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SEC Football Week 5 Preview

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Week 5 games

Texas A&M at Arkansas

In a preview of what will be an SEC conference game next season, the Aggies visit Fayetteville. Nothing against Arkansas, since I grew up watching the great Ron Calcagni, Roland Sales (Who had about a billion yards rushing in the 1978 Orange Bowl victory over heavily favored Oklahoma), and Steve Little who still shares the longest FG ever kicked in the NCAA at 67 yards, but I loath Bobby Petrino and the way the yellow streak down his back got wider as he ran out of Atlanta.

The Aggies lost a heartbreaker last week, and after seeing Arkansas lost a butt wrecker, I think Coach P will start to feel some heat. Bad news is I am pretty sure he won't be able to ask Arthur Blank for a reference.

Texas A&M 24 - Arkansas 17

Mississippi State at Georgia

I picked the Bulldogs (The Maroon version) to be a dark horse this year and so far they have proved me way wrong. They can still get back into the contenders race in the West with a victory at Georgia, but they must find the running game that was so successful to them earlier in the year.

UGA struggled early, but after two impressive victories, Mark Richt has righted the doghouse, while Mississippi State looks like they are headed to the pound. Give the Dawgs the nod in this one, as they will head into Knoxville next Saturday with a three game winning streak tucked under their collars.

Georgia 34 - Mississippi State 21

Kentucky at LSU

The last time LSU was #1 and faced Kentucky, they lost in overtime. But that was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Kentucky's offense is uglier than some of the patrons in the bar were they found Han Solo in, and after LSU gets their defense cranked up, it will look a lot like the Death Star blowing up the world.

LSU 42 - Kentucky 7

Buffalo at Tennessee

Tennessee was off last week. And they were off the week before that.

This week they get Buffalo, who boasts a great offense in Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly and Andre Reed. Wait, is that the wrong Buffalo? Oh sorry.

The Bulls might need those guys if they want to hang around past halftime. However, the Vols should coast to an easy victory, which they will be thrilled to get. Why, you ask? Well, counting this one, and a date with Middle Tennessee State later in the year, those might be the last two victories the Vols will see this year.

Tennessee 49 - Buffalo 14

Auburn at South Carolina

Gee, another revenge game Auburn will play in. Last year, they went undefeated, and in the process, broke the hearts of many teams they beat.

This year, many of the teams they will have a rematch with really wants to break more than just Auburn's heart as the Gamecocks will welcome the Tigers to Columbia.

With the way both teams are playing, I see a close game. The difference is Carolina has Lattimore and Clowney, as well as Alshon Jeffrey and Mel Ingram, who got another TD last weekend. I'm pretty sure he has more TD's than Stephen Garcia.

Give the nod to the ‘Cocks since they have better players and are at home. Just keep Garcia off the field for as long as you can…

South Carolina 31 - Auburn 17

Alabama at Florida

The CBS prime time game is going to be VERY intriguing for several reasons.

First, the SEC's best defense will face an explosive offense as the Gators' Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps will show the Crimson Tide their version of “The Fast and the Furious.” It is a classic matchup of an explosive offense against a stonewall defense. We heard the same story last week as Arkansas came to town, but the Gators are no Arkansas.

Second, the chess match begins, as Nick Saban and Kirby Smart will match wits with “The Whopper” Charlie Weis. If this were a hot dog eating contest, I would say Bama is in trouble. However, this is a football game, so if Nick Saban is smart, and I am pretty sure he is, they are going to concentrate on taking Demps and Rainey out of the game and say, “Hey, John Brantley, you try to beat us. A-ha-ha-ha.”

The other intriguing matchup will be Verne “The Name Game” Lundquist and “The Clown” Gary Danielson on a quest to have one game where they do not have a missed pronounced name, or an unbiased comment praising the Gators.

It might be fun just to tune in just to hear “The Clown” have to eat his words as he has to talk about his beloved Gators going splat against a Crimson Tide team that is one of the best in the nation.

Alabama 28 - Florida 17

Ole Miss at Fresno State

Really? It's October and Ole Miss is playing another team from out west? If this keeps up, they might be the next member of the Big West, or Blue Sky, or whatever the hell the conferences are named out there.

Lord knows they sure have played like it so far this season.

Fresno State 35 - Ole Miss 21

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