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2011 SEC Football Week 6 Review

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As I was watching the ESPN Thursday Night game between California and Oregon, I saw that Road House was playing on AMC, so I had it as my flip game. Anytime Road House is on, no matter what I am doing, I will stop and watch it.

In case you don't know what a flip game is, here is an explanation. When your #1 game goes to commercial, you must have a backup. When that happens, make sure to have a second game ready by pressing the Previous button on your remote. This way, you are not stuck having to watch that old fart from REO Chuckwagon hawking easy listening rock CD's

In honor of my flip game from Thursday, I am going to make this week's review and SEC Road House Review. So let's roll on over to the Double Deuce to see how your team did on Saturday.

Mississippi State 21 - UAB 3

It looked like Frank Tilghman, the owner of the Double Deuce, was running the show as the Bulldogs were touted as a big wheel, but ended up leaving Birmingham looking like a spoke.

Even though the final score looks impressive, the Bulldogs trailed 3-0 at the Half, and led only 7-3 going into the final quarter. This was against an 0-4 team.

Tyler Russell replaced Chris Relf and led the Maroon to three second half TD's to avoid a disaster that would have looked like the explosion at Red's Auto Parts.

South Carolina 54 - Kentucky 3

I think if they ever did a movie on Stephen Garcia's career at Carolina, they could have gotten Brad Wesley's top thug, Jimmy, to play the role. They look and act similar, and I am pretty sure their stats would be about the same.

Nah, I should rethink that last sentence. Jimmy would have had more touchdowns if he were the 'Cocks starting QB. Besides, he could have taken a pool cue and slugged anyone who dared tried to sack him. Now that's talent.

My prediction of a final score of 3-2 was a little off as Carolina rolled up 639 yards of offense, most in the Spurrier regime with the Gamecocks. Connor Shaw threw for four touchdown passed and 311 yards.

As far as Kentucky goes, they looked like Cody, the blind lead singer at the Double Deuce, as they gained only 96 yards (for the game) but their interception to completion rating was perfect as they threw as many picks (four) as completions. Now that is stellar offense!

96 yards? I've seen more offense out of Emmitt, Dalton's 124 year old landlord.

Spurrier said afterward, "Kentucky has a heck of a punter, I know that."

LSU 41 - Florida 11

Dalton was wearing the purple and gold as he kicked the living crap out of Tinker, dressed in orange and blue. Then again, Tinker resembles Charlie Weis, so that is not too much of a stretch.

It looked like more than just a Polar Bear fell on Florida as the Gators went into the game without starting QB John Brantley, and then lost Freshman Jeff Driskel. Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey rushed for 52 yards between them (Rainey had the 52 yards).

Once Jarrett Lee hit Rueben Randle for a 46 yard TD on the second play of the game, you just had a feeling this game was going to look a lot like Dalton's car after he began firing everyone.

Arkansas 38 - Auburn 14

I guess you could say the Hogs were being nice.until it was time to not be nice, as they routed Auburn in Fayetteville.

Tyler Wilson threw for 226 yards and 19 straight completions at one point as Arkansas overcame a slow start to improve to 5-1. The key play of the game was Joe Adams 92 yard touchdown run that broke the game open midway through the third quarter.

Ever wonder with all the illegal activity going on in Road House, the police never show up until the last scene of the movie? The same could be said of the Auburn offense, as they were pretty much a no show for the final 45 minutes of the contest.

Alabama 34 - Vanderbilt 0

It looked like Brad Wesley made an appearance in Tuscaloosa on Saturday as the conference bully blasted the conference cream puff.

Despite the lopsided final score, Vandy played the Tide tough in the first half, trailing only 14-0. It was only 7-0 late in the second quarter when Alabama scored with 21 seconds left to give them a little breathing room. Three straight TD's to open the second half ended the drama.

The 'Doores had several opportunities in the first half, but missed two field goals and could not manage a point on four trips inside Bama territory. Well, I guess there's always barber college.

Georgia 20 - Tennessee 12

It was Wade Garrett against Morgan (Terry Funk) in this one as an old power, looking for one last day in the sun, stopped a former heavyweight who is now reduced to laying flat on its back passed out.

If I am a Georgia fan, I am not sure what to make of this one. Sure, a win is a win in the SEC, but they way they won was something to be concerned about. Beating a bad Tennessee team by only eight points is evidence the Dawgs are not ready for bigger games.

If I bleed orange, I know my team doesn't even know what a big game looks like, and won't this year. And guess who is on the schedule the next two weeks? Check please. What about the debacle of four penalties on five plays setting up a 3rd and 57 for the Dawgs? Where is the discipline? And the Vols rushing for -20 yards (Sacks are included in the rushing totals). Where is the offensive line?

After watching how ugly that game was on both sides of the ball, I couldn't help but to think of Red Webster's comment, "I got married to an ugly woman. Don't ever do that. It just takes the energy right out of you. She left me, though. Found somebody even uglier than she was. That's life. Who can explain it?"

Red was right. Watching that game took all the energy out of me. And who can explain what has happened to two former powers in what is now known as the SEC Least.

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