell dependable hands to throw to.

11. Auburn Tigers -- Despite a stinker last year, Auburn has recruited well the last few years and has the talent in place to return to contention.  However, depth is a concern, and that is not something you want to have on your side in the SEC West.

12. Missouri Tigers -- Things are not as bad as they seem in Columbia, although not as bright as in the other Columbia in the SEC East.  Gary Pinkel is feeling a little heat after last year's rude introduction to the SEC, but he has had a year to figure it out.

13. Arkansas Razorbacks -- It is going to take some time, but Bielema will turn the Arkansas program around and get them back into contention.  This year, however, they are going to take their lumps, and in the SEC West, that means the hammer is about to be dropped.

14. Kentucky Wildcats -- A new day has come to Lexington and with it, a sense of hope that Stoops can build a team that will be able to contend with the bullies in the SEC.

If you want more information, opinion or discussion about the football programs of any of the SEC schools, click on the name of the team (above) and that will take you to their page.

Ole Miss football takes the field at Florida

Ole Miss football takes the field at Florida. Thanks to bjsmith at for the picture.







Tex Noel 1st-N-Goal Articles



Southeastern Conference one else comes close!

Here's our list of the Best Sports Nicknames.

The Southeastern Conference has a great opportunity to grow and add some great teams from the Big 12. If it doesn't act, it may lose . Here's our Time is now for SEC Expansion.

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