The When, Where and How of College Football Gambling

by Simon Andras

Betting on sports is no joke, people spend billions on it every year from all corners of the planet. Betting on college football games isn't quite as big as, say March Madness, but it has its moments. Some find college football betting to be a crapshoot because it can be so chaotic and unpredictable compared to the pros. Don't let that scare you - with a little football knowledge and by following a few simple rules, you can minimize your chances of incurring significant losses. In the following paragraphs, we'll help lay out the guidelines to get you started betting on one of the most exciting sports in America.


The college football season is long, but if you want something more event oriented than your typical saturday afternoon matchup, consider waiting until January. Those of you who love the emotion and passion of the college game and want to wager some money on your favorite school should consider betting on college football's big day - New Year's Day bowl games. Say what you want about college football's postseason, this day still is loaded with fun games and is a perfect way to recover from your late night of partying. New Year's Day betting has become huge, in fact it might be one of the biggest days for sports gambling. With something like six big time bowl games, there is an entire day's worth of football to watch for those so inclined.


What should you be looking for before wagering? How do you prevent yourself from losing money? First of all, anyone who's ever gambled knows that losing it all is always a possibility - that's part of the thrill and the reason we do it - right? In fact, less than one in ten average football bettors will actually turn a profit in a season of college or pro football. The odds are clearly not in your favor, but here are a few tips I've found to be very helpful:

Home field advantage is key, in a matchup that involves teams of similar talent I am always extremely cautious about selecting any road team - even if they are the favorite. You cannot underestimate the advantage of playing at home in front of a raucous college crowd. Of course if the game is played on neutral ground (like the Rose Bowl, for example) you can basically throw this out the window.

Watch the points. If a game is predicted to be a shootout, take the over. It can be easy for two big offensive powerhouses to drop 60 points combined in a half - in a complete game? No problem. Bowl games tend to be much closer and often times not quite as high scoring.

Can your team win? People too often get locked into odds and numbers, but if you are betting on a team, don't do it just because you want them to win - do it when/if you think they will win. You have to throw out all allegiances if you want to be a successful gambler on any sport. If you're picking underdogs just because they're underdogs, that's fine - just don't be shocked when you don't have any winnings to show for it.


Betting on football is still technically illegal in America, so finding a respectable place to do it might not be the easiest task. You may have a local bookie who can handle the bets for you - if so, great. Your next option is to find an offshore betting website that allows foreigners to register and play. If online betting isn't your cup of tea, buy a cheap flight to Las Vegas and hit up any casino there with your wagers - the one and only place where you can legally bet on football in the United States.

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