SEC Gymnastics

Congrats to the Alabama Crimson Tide for winning the 2011 NCAA Gymnastics Championship over defending Champ UCLA. The victory puts SEC Gymnastics back where it belongs -- on top!!

Also, Alabama's Geralen Stack-Eaton won the Individual Floor Exercise title; Georgia's Kat Ding won the Uneven Bar crown; and, Florida's Marissa King won in the Vault. Congrats all!!!

SEC Gymnastics Update:

Alabama and LSU are both going to compete in the championships in Seattle for the NCAA title for Gymnastics for women. This will be the first time for the women from Alabama. Both teams earned the right by competing in a regional tournament in the past weeks and have done very well. The SEC was represented very well in these regionals, but these were the two teams that made it so far and they will be competing to win the championship. Alabama posted the highest event scores in each event. This is unheard of and is a great victory for the team. They really showed some versatility and a great ability to stay healthy.


The gymnastics programs in the SEC are the absolute best in the country. While there are only seven gymnastics programs in the SEC currently, at least six of them are ranked in the Top 25 consistently. Even Kentucky, the weakest program in the SEC, usually finds its way into the rankings based off of its non-conference performances.

The SEC is looking to regain its crown this season, after losing it to UCLA of the Pac-10 last season. While Alabama did come in a respectable 3rd place, it is not what the SEC is used to in regards to gymnastics. Georgia won the title in 2009, when five of the seven programs made the NCAA "Super Six." The sheer dominance of the SEC was on display all throughout that competition. Georgia also won the NCAA Gymnastics National Championship in 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 (and others) amazing!

The SEC's programs, like most programs around the nation, compete only in the women's division. There are only 17 men's programs nationwide, and the competition is not nearly as fierce as it is in the women's division.

The conference race is not even close in gymnastics. Other than an SEC team, only the Pac-10 can claim to have won a gymnastics title in the past few years. This shows just how deep and how powerful the SEC truly is in gymnastics.

SEC Gymnastics

The conferences shape up like this:

  1. SEC - There is no way a conference as deep and consistent as the SEC could be anything other than the top conference. The SEC own the most gymnastics victories of all the conferences, and every program is a Top 25 program. SEC gymnastics teams have won 14 of the 29 NCAA Gymnastics Championships in history.
  2. Pac-10 - It is home to the reigning champion UCLA Bruins. This is the only club in the last few years to win over the SEC. The Pac-10 still has quite a bit of work to do if it wishes to overtake the SEC any time soon.
  3. Big 12 - The Big 12 has a few great programs, but none have ever won a championship in gymnastics. As long as the SEC stays dominant in the sport, I do not look for the Big 12 to win any time soon either.

  1. Mountain West - This will probably be the last time this conference is mentioned on this list, as the Utah Utes are the biggest reason they are in the conversation, and they are moving to the Pac-10 next year. Utah is a contender every year in the sport, and should never be overlooked as a title contender.
  2. Big Ten - The Big Ten has also never won a national championship, a trend that looks to continue this next season. Michigan is the only realistic chance the conference has at producing a championship contender anytime soon.
Kentucky Gymnastics

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The schools of the SEC are not as easily ranked as the conferences are:

1. Georgia Bulldogs - The "Gym Dogs" are the best program in the SEC, and have a strong case for the best in the nation. They are consistently in the title race every season, and they are the favorites to win any competition that they are in.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide - Won the 2011 National Championship (5th all time). The Crimson Tide have come on strong these last few years, and are the second most impressive program in the SEC right now. They are the team to beat in the SEC at this point, and they finished the closest to the national title last season.

3. Florida Gators - The Gators made it into the "Super Six" at the 2011 NCAA's. They were the second best team in the SEC last season, and the fifth best team in the nation. They are looking to improve on that this season, and I believe that they have a shot to be truly special this season.

4. LSU Tigers - The LSU Tigers are the fourth best squad in the SEC, and are ranked in the Top 10 in the nation once again. They are just two years removed from making the “Super Six” in 2008.

5. Arkansas Razorbacks - The Razorbacks are ranked in the bottom of the SEC, but they are no pushovers. In fact, they hover in the Top 15 of the nation every year, and they are consistently in competition for the national title.

6. Auburn Tigers - The Tigers may be number six, but they are another program that is consistently around number 15 in the polls, an obvious show of the depth and strength in the SEC.

7. Kentucky Wildcats - The Wildcats are the worst program in the SEC; they are also a Top 25 program. That's right- the SEC's worst program is also ranked in the polls. This is the true depth of the SEC in the sport of gymnastics.

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UK Gymnastics Floor Routine

UK gymnastics floor routine. Thanks to ukathletics for the photo.

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