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2011-2012 SEC Bowl Review

Allstate BCS National Championship

Alabama 21 - LSU 0

Here is a news flash for you.LSU has still not scored. And they won't. Ever.

Alabama's domination of the team that self proclaimed themselves to be the greatest in the history of college football made me laugh. The big bully finally met someone who was just as talented as they were. And they got smacked right in the nose.

I firmly believed, and backed it up with my pre-game prediction, that Bama was the better team and would win the game. They were better in November, and made the plays in the championship game they didn't make in the first game.

Here's an update. LSU still has not scored.

The Tide stopped LSU's offense in its tracks. In fact, the purple and gold had a longer drive running on to the field from their bench, than they did the entire game.

Bama held the number one team in the land to five first downs, 92 total yards, two of twelve on third downs and the most impressive stat of the night: LSU did not cross the Alabama 50 yard line until the fourth quarter. And only once did that happen. Somewhere, Bear Bryant has a huge grin on his face.

Some in the media said they could see voting LSU #1 even if they lost, since they would have split the two games with the Tide. After seeing last night's game, that comment should be crumpled up and tossed into the garbage can. Just like LSU's offense.

In the two games, LSU scored no touchdowns. Who is the better of the two teams? From the coaches to the players, Alabama is clearly the better team. And after seeing that performance, they are the best team in the nation. In the world. In the galaxy.

Did someone mention Oklahoma State? Cue the laugh track.

Breaking News: The Honey Graham just gave up another big play. I guess he had to stop talking and start playing, huh?

By the way, I couldn't help but to think back to October when I had to listen to a couple of Pee Wee Herman's Dolls wearing their cute LSU bow ties, talking trash in Section GG during the Tennessee-LSU game.

I wish I could have been in the Superdome (Sorry, I am old school) to see the look on their faces when the destruction of what was once the nation's number one team went down. To quote my good buddy Sam Elliot in Roadhouse, "Darn, son.that sure does hurt, don't it?"

Read more about the historical significance of Alabama's victory over LSU.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City

Mississippi State 23 - Wake Forest 17

Mississippi State gave the SEC another feather in their cap as they beat their little brothers from the ACC in the Music City Bowl.

Vick Ballard, who is still running up and down the field, rushed for 180 yards and had a touchdown run that (72 yards) that outgained the entire Demon Deacon team (63).

Wake Forest could not capitalize on four Bulldog turnovers as they finished the year at 6-7.

Seven losses? And they are in a bowl game? Another reason why we have too many bowl games.

Is it just me, or does Dan Mullen look like Cadet Blanks from Police Academy? Just a thought.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl

Cincinnati 31 - Vanderbilt 24

Sure, Vandy lost their bowl game to a Big East team. Sure, the Bearcats (By the way, what is a Bearcat?) use great special teams to win by seven points.

But when you look at what went down in Memphis, the 'Doores did the SEC proud.

Cincinnati was in the running for the Big East championship all the way until the final Saturday of the season. Vandy was buried in fourth place in the SEC Eastern Division.

Cincinnati was blown out by Tennessee. (Yeah, that sounds really silly now). Vandy, which lost to Tennessee (Yes, really silly) only lost to the Cats by seven.

Cincinnati finished with ten wins. Vandy lost seven games.

And the score was close into the fourth quarter.

Vandy, you did the conference proud. One of the least talented teams in the SEC still had a ten win team from a BCS conference on the ropes and had a chance to win in the final period.

Put me down for a Yes on the "Is the SEC the best conference in America" voting ballot.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl

Auburn 43 - Virginia 24

I was at this game, and it looked like a college team facing a high school team. Not to mention Virginia's orange helmets looked like they were made out of a bunch of discarded Fanta Orange cans.

Onterio McCalebb filled in nicely for the departed Michael Dyer as he scored twice and rushed for 109 yards.

Special teams were the difference as Auburn blocked two punts and recovered an onside kick. Um, did the Cavs practice special teams anytime during the break? Oh, I'm sorry. They must have been sick they day they taught special teams at football school.

It got so bad, I thought sure I saw Lucy out there holding the ball for a neon orange clad Charlie Brown.

With Brian Van Gorder running the defense next year, you have to figure Auburn, as well as the other three beasts from the SEC West, is going to be loaded in 2012. Just those four teams alone could be the final four in the national championship playoffs, if they had one, next year.

Outback Bowl

Michigan State 33 - Georgia 30 2 OT

As much as I have disagreed with what others have said about Georgia this year, I never thought they would pull an Albert DeSalvo (The Infamous Boston Strangler) and choke in their bowl game.

They led 16-0 lead at the half, gave up a ten play, 85 yard drive for a late TD to tie it (the Spartans had no timeouts on the final drive), then go on to lose 33-30 in triple overtime.

It's one thing to lose to South Carolina and LSU, but to lose to an inferior Big Ten team, especially after leading big at the half and needing only a field goal to win the game in overtime. This only affirms my view about the Bulldogs.

Just so you know, Georgia is not really an SEC team. A real SEC team would have taken a 16-0 lead and made it 30-0 before you could say, "What the Wally Butts is going on here?"

It's like my Aunt Molly always used to say, "Big Hat, no cattle." In other words, they are flashy, but no substance.

Talk about laying an egg. Or, as Terry Funk, and later "Dirty" Dutch Mantel, used to say, "They were nothin' more than a bunch of egg suckin' Dogs."

Capital One Bowl

South Carolina 30 - Nebraska 13

Speaking of a real SEC team, I present to you the South Carolina Gamecocks. Congratulations to Coach Spurrier and the Gamecocks as they posted their first ever 11 win season and in the process, showed the world what a real SEC team should do to a strong Big Ten team.

Carolina proved they can play with the big boys across the nation as they blasted a formidable Big Ten opponent. And remember, they did this without Marcus Lattimore.

Alshon Jeffrey caught four passes for 148 yards before being asked by the refs to exit the contest early. Apparently, he and Nebraska defensive back Alfonzo Dennard were reenacting the Thrilla in Manilla when the striped shirts shut down their performance after just one showing.

Was this a springboard for a possible 2012 SEC East championship? Stay tuned. Gator Bowl

Florida 24 - Ohio State 17

Looking to avoid their first losing season since 1979, Florida took a page from their present, and used it to slam an image from their past, as they beat Ohio State 24-17.

With new coach Urban Meyer looking on, the Gators flashed their speed and used timely special teams play to get the win that avenged their loss the last time they were in Jacksonville.

Despite the fact Ohio State led in most of the statistical categories, it was special teams that made the difference. A kickoff return for a touchdown, and a blocked punt that was returned for another score must have given ole Urb a case of the Monday's.

Ohio State lost their seventh game for the first time since 1897. That's not a typo, friends. It was actually 1897.

The Buckeyes dropped to 0-10 against SEC teams in bowl games. Wait a second, before you point out last year's Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas, the Bucks had to vacate the victory due to NCAA sanctions.

Well, the SEC went 2-1 against the Big Ten, but it should have bee a sweep, just like the SEC-ACC matchups. Thanks a lot, Georgia.

AT&T Cotton Bowl

Arkansas 29 - Kansas State 16

After seeing Arkansas rush out to a 19-0 lead and then hold on to win by 13, a lot of people were thinking that the Hogs could possibly be the third best team in the country behind Bama and LSU.

Those were the only two losses for Bobby Petrino's boys, and the eleven wins matched a school record for most victories in a season.

Joe Adams, who has still not been tackled, gave the crowd another electrifying pint return as his 51 yard extravaganza was the first punt return for a touchdown in the Cotton Bowl since Lance Alworth, another Arkansas star, did it in the 1961 game.

As mentioned before, if Arkansas can use this game as a springboard for 2012, you will have great drama as four teams in the SEC West will battle it out for the title. Not just the division or the SEC, but the national title as well.

Can you say, seven titles in a row? We'll see starting in September.

Here's where you can read Coach Scooters's original 2011 - 2012 Bowl Previews and Predictions.

Here's more general information about about College Football Bowl History and SEC Football Bowl History.

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