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LSU Beats Georgia 42-10: Too Many Georgia Fans Drank the Kool-Aid

2011 SEC Football Championship Game Comments

It's like my Aunt Molly always says, "It's so quiet around here, you can hear two ants makin' out in the next county..." That's what it was like this weekend in Athens when the Bulldogs got their noses swatted with a newspaper by mighty LSU.

I was stunned, stunned I tell you, to not see any Facebook or Twitter posts after the game, as I had read for ten straight weeks. My computer almost crashed every Saturday night from the trash talking going on.

What did I write? UGA HAS NOT PLAYED ANYONE!!!!! And it showed on Saturday.

Good teams don't drop touchdown passes. Good teams protect their quarterback. Good teams have solid special teams play. Good teams have depth to go a full 60 minutes, not 30.

I wouldn't be so hard on UGA, and I have some very close friends that bleed red and black. I feel for them because I know what it means for your team to lose in the big game. For those guys, who are real fans of Georgia, congratulations on a comeback season that you should be very proud of. You're team has heart, talent and something to build on going into 2012.

However, it is some in their fan base that really irked the heck out of me. There was talk before the game of a possible chance the Dawgs might play for the National Championship if things rolled right for them.

It was the ten straight weeks of listening to their fans and the Atlanta media talk about how they had turned the corner and they were one of the nation's best teams.

It was all the Facebook and Twitter posts that slammed other schools and their fans about the juggernaut that was Georgia football.

Here is an example of what I mean...

A wannabe guest blogger for a website that covers SEC Sports, Ted Gunter, who knows about as much about college football as Gary Danielson, and believe me, that is not a lot, wrote these words of wisdom before the game:

As a Georgia grad, you may think I'm a little biased. That's okay. Maybe I am. But my gut tells me the Dawgs are going to pull of the upset of the season tomorrow. Let me start with my boy Isaiah Crowell. I haven't seen a freshman carry the football like him in a long, long time. The dude has some attitude.

Speaking of Aaron Murray, I know Tyler Wilson gets the most love from the media as far as quarterbacks go in the SEC. I totally disagree, and it's not because I'm a Georgia grad. Have I mentioned that before? I mean, why not be honest here? Murray is a machine AND he doesn't have these big time receivers to throw the ball to like Wilson. Plus, his best wideout (Malcolm Mitchell) has been hurt lately. Yeah, I'll take Murray every day of the week.

So to sum all of this up, I believe Georgia can upset LSU. No one is giving the SEC East any respect this season and rightfully so. Thanks Tennessee and Florida. You both suck.

Everyone needs to remember that Georgia has one of the best defenses in the country and will be able to limit LSU's point production. Wanna bet me? No one thinks this game will even be close. Don't say that to Alec Ogletree or Jarvis Jones or Bacarri Rambo.

That reminds me "” every one keeps talking about how great the Honey Badger is. Do people realize that B.R. has more interceptions than Mathieu? Rambo is second in the country with 11. Mathieu isn't even the best on his team in that category.

As soon as I stop laughing at what a dunce this guy is, he gets my vote for this year's Village Idiot. Or maybe the Internet Idiot.

This is why people don't like obnoxious fans of SEC schools, whether they be from Georgia, Tennessee or Alabama. The feeling in his gut about the game wasn't an upset, but an upset stomach from all the Kool-Aid he was drinking.

Isaiah Crowell might be the Freshman of the Year, but he was nothing but a blocking dummy for most of the game. And don't give me that crap about him being hurt. Herschel Walker played most of the 1981 Sugar Bowl (1980 season) against Notre Dame with a separated shoulder and gained 150 yards. Real men play through little hurts. Then Crowell starts trash talking from the safety of the bench. Yeah, he's got attitude.

Murray is a machine, huh? And you'd take him every day of the week? I saw Murray looking like a machine that had been flatted by a larger machine for most of the game. I'd take him every day of the week, as long as we were playing Kentucky, Ole Miss or Coastal Carolina.

And as far as Tennessee and Florida go, yes, they did suck this year, especially the Vols. But as soon as Georgia accomplishes what Tennessee has in their history, or what Florida has in the last 20 years, then you can boast about what Georgia has done. Or hasen't... As a guest blogger, Ted is the one who sucks.

UGA has the best defense in the country? Limit LSU's point production? Yep, they sure did limit them...limit them from scoring 100 points. If the game had gone on longer, LSU would have hit the mark with ease.

Anytime a third string tailback (Kenny Hilliard) lights up one of the "Best defenses in the country" for three touchdowns that should tell you something about how good the defense is.

The only thing he got right from his article was nobody thinks the game would be close. Wow, it took several paragraphs, but he finally wrote something that came true.

And as far as the "Honey Badger," I am not a huge fan since I think he does more with his mouth than his body, but you have to tip your cap to him for an MVP performance. He was the best player on the field.

To compare him to Bacarri Rambo is a mismatch. I really like Rambo, and think he is a great player, so I am sad his name was dragged into a column of idiocy.

I have been wrong many times in my column. However, I have been wrong when I have looked at things objectively, and with all the facts present so I can make an educated decision on what I think will happen.

Don't think I am blasting this Menza candidate after the fact. I wrote that LSU would win the game, and win it big, because they were a great football team, while Georgia was a good football team, but wasn't on par with the better football teams in the country.

Their ten game winning streak was nice, but it came against weaker competition, and that is a recipe for disaster known as a false sense of security. Too bad Dawg fans still can't grasp that concept.

By the way, I predicted 42-0 and missed it by only ten points. Love ya, Ted Gunter. You can be my wingman anytime...

What do you think?

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