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If you are really interested in Southeastern Conference football then you surely have an interest in SEC football statistics. After all, proving that SEC football is the best college football in America, in the end, comes down to statistics.

This site is packed full of SEC football statistics. However, only this page (and the pages it links to) is dedicated just to that.

And, before we talk about anything else, you have GOT to check out this amazing spreadsheet, put together by Bo Carter. I've never seen anything like it. It tells you the head to head record of every SEC team against every other SEC team, all-time. It also has the records vs. every other team. And, even compiles SEC vs the other conferences (SEC comes out very well). Amazing!! Oh, here's the link: SEC vs Everyone All-Time.

Tex Noel
Tex Noel, 1st-N-
Ex. Dir. I.F.R.A.

(Ok, back to where I was) -- We are grateful to have one of the top college football statisticians around head up this part of the site.

Tex Noel is a long-time college football fan. He has written several books (more info about that below) about college football. He founded the College Football Stat-historian organization, 1st-N-Goal, and is Executive Director of the Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association (I.F.R.A.).

Importantly, Tex is not biased towards the SEC. He was a fan of the SWC before it dissolved. Now, he is just a huge fan of good college football -- wherever he finds it. Of course, (we know) that is often in the SEC!

The goal of Tex's work for SEC Sports Fan is to provide us with the most interesting SEC football statistics on the world wide web.

For instance, after Florida won it's opening game last year against Charleston Southern 62-3, you might wonder how other top ranked teams have done historically in week one. Here's your answer: How does pre-season #1 historically do in week 1? And, here's some more great SEC pre-season #1 (Alabama is this year -- 2010) info: Accuracy of Pre-Season College Football Poll Rankings and Results of All-Time AP Poll Pre-Season SEC #1 Ranked Teams.

Here's an interesting article about SEC Football Coaches Who Led Two SEC Teams. There are more than you think.

Wonder which SEC teams have set college football records.

At the bottom of this page, you'll find links to other articles Tex has written for us.

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If you like this page, you'll certainly be interested in College Football Statistics and Intercollegieate Football Researchers Association. Other articles and pdf's based on Tex Noel's statistics are at

You also might want to read this review of Tex' new book Stars of an Earlier Autumn. If you'd like, you can buy the book from here:


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What SEC game had the most overtimes? 
It was a game involving Kentucky.

Has Alabama ever had a losing record in the SEC? 
Me and a buddy were talking and we don't think Alabama has EVER had a losing record in the South Eastern Conference. Is this true? Thanks! Rickey

What is the Ole Miss football SEC record under Houston Nutt? 
Just curious what Nutt's SEC record is thus far through this season?

College Football Team with most overtime games 
Which team has gone into overtime the most?

How would I score the following play for the weekly box score? 
In a high school game our RB got hit after a 5yd run and the ball popped straight up, it was caught out of the air by our Offensive Guard and he ran it …

How many First year head coaches have improved their teams records 
I think the title is self explanatory, but I was wondering how many first year head coaches have improved upon their teams record from the previous year. …

What kind of history does Florida have before 1991?  
Before its emergence as a powerhouse in the 90s, what was Florida's history of play?

SEC vs SEC Football Head to Head Results 
Tex -- I can't seem to find anywhere information with all time records of each SEC vs the other. Like, for instance, Alabama vs Tennessee all time record; …

who gets credit for the points in the stats on a TD pass the QB, the receiver, or both? 
for the points in the stats on a TD pass the QB, the receiver, or both?

Most & least penalized SEC teams in the last few decades? 
I have a theory that SEC officiating is absolutely biased in favor of the more elite programs. Alabama, I bet, is one of the least penalized teams …

What team holds the record for consecutive SEC losses? Not rated yet
Arkansas is currently at 16 consecutive SEC conf. losses and am wondering what is the record.

What is the highest scoring game in SEC history? Not rated yet
Not both teams combined just an individual team

Why SEC Teams Not Rated in WWII? Not rated yet
Question: As someone who has only recently come to College Football (ESPN now carries good coverage in Australia) I have located a number of sites with …

How many All-Americans in Football have the Auburn Tigers had? Not rated yet
Question: How many All-Americans in Football have the Auburn Tigers had? I know Auburn has 66 Consensus All-Americans.... Answer: AUBURN …

SEC verses SEC Not rated yet
Can you please just spell it out plainly for me, I want to know the win loss record for Bama vs. TN and I could not understand the stats that I could find. …

sec bowl game victories past fifty years Not rated yet
Is the SEC over 50.0 percent victorious in bowl appearances since 1960?

Have Florida, Alabama, LSU and Georgia ever ALL lost on the same weekend? Not rated yet
Just curious if all 4 of these SEC teams have ever lost on the same weekend before?

What is the tight end record for receiving yards in a game?  Not rated yet
What is the tight end record in receiving yards in one game?

What is the highest scoring game in SEC history? Just want to know if the Auburn Arkansas game today was it ? Not rated yet
Question: Is the Auburn Arkansas game the highest scoring game in sec history, at least from the modern era? If not what game was? Answer: …

Do you know anyone who would have a 1947-48 Intercollegiate football annual? Not rated yet
A patron is looking for an article he believes was in the "Intercollegiate football annual" covering the 1947 season. Highlighted in the article is a …

Why did the SEC schedule 21 games against the Sun Belt and Lower Division schools? 17 in 2008. Not rated yet
21 easy wins to get to bowl eligibility for 2009.

Who is the all-time SEC single game rushing leader? Not rated yet
Thanks to Tex Noel, 1st-N-Goal for this answer notice all 3 top rushing games were against OOC (non-SEC) opponents: Back in 1978, Vanderbilt's …

When Yardage Count Officially in Stats? Not rated yet
I am a head high school football coach and had a couple questions on how we should record our stats. 1. Does a 2 point conversion pass count as an …

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If you have questions, comments, or a college football statistics project -- don't hesitate to use the form below to contact our stats expert -- Tex Noel from 1st-N-Goal. He loves to talk about SEC football statistics or, for that matter, any college football stats.

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