Weak SEC OOC Schedule Explains Large Number of SEC Bowl Bids


You are a *******. You pretty much take whatever stats suit your argument and then pick and choose what works and then omit what does not support your argument (or you find an excuse why those bad facts/stats don't mean anything).

One thing that I've never really seen SEC fans explain is why their Out of Conference (OOC) schedules (for the most part) are so weak - it pretty much guarantees any decent/average team with 3-4 extra wins.

Therefore, going 3-5 in conference guarentees a bowl game, and with Vanderbilt, they pretty much just have to go 2-5 and every year there are at least 2-3 poor teams, which means it is not difficult for the SEC to get 8, 9, or 10 teams into bowls.

The whole "well, the SEC is so tough that they need a few cupcakes" argument is a bunch of BS and is pretty much just a self-fulfilling argument that for some reason too many people have bought into.

I'm not saying the SEC sucks, because it clearly does not and it is one of the premier football conferences, but the arrogance of SEC Fan is just ridiculous.

PAC-10 has been down the last 2 years, although Oregon and Stanford this year can play with anyone, but this year there was one BAD team (WSU) and a lot of decent teams - I would argue the same is true for the SEC this year, and most years.

But the difference comes down the weak SEC scheduling that gives each SEC team 3-4 easy OOC wins, plus Vanderbilt gives every team between 3-5 wins early in the season. For the most part each PAC-10 team has 2 games against non-AQ teams and then one BCS confernce OOC game - that is certainly not the case for the SEC.

The PAC-10 plays 9 conference games, compared to 8 for the SEC and most other conferences. One extra game may not seem like a big deal, but what you (and many others) seem to forget is that that one extra game means 5 more GUARANTEED losses for PAC-10 teams (SEC teams avoid this by playing weak OOC opponents) which has a huge impact on bowl eligibility.

This year for instance, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia (and possibly Florida) would not have gone bowling - that would mean a much more pedestrian 6-7 bowl games - or roughly 50%-60% of the conference. Good, but no better than most other conferences.

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Jan 11, 2011
Pac 10 is just as tough as the SEC
by: Anonymous

I think the Pac 10 (or Pac 12) is just as tough as the SEC. Oregon was not embarrased like Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State (twice) in BCS title games. I admit, Auburn got the very good team, got the breaks and played very well but didn't blow anybody out!! In fact, the Pac 10 has a better record (over .500) against SEC teams.

I can't wait until USC gets back in the mix. Even though USC is on probation, they still recruited well.

Cal close game against Oregon exposed them and Auburn admitted they studied that games' tape.

Oregon beat up Newton pretty good. They didn't just roll over. It took a last second field goal to beat em.

Jan 12, 2011
PAC 10 tough. ..
by: doug@snowshoepublishing.com

I agree with these last few comments. . and would like to add that the SEC is organized and feverish enough to manipulate the system and get the bowls and match-ups they want. . .to make them look good, and they still lost more games than any other conference.

Oregon had a terrible game, in part I here, from dirty SEC players pinching legs and twisting face masks in the piles. (Fairly even did it right in front of the ref once, and should have been booted from the game.) Had he been on a PAC 10 team he would have been excused from that series or more. But that's what the SEC is all about. . .winning no matter what, no more who you pay or how much you have to pay them. Auburn's general sportsmanship SUCKED. And according to what I've been reading they did lose, and all of their wins will be taken away due to the Cam Newton pay-off.
I'm being told that administrators knew about it. . .and there-in lies the guild. Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and Chizek, all deeply indoctrinated, and their pensions count. . .on worshiping at the alter of the SEC. Chizek said nothing about Oregon after the game. . .and implied that they'd won the national championship when they were told they wouldn't have to play another SEC team. This is the kind of arrogance that led to 5 bowl losses by the SEC. . .against the weakest opponents they could find.

Again. . the SEC is not weak every year. . but they were weak this year, and I just encourage SEC I know everywhere to start valuing sportsmanship. . .because it's way more important than purchased titles. . ..

Jun 21, 2014
SEC / PAC 12 comparisons...
by: Anonymous

Comparing the the SEC and PAC 12 conference for the seasons beween 1998-2011.....Their win % numbers are almost identical.......The only differences that I could find are... 1)..The PAC played almost 2 X's the number of road games that the SEC played... 2)..The PAC played approx. 100 more games VS. the better conferences... 3)..The PAC played 30-35% of their ooc games on the road, while the SEC only played 10-15% of their ooc games on the road... 4)..The SEC played 280 more games vs. the weakest conferences (USA, MAC, and Sun Belt)and with D1aa teams. The SEC played 377 games against the weakest competition while the PAC played only 97 games against those same teams.

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