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SEC Football Week 5 Review

SEC Game of the Week

LSU 16 – Tennessee 14

On the most exciting game so far in the young SEC season, LSU pulled off a stunning comeback after time had expired to beat Tennessee 16-14. The amazing finish saw LSU convert two critical plays on the final drive; a third a long and a fourth and 14 to keep the drive alive.

In what has become a signature Les Miles strategy, the Tigers were stopped at the goal line as the clock ticked down. Instead of lining up and spiking the ball (It was only third down) Miles sent in a different package of players, which led to confusion on both sides. With a few seconds left, the Tigers had to snap the ball, which they did, past a surprised Jordan Jefferson that was recovered twenty yards down the field by Tennessee.

But the Vols had also shuttled players into the game and some forgot to get off the field. When the dust settled, the review booth saw the players and marked off a penalty to give LSU another chance. RB Stevan Ridley did not waste the opportunity as he bullied into the end zone to keep the Tigers undefeated.

I guess the boys in orange forgot that someone in the crowd would see they kept adding players since about 30 guys ran on to the field without anyone running off. Big boo-boo in that strategy.

If I were Derek Dooley, I would call Mike Silve (Mike Slime as my buddy Coach Chris likes to call him) and protest the call. My argument? The rulebook says a team cannot have 12 men on the field. Les Miles fan club But it doesn’t say anything about 13 men on the field, which the Vols had out there. Hey, a rule is a rule, but there is nothing about 13 players in the books…

Good to see the members of the Baton Rouge chapter of the Les Miles fan club at the game yesterday (right)…

The Chuck Norris round kick to the face game of the week

Alabama 31 Florida 6

The two best teams in the SEC squared of in Tuscaloosa on Saturday night and the defending champs affirmed they are not going to give up their crown just yet. Bama ended the game in the first thirty minutes by running up a 24-0 lead, and then got ready for their matchup with South Carolina next Saturday. It must have been déjà vu all over again for Urban Meyer who saw his Gators get trounced the last time they were in Tuscaloosa, losing that game 31-3. Look on the bright side, at least they improved from the last time they were there…

The SEC is the best conference in America…Um, I think

UConn 40 – Vanderbilt 21

What did I tell you last week? The Huskies were going to open a can, and sure enough they did on the ‘Doores. UConn’s Jordan Todman ran for 190 yards and two touchdowns to lead Connecticut to a 40-21 victory, which was only the second win for the Big East over a BCS conference team this season.

Which leads us to part two of why the SEC is the best conference in America…

Colorado 29 – Georgia 27

Groundhog Day

Did you ever see that movie, Groundhog Day? I am positive the UGA fans were thinking about that as the Dawgs were once again driving for a score, and what happened? No, Bill Murray didn’t kidnap the Groundhog, but another turnover by a Georgia RB, this time Caleb King, which was an even crueler fate since they had a chip shot FG try as time was running out. I just hope Ned Ryerson didn’t walk up to any Bulldog fans after the game and try to sell them insurance. Unless it was an accidental fumble policy…

Groundhog Day Movie Clip

Was that the Outlaw Josey Wales on the sideline?

Ole Miss 42 – Kentucky 35

Outlaw Josey Wales

Well, lookie here…Mr. Chain Blue Lightnin’ himself Jeremiah Masoli threw for three touchdowns and rushed for another as Ole Miss pulled away in the second half to beat Kentucky in a wild west shootout that the Outlaw Josey Wales would have been happy to be a part of.

This makes two wins in a row for the Rebels, and going into an open week, they have some momentum before traveling to Tuscaloosa. Well, will they beat Alabama in two weeks, or whistle Dixie?

Wake me when you are through

Mississippi State 49 – Alcorn State 16

Vick Ballard rushed for 119 yards and three touchdowns, leading Mississippi State to a 49-16 victory. The win comes off an upset of Georgia the week before the send the Bulldogs to 3-2.

Auburn 52 – UL Monroe 3

Cam Newton looked good once again this week as he threw for 245 yards and three touchdowns, as well as caught the post game bag of free chicken fingers from Guthrie’s as Auburn rolls.

Off Week - South Carolina

South Carolina was off this week as they tune up for their showdown against visiting Alabama on Saturday.

It’s time for “The Clown” Gary Danielson’s best of the worst of the announcers (Cue the circus music)

Coach Scooter

The master of the half witticism, Gary Danielson, had a few one-liners last week to go along with a slew of yucks form the broadcast booth. Here are the highlights, or lowlights as the case may be:

“I think the play clock, um, the 24 second clock just ran out.”

“The Clown” Gary Dainelson on Florida letting the play clock run out.

Um, the 24 second clock is NBA Basketball.

“You know, Florida is going to have to score to win the game.”
Once again, “The Clown” with his unique insight into the intricacies of college football.

"If he made that tackle, that wouldn't have been a touchdown."
Bob Griese
Can’t you say that about every play?

"He didn't have enough yeast to rise up and make that catch."
Joe Tessitor
I love this guy! That is a pun man’s dream line! His partner in the booth should have followed up with, “Well, I guess he just wasn’t ‘bread’ to make that kind of play.” Or, “He was ‘loafing’ down the field.” Or, “He’ll do ‘butter’ next time.” And finally, “Making the catch was the ‘yeast’ of his worries.”

I know, we’ll move along immediately…

"Dan Persa has been playing unconscious the last few weeks."
Bob Wischusen
Sounds like he plays for Vanderbilt.

"Playing secondary is a lot like marriage."
Chris Spielman

And if you were married to Beano Cook, that’s a lot like you would want to kill yourself…

Craig Bolerjack

I enjoyed listening to Craig Bolerjack during the Tennessee-LSU game. When I saw him on my TV, instead of “The Clown,” who was doing the late game, I breathed a sigh of relief. However, I have to ask, doesn’t Craig Bolerjack’s name sound like a gift you would buy at the Hickory Farms? “Um, I’ll take the pecan log, some of the summer sausage and a pound of Bolerjack.

By the way, is that a good cheese to pair up with Triscuits?”

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