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My Ideas To Make College Football Better

Coach Scooter

Last week, I fell asleep watching a replay of last year’s SEC Championship game on CBS College Sports Television. As I listened to the immortal Verne Lundquist, and tried to tune out “The Clown” Gary Danielson, I began to hear a voice above my couch.

It was the football Gods, all talking to me in gravely, Bear Bryant type voices. “Coach Scooter, college football is all yours. You are now in charge. Tell us what you would do to make things better.”

I thought about the gift I had just been handed, and decided if I were king, this is what I would do:

  1. What would my league look like?
    I would secede the southern teams to form our own college football kingdom.

  2. Realignment
    The new SCAA (Southern Collegiate Athletic Association) would look like this:

  3. Southwest Conference Atlantic Coast Conference
    Eastern Division Western Division Coastal Division Atlantic Division
    Arkansas Texas UNC Maryland
    Texas A&M Texas Tech Duke Marshall
    Rice Oklahoma Wake Forest West Virginia
    Houston Okla. State N.C. State Virginia
    Memphis TCU East Carolina Virginia Tech
    Baylor SMU Clemson South Florida
        South Carolina Central Florida

    Southeastern Conference
    Western Division Eastern Division Southern Division Northern Division
    LSU Florida Alabama Tennessee
    Tulane Miami Auburn Vanderbilt
    Ole Miss Georgia Florida State Louisville
    Miss. State Georgia Tech So. Miss Kentucky

  4. Post Season
    The winners of the eight divisions would meet in the following bowls: Sugar, Cotton, Orange and Peach (Sorry, I am old school and as much as I love Chick-Fil-A, that’s how I want this to be).

    The semi-finals and championship would be held at rotating city sites (New Orleans, Dallas, Miami and Atlanta).

    Only the winners of the divisions will advance to the playoffs.  No other teams will play. [Here's some other ideas about a college football playoff.]
    Suger Bowl
    Also, I would have New Orleans and Miami rebuild their old stadiums and Atlanta would have to build a new open air stadium for their portion of the games. Which leads me to:

  5. Stadiums
    All stadiums will be open air and have natural grass. No field turf or a roof. Not even a retractable roof.

  6. Television coverage/Game times
    All games will be shown on the new ESPNSFN (ESPN Southern Football Network). Every game will kickoff at 1:00pm, which is a perfect time for fall football in the south. Only LSU gets to play night games.

    Ron Franklin and Mike Gottfried will call every game. Since they were the voice of ESPN's Saturday night football, they are royalty in my book. Not sure how they are going to do every game at the same time just yet, but give me a day or so and I will get it sorted out…Sorority girls from Ole Miss would do all sideline reporting.

  7. Uniforms
    Schools can wear any jersey they want, unless both decide to wear the same color. Former Tennessee coach Johnny Majors once said that he missed seeing the orange and crimson jerseys during the Tennessee-Alabama games of the past. I tend to agree that our great sport can use some color from time to time. Of course Georgia Tech and LSU can wear white at home, since that is tradition, unless of course, they are playing each other.

    Uniform Tradition Uniform

  8. Coaches
    H. Stockton, M.S. McClellan, Brooks Brothers and Wm. King will outfit all coaches. No Bill Belichickhoodies on the SCAA sidelines. Also, referees are instructed to give coaches who wear a fedora one favorable call per game.
    Robert Neyland Johnny Vaught Johnny Majors Bear Bryant
    From left: General Robert Neyland, Johnny Vaught, Johnny Majors, Bear Bryant

    Well, that's my list of things I would do if I were in charge. What would your dream college football league look like?

SEC News and Notes

Crooked letter, crooked letter…

Robert Neyland

Just because you win the national championship in football doesn't mean you also won national championship of spelling. Case in point, Alabama's season tickets had a little misspelling on the Mississippi State tickets. Granted, the word Mississippi is a tough one, but since the Tide has played both Mississippi State and Mississippi for decades, you would think they would have the spelling down by now.

We take our football seriously in Arkansas

An Arkansas radio personality announced that she was fired Monday, two days after wearing a Florida Gators hat to an Arkansas Hogs news conference.

Renee Gork announced on Twitter that she had been fired by KAKS, a northwest Arkansas radio station that calls itself Hog Sports Radio. Gork had worn a Gator hat Saturday to a news conference with Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino.

Petrino, whose team lost to the Gators last season 23-20 at Florida, commented on Gork's hat after answering a question she asked. "And that will be the last question I answer with that hat on," Petrino said.

Maybe if the Hogs had not had some rather “interesting” calls go against them in last year’s narrow loss to the Gators, Coach Petrino might have been a little more understanding…

SEC Quote of the Week

Legendary Ole Miss quarterback Archie Manning summed up what it means to be a football player in the south.  “Deep inside, we’re still the boys of autumn, that magic time of the year that once swept us on to America’s fields.”

If you haven't read it yet, check out Coach Scooter's extremely entertaining SEC Football Blog article last week comparing the major college football conferences to Pamela Anderson, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Phyllis Diller, and Kate Beckinsale. Find out which one is most like the SEC.

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