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BCS Controversy: LSU vs Alabama Again

So, What Happens in the BCS if Georgia Beats LSU?

As an SEC fan, you have to love what just went down. The only time in the history of the polls that three teams from the same conference were all in the top three was 1971 when Nebraska won the national championship, followed by Oklahoma and Colorado.

This season, at least for the next few days, the same thing has happened in the SEC as LSU is number one, followed by Alabama, then Arkansas. Not only are these teams from the same conference, but from the same division. Just how powerful is the SEC West? More powerful then the explosion from guys sitting around the campfire in Blazing Saddles during their bean-eating marathon.

All of this came about by both Oklahoma schools falling, and Oregon missing a field goal that would have sent their game with USC into overtime.

Then throw in the fact that earlier in the year, LSU edged Alabama in overtime, and Arkansas, who was blasted by Alabama, has not lost since.

This begs the question everyone wants to know: If LSU beats Arkansas the day after Thanksgiving, and wins the SEC Championship, should we have a rematch if Alabama beats Auburn, and does not have to play in the SEC Championship?

Let's take it a step further: If Arkansas beats LSU in Baton Rouge, should we have an Arkansas-Alabama rematch for the national championship? A lot of people fail to see that possibility, but it is out there, and could happen.

Let's take a closer look what just what we could be looking at:

Scenario #1: No LSU – Alabama rematch

All the BCS Boneheads out there say, "The regular season is a playoff." Well, that's a lot of BCS (Please remove the C) since it is not. If it were, where was TCU's shot last year? Where was Auburn's in 2003? Deal with it, you idiots who have an Oedipus complex concerning the bowls, the BCS is not, nor will ever be a regular season playoff.

Because of that, Alabama had their chance and did not get it done on the field. Why should LSU have to beat them a second time? Shouldn't LSU have rested their starters, kept everyone healthy and lost the game, knowing they would get another chance in January?

It has happened before. In 2003, Oklahoma got blown out 35-7 to Kansas State (One again proving the regular season is no playoff) in the Big 12 Championship game only to play for the national championship the next month.

LSU won the game. Alabama had their chance and did not. Case closed.

Scenario #2: LSU – Alabama rematch

The way this whole thing is set up, and believe me it as flawed as a set of Kardashian wedding vows, is to have the number one rated team play the number two rated team for the national championship.

It is not based on if the two teams have played earlier. It's number one vs. number two. Period.

If both LSU and Alabama win their games this weekend, and LSU beats Georgia in the SEC championship game, (Um, that's a laugh) they will remain the top two teams in the country. Under the system in place, that means LSU and Alabama have to play for the national championship.

If these are the two best teams in the country, affirmed by the people in charge of the polls, then they have to play the game.

I can't make a stronger argument than that. Under the system that is fact, not opinion.

Scenario #3: No Arkansas – Alabama rematch

See Scenario #1

Scenario #4: Arkansas – Alabama rematch

As silly as that sounds, it could happen. You have to figure Arkansas would jump over Alabama in the BCS, since they beat the team the Tide lost to, and in Baton Rouge. You would have number one against number two, it just wouldn't have LSU on the other side of the field.

Again, why play this game a second time? And once again, it's the way the system works.

Nobody ever saw that one coming, but just like a Tarintino movie, you never know until the credits roll…

I am torn on this matter since I believe that you should not have to defeat a team twice to win the national championship. However, I am having fun with it since it smacks all the BCS Boobs in the face that say we have a playoff every week.

If I was an LSU fan, I am not too happy about what could go down. If I was an Arkansas fan, I am excited at being given another chance to win the SEC West, SEC and national championship. If I am an Alabama fan, I am thrilled we have been given another shot to win it all.

And if you are an SEC fan, I am sure the proud satisfaction of knowing we have the best conference in the nation has to be as wide as Vanderbilt's field goals.

Where are all the spud heads out there at the beginning of the year that challenged the dominance of the SEC? Hello? Are you out there? Are you still with us? Be watching the next few weeks. You might see some real big boy football being played.

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