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2010 - 2011 SEC Football Bowl Season Review

Well, another season has come to an end and once again, the SEC is the Champion. However, this was not a blow out victory as in previous years [see Florida in 2006; LSU in 2007; Florida in 2008; and Alabama in 2009.]

This time, Auburn needed everything it had to secure the fifth straight BCS championship, as well as running the SEC to a perfect 7-0 in BCS Championship games. The SEC finished 5-5 in their ten bowl games. Here are a few observations on what I saw:

BBVA Compass Bowl

Pitt 27 Kentucky 10
Way to go, Wildcats. Any time an SEC team loses to a Big East team, I think we need to have a Southeastern Championship Wrestling loser leave town, or in this case, loser leave conference stipulation. Good thing the Cats were playing in the BBVA Compass Bowl, too bad they couldnt get directions to the end zone more often.

Music City Bowl

North Carolina 30- Tennessee 27 (2OT)
I think Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton should petition the SEC to end the games after 59 minutes from now on. Once again, the Vols had the ball game won, and even Derek Dooley and Butch Davis met at midfield and shook hands. However, the officials got the call right (Although the penalty should have been 12 Men on the Field instead of illegal participation and that would have backed up the kick ten yards further). When the game ended, I turned to my wife and said, Wait a second, Sweetie, Ive handled this one before. Sure enough, Carolina got a second chance and made good on it. And let me just write something to Tyler Bray. Dont be doing the double throat slash after a touchdown. Act like you have been there before, son.

Liberty Bowl

Central Florida 10 Georgia 6
I got a lot of heat from my Georgia friends after the Tennessee debacle. You would think by now we all know to wait until your team has played its game before running off at the mouth. I had several lines I could have used in response. Well, at least my team scored a touchdown in their game. You guys lost to a Conference USA team? Ooops, the curse of George OLeary strikes again There was a report in the Atlanta Journal that the Dawgs had their post-season banquet before the bowl game and handed out plaques with the final record of 7-6 on it, obviously expecting a victory. When UCF found out about it, I am sure that gave them a real case of the red ass. UGA officials explained they always do it that way, and they have only had to redo the plaques a few times after the bowls so it was no big deal. Yeah right.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl

Florida State 26 South Carolina 17
Did you see the hit Marcus Lattimore took in the first quarter? Neither did he and spent the rest of the game with really large bells banging around his head. In fact, I think he just woke up this morning. Hey Marcus, the Cocks lost, in case you were wondering. FSU was the better team and it showed. Maybe Saint Bobby leaving Tallahassee was a good thing? Speaking of good and bad things, USC might want to consider staying away from domed stadiums from now on. They are 0-3 lifetime under a roof, and none of the games were close.

Gator Bowl

Mississippi State 52 Michigan 14
When was the last time you saw a Wolverine team get manhandled on defense? Well, if you watched any of their games this year, it happened a lot, but not like this. Bo had to be rolling over in his grave after seeing the Maize and Blue get turned black and blue. Hey, if anyone is going to do it, great to see it was an SEC Team.

Outback Bowl

Florida 37 Penn State 24
Why was every SEC game on or close to 1pm on New Years Day? I sprained a thumb ligament pressing the previous button on my remote control and almost missed a game I really did not care anything about. Urban was leaving, Joe Pa cant find the door, and the game was another SEC victory over the Big Ten. Gosh I hate reruns (Yeah, I know, Im getting to the Sugar Bowl).

Capital One

Alabama 49 Michigan State 7
A third place SEC West Division team beating the 11-1 co-Big Ten champs by 42. Did I mention the part about another SEC victory over the Big Ten? Oh yeah, the previous game recap. Ill move along now This one was over by the time Sparty had his first trip to the little mascots room. It was a bad day all around for the Big Ten as they ended up pulling a big doughnut hold for five (Wisconsin bit it later in the Rose Bowl). Come to think about it, maybe Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany should have come down at halftime and rubbed a chicken bone cross on their helmets or something. Then again, thats not faith, thats desperation(Ten bucks if you know what movie that line is from)

Sugar Bowl

Ohio State 31 Arkansas 26 -- UPDATE: OSU Vacated this victory
Congratulations to the Buckeyes for finally getting the monkey off their back. They played well and had a few breaks that helped, but good teams make their own breaks. A fumble recovered in the end zone. A fumble when they were trying to run out the clock. A blocked punt that my dead pappy would have known to scoop up and run in for a touchdown. Next time, I think the SEC should make sure a real SEC team represents the conference in the Sugar Bowl. Since Arkansas was an SWC team, maybe that is why they werent able to pull the game out. I know Les Miles or Urban Meyer would have, and if the game was only 59 minutes, maybe Derek Dooley too.

AT&T Cotton Bowl

LSU 41 Texas A&M 24
Was it just me, or did the announce team from Fox resemble the one that was in The Naked Gun? I swear Kenny Albert went on about a 15 minute thank you to every person with a microphone covering the game. I was sure if he kept going, he would have thanked longtime Cotton Bowl play-by-play man Lindsey Nelson. Why would Les Miles even think about heading north with a team like that?

2011 BCS Championship Game

Auburn 22 Oregon 19
In one of the most exciting championship games ever, Auburn edged Oregon on a last second field goal. I am not sure who the better team was so I will not write that the SEC dominated the Pac 12, because they didnt. I will write that Auburns defense looked pretty good, and it was much different watching the Ducks run their offense against them, instead of Arizona, or Stanford.

At the beginning of the game, did you see the guy in the Auburn section wearing a black and white Corso Sucks T-Shirt? I am all for jocularity, but come on. At least he could have had the shirt made in Auburn colors And what was up with Brent Musberger? Wait, dont answer that. Nice job on calling an Oregon touchdown way before the receiver was tackled inside the ten. The Ducks ended up losing the ball on downs so the did not get any points out of it. One of my Auburn buddies texted me this message. Turn off the oxygen on Turdburger. He is stinking up the game again.

My wife took one look at the game and remarked, What is up with those socks? Those clowns could work on the runways signaling planes to the gate. Now that we have two undefeateds left, lets get them together to decide the real champion on the field. I think the Tigers and Horned Frogs would make a terrific championship game. So, is it finally time for a College Football Playoff?

There's lot's more interesting stuff about the Auburn - Oregon game at 2011 BCS Championship Game Review (and Preview). Keep up on the latest in SEC Football at our SEC Football Blog.

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