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2011 SEC Football Rivalry Week Review and Championship Game Preview

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So, What Happens in the BCS if Georgia Beats LSU?

Rivalry weekend in the SEC went pretty much as expected with one notable exception. The SEC and ACC went head to head and the SEC won three of the four, so that was a nice mark to leave on the conference's 2011 report card.

With the SEC Championship on tap, let's look at the week that was so we can focus on the week that will be.

LSU 41 – Arkansas 17

As much as everyone thought the Hogs deserved to be mentioned in the same talk with the big boys, it is simply not to be. Playing against Alabama and LSU, they lost by a combined 79-31 margin, which tells you they ain't ready yet.

LSU on the other hand is ready for prime time and they will get it on Saturday in the SEC Championship game.

Tyrann Mathieu, "The Honey Badger" who in my eyes is still a "Honey Graham" because he makes plays more with his mouth than his skills, finally used his talent to bring the Tigers back with an 92-yard punt return to tie the game, then caused two fumbles to end Razorback drives.

The game was a rubber stamp on how good LSU is. They are 12-0 for the first time in school history, they gave up only 17 points which is the most they have allowed in the SEC this year, and are tied with Wisconsin for least number of fumbles lost with seven.

Alabama 42 – Auburn 14

The other "Bruise Brother" in the SEC made a statement of their own as they blasted bitter rival Auburn.

The Tide dominated the game from start to finish. Auburn was limited to nine first downs, 62 yards passing and a total of 140 yards of total offense.

Is it just me, or is Trent Richardson, like, the best football player on the planet? That encompasses the SEC, NCAA, NFL, CFL, AFL, USFL, WFL, WLAF and even the Barclay's Premiere League.

This guy ran for 203 yards, caught a touchdown pass and had a couple of long runs to set up scores. He was seen passing out Kleenex boxes to all the disappointed Tiger fans so they could dry their eyes after the loss. Yes, this guy does everything.

I just hope someone screwed with Harvey Updike's mind and told him Auburn had won the game...

Georgia 31 – Georgia Tech 17

Aaron Murray, who had more time to throw the ball than it took to build the pyramids, carved up the Yellow Jacket defense with four touchdowns in the Dawgs romp.

Once UGA got the lead, I said to a friend watching he game with me, in my best Lou Manheim voice from Wall Street, "That's the thing about falling behind with Paul Johnson's offense. It makes you do things you don't want to do..."

Most of the Georgia fans were chanting "SEC" and "LSU" as the clock wound down. That's sort of like watching Georgia Championship Wrestling and seeing The Mulkey Brothers chanting, "We want the Road Warriors!"

Vanderbilt 41 – Wake Forest 7

Shaking off the annual Tennessee hangover, Vanderbilt held up the pride of the SEC as they blasted ACC foe Wake Forest.

I have to ask, similar to Joe Reardon in Bull Durham, "What's gotten into Vandy?" After handing Tennessee their game on a silver platter, they blasted the Deacs to become bowl eligible, and in the process shook off the label of, "That's why they are Vanderbilt." They must have been wearing garters...

And I am sure after the game, Coach James Franklin, feeling saucy after a year's worth of pent up frustration, punched out everyone from Wake Forest, including the fans, faculty and staff. That guy is the Chuck Norris of the SEC. Well, without the actual kick ass part...

South Carolina 34 – Clemson 13

In Game #3 of the SEC-ACC Challenge, South Carolina put a sweet cap on their 2011 season as they reached the ten win plateau for only the second time in their history. Who better to accomplish all that at the expense of their most hated rival?

Once, Clemson was #5 and undefeated. Now, they have lost back-to-back games, and thee of their last four. Oops.

The �Cocks outgained the Tigers 420-153 and almost doubled their time of possession. Gee, how quickly the once mighty have fallen, huh?

Two T-Shirts that the Carolina fans were proudly wearing on Saturday were: "Party like a Cock Star," and "'Forget the Rock, rub the Cock.'

Oh, those silly Carolina fans...

Florida State 21 – Florida 7

Well, the SEC could not make it a sweep over their little brothers, but it was that kind of year in Gainesville.

Even though the Noles won by 14 points, both teams looked like they would have rather been in Panama City. FSU had 95 yards of total offense and 30 yards rushing. Gee, were they running the Kentucky offense? More on that brilliance from Lexington later.

Florida rushed for 54 yards, and coupled with four turnovers, two that set up Florida State scores, you have to figure Will Muschamp must have had 27 strokes watching that stone age performance.

John Brantley, who looked as if he were throwing the ball into an FSU team photo all night, threw for 104 yards and three interceptions. I can remember when Danny Wurffel threw for that on the first series.

Well, as Dalton from Road House once said, "There's always Barber College..."

Mississippi State 31 – Ole Miss 3

I had to save the worst two games for last. In a game that the Rebels would just as soon forfeited, rather than get their ass kicked, they once again failed to show up in a lopsided loss to their bitter in state rivals.

The Rebs lost their 10th game for the first time in school history. When coach Houston Nutt announced his resignation with four games to play, his team lost all four games by a combined score of 110-13.

Maybe the Federal Government can call up Oxford to see if they can get some help in bailing out the Postal Department since those guys have set the gold standard for mailing it in.

The Feds also might look into Coach Houston Nutt as well. He got a cool 2.7 million dollars for that effort and performance. Maybe he should run for office after that display since he would fit right in with our government.

Ole Miss is 1-15 in the last two SEC seasons and has a 14 game SEC losing streak. Whoever takes over that train wreck might have to pull a Junction Boys to get that ship headed in the right direction.

Kentucky 10 – Tennessee 7

What did I write at the beginning of the year? Didn't I tell you this was the worst Tennessee team ever? Not to mention the worst team in the SEC East? Tennessee should send the guys from Ole Miss a few cases of Daddy's Apple Juice since they saved the Vols from being known as the worst team in the history of the conference.

I did catch some heat for those comments from both email and people I know. Guys, I tried to tell you...

Get this: Kentucky was out of quarterbacks. I guess Pookie Jones, Billy Jack Haskins and Bill Ramsdell had used all of their eligibility, so they decided to pull straws in the locker room and use WR Matt Roark, who drew the short straw. All he did was what the other quarterbacks could not, and that was beat Tennessee for the first time in 26 years.

The last time the Vols lost to the Cats, Ronald Regan was the president, gas was like 25 cents, and Moby Dick was a minnow.

Wearing black jerseys for a second time this year, it was the Cats who wanted this game more, and they deserved it. Despite being in turmoil all week long because they would not be going to a bowl, and Joker Phillips not sure if he would be back for another year, Kentucky finally got the orange monkey of their backs.

Tennessee's Tauren Poole said afterwards that some of the players did not want to be there. Others made similar comments. The Vols now have back to back losing seasons since 1910-11 and since their SEC East championship game appearance in 2007, the Vols are 23-27 and have lost seven games in three of the last four years.

I think it is time for Tennessee to give up football.

2011 SEC Championship Game

Looking at this game, it is a contrast in teams who have ended their year in Atlanta, but have gotten here by different paths.

LSU has steamrolled everyone in their path. Georgia got off to a slow start, and thanks to a schedule so soft, it looked as if they were playing high school teams, they will finish their season where it began in September.

LSU has won 12 in a row. Georgia 10 in a row.

LSU has a beast of an offense, even though Jordan Jefferson might not be the second coming of Matt Mauk.

Georgia has Aaron Murray, who can throw with the best QB's in the nation. Will Isaiah Crowell be back?

LSU's defense is fast, big, and seriously pissed off. Barktavious Mungo is a monster, and the Honey Graham can makes spectacular plays, as long as he doesn't get the ball stuck in his mouth.

Georgia has the second best defense against the run in the nation, but an injury to DeAngelo Tyson might hurt them on Saturday.

This is a pseudo home game for the Bulldogs, but you know the place will be packed with a certain lunatic fringe wherever the Tigers play.

I have a hard time picking Georgia in this one. Sure, they have won 10 in a row. Then again, who were the ten they beat? Yeah, that's what I thought.

LSU has won 12 in a row over real football teams that were ranked high when they played them.

In this one, there is no comparison. LSU will win the game and pound the cute, fun little story of a smoke and mirrors team that everyone in Athens is so gaga over in to the Georgia Dome turf, similar to what happened to them in September.

Get your 2011 SEC Football Championship Game Tickets.

Predicted Score: LSU 42 – Georgia 0

Parting Shots:

Some say that win or lose, LSU will be the in BCS Championship game. I say if that happens, similar to Oklahoma in 2003, Les Miles should rest all of his players so nobody gets hurt, and begin prepping for the National Championship game.

This will get LSU, Alabama and Georgia in to the BCS, which should make the SEC very happy. It's all about money after all, isn't it?

Everyone walks away happy. If this happens, you have to tip your caps to what a perfect system we all live under.

What do you think?

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