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SEC Football 2012: Week 9 Review and Week 10 Preview

By Scott Sergents

Congratulations to Missouri, who got their fist ever SEC victory on Saturday by blasting Kentucky.

I have a feeling they will have to enjoy it for now, since Florida will come into their game this Saturday with a severe case of the red ass from last week’s loss to Georgia, and that is never good if you are a visitor to The Swamp.


For the third straight year, Tennessee has started off the SEC portion of their schedule 0-5. I think the last time the Vols won a game in October, General Neyland was just a Lieutenant.

Tyler “I almost won a big game” Bray took the Vols as close to victory as they have come in the SEC in a long time, only to have a real football player, Jadeveon Clowney, knock the ball out of his hands to save the game.

Face it, Tennessee does not have a good football team. Yes, the offense can move the ball, unless they are playing a real defense like Florida or Alabama, but the defense is so full of holes, they look like they were in Chicago for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

The special teams have missed four extra points this year. John Becksvoort never missed an extra point in FOUR YEARS as Tennessee’s kicker (161 of 161).

But the toughest thing is, this team does not know how to win. They had realistic chances to beat Georgia and Mississippi State, and were in the game with Florida until the fourth quarter, but came up short every time.

Then on Saturday, they were threatening in the final minutes with a chance to pull out an upset on the road, but a turnover ended their chances. Good teams win those kinds of games.

As I wrote this summer, and took a lot of heat over, I still say the Kentucky game will be the last chance the Vols, and Cats for that matter, have to win an SEC game.

Saturday night, Texas A&M scored more than the captain of the football team with a bottle of Boone’s Farm on prom night.

I caught a lot of grief after I predicted a Georgia victory last week. In fact, one of my toughest critics sent me a very mean message where I was called a know nothing hack, and I was slower than a drunk snail crawling up an ice hill in January. Of course, I had to ask my wife what she meant by that…

Everyone was focusing on last week’s struggle against Kentucky, but you cannot do that in college football, especially in the SEC. Florida slept walked their way to a victory over Bowling Green and you saw how their season turned out to this point.

Georgia happened to catch Florida at the right time, and a defense that was supposedly weak kept the Gators out of the end zone. If they played ten times, Florida probably wins the game seven out of ten.

However, that doesn’t matter as Georgia won the game when it counted and now has very little to worry about as Atlanta in December is coming closer into focus with every passing day.

SEC Football 2012:  Week 9 Review and Week 10 Preview
Oct 27, 2012; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray (11) evades Florida Gators linebacker Lerentee McCray (34) in the second half at EverBank Field. The Bulldogs won 17-9. Photo Courtesy By Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE.

Hey Maroon Bulldog fans: What happened to all that 8-0 nonsense I saw last week? Damn, it really hurts to get your ass kicked, and all your hopes of the BCS are now down the drain. I hear Shreveport would love to have you…

I also wrote earlier that the victory over Middle Tennessee State might be their last of the year, and I still think it could happen. A&M is for real (By the way, Johnny Manziel just scored another touchdown against Auburn), LSU will knock Tyler Russell’s cue ball head into the corner pocket, and they can’t sleep on Arkansas. After that is a rivalry game against a very improved Ole Miss squad. I see 1-3 at best with that slate.

We all know the game is just that, a game, so when we saw Marcus Lattimore go down with a knee injury, our hearts all went with him as he was carted off the field.

This guy is a class act, and a helluva football player. Everyone at SEC Sportsfan is pulling for Marcus to get well soon. We also pray that we see him running up and down the sidelines in the SEC, and if he can’t, we hope he is successful in any endeavor he decides to begin.

Come back soon, Marcus!!!!

Week 10 Predictions

Missouri at Florida

I feel very sorry for Missouri right now. Florida is big. Florida is fast. Florida is very pissed of at what happened last Saturday.

Florida 49 – Missouri 14

Texas A&M at Mississippi State

Somewhere in the distance, I can hear Dallas Winston from The Outsiders saying, “Let’s do it for Johnny, man. We’re gonna do it for Johnny!”

And Johnny would be Johnny Manziel, who scored like 56 billion touchdowns last week against Auburn. In fact, the game was over by the coin toss, as evidenced by the miles of empty bleacher seats shown during ESPN’s wide shot of Jordan-Hare Stadium.

In this one, I see a victory for the Maroon…The Texas shade of Maroon that is…

Texas A&M 35 – Mississippi State 20

Vanderbilt at Kentucky

Kentucky became the first SEC team to lose a conference game to Missouri. Look on the bright side, ‘Cats fans, with the Tennessee loss, you guys are still tied for the most consecutive conference losses with six.

Too bad Kentucky will break through to lead the SEC with number seven on Saturday.

Vanderbilt 42 – Kentucky 14

Troy at Tennessee

The Vols get a much-needed respite from the SEC schedule with a visit from Troy. However, Tennessee better not take the Trojans too lightly. This is a team that lost to Mississippi State by only six points.

Both teams can pass the ball, as the Vols are 21st in the Nation, and Troy is 22nd, so this one might be a shootout.

It’s clearly a toss up as far as what the offenses can do, and since the Big Orange defense can’t stop a Retirement Home Pancake Social group, it will be close into the fourth quarter. But since this is not an SEC game, the Big Orange have a realistic shot at winning.

Tennessee 27 – Troy 20

Tulsa at Arkansas

Tulsa brings a high-powered offense into Fayetteville in Saturday and is riding a seven game winning streak. Granted, they haven’t played anybody, and that trend will continue this week….

Because they can run the ball (9th in the nation) and given the fact that part of the country is under hurricane conditions, that is a good omen for the guys livin’ on Tulsa time (I really loathe that song by the way…)

Tulsa 42 – Arkansas 21

New Mexico State at Auburn

As my Aunt Molly always says, “This one will be uglier than home made soap.” She would then take a few gulps of whatever wasn’t empty in her liquor cabinet (she really had to look hard sometimes), and follow it up with, “Or maybe uglier than a mud fence.”

In a side thought here, is it just me, or whenever I see Auburn’s DC Brian Van Gorder on the sidelines, I kept expecting to hear cheesy porno music. Do you get that feeling too? I know ya did. It’s OK to admit it…

Auburn 24- New Mexico State 7

Ole Miss at Georgia

The Bulldog Nation, who were hanging their heads and dismissing the season a few weeks ago after getting pummeled by South Carolina, are now in the drivers seat in the East, and only have to defeat Ole Miss and Auburn to get to Atlanta.

Auburn won’t be a problem; Ole Miss will. The Dawgs defense was a one shot wonder last Saturday, and it will be difficult for the Red and Black to play at such a high level for two weeks in a row.

Ole Miss comes in with nothing to lose, so there is no pressure on them, while UGA has to win the East after the gift they were given last week, or their season will be considered a failure.

Add in the fact the Rebs have gotten better every week and could be playing their best football.

It has been 16 years since Ole Miss has beaten Georgia, but that streak will end between the hedges as Ole Miss comes to Athens and pulls off the stunner.

Ole Miss 28 –Georgia 27

Alabama at LSU

Jude Smails one said, “Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy…this is a biggie….”

They do not get any bigger than this one in Baton Rouge as the winner will probably go on to play for the National Championship. I know I am assuming a lot, but you have to figure the winner will take the West, beat whatever half whit comes out of the East, and that should be enough to get to Miami.

Alabama has rolled over every team they have faced this year. In fact, I predict they will never lose another football game. Ever. From now until the Earth ends, they will go undefeated.

It is worth the price of admission to see the look on the face of that jug head Les Miles as he will stand on the sidelines watching the Red Elephants knock the crap out of Zack “Thank God Tyler Bray is in the SEC or the heat would really be on me as the worst QB in the SEC” Mettenburger.

In fact, last time I saw Miles he was wearing that stupid chef shaped LSU hat and an idiotic expression. I think the hat was new.

Alabama strengthens their hold on #1, while eliminating LSU from the title picture.

Alabama 20 – LSU 7

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