SEC Golf Update:

The No. 5 ranked Auburn Lady Tiger golf team placed seventh at the Liz Murphey Collegiate Tournament this weekend. They played very well, shooting 290. They moved to 7th in the end. Their top two players led the way toping a day at 2 over 218 and ranking 18 on the day. They seemed to hit their stride at the right time and kept their composure. An Alabama player, Jennifer Kirby, finished with a -7 keeping her in metal contention at 209.

On April fourth Austin Gutsell was named SEC men's golfer of the week. He won his second collegiate championship for LSU over the weekend shooting a career low -7. The women's player of the week was Jennifer Kirby. She was the National player of the week by golf week magazine.


The SEC's golf programs are pretty strong historically, and they are always near the top of the rankings. Florida is the SEC's best program at this time, but there are other programs that are keeping pace and may be positioned to make a move in the near future in the SEC's pecking order.

The number of great golfers in this state will surely keep growing as Florida golf school programs continue to gain traction.

The SEC, however, finds itself in unfamiliar territory in regards to the conference race as a whole. They are not the number one conference this season, and they will have some work to do if they wish to get back to that point. Right now I would say that they are a solid second choice, however, and they do still have the ability to take over the top spot nationally.

It is interesting to note that the SEC's men's and women's programs in golf are moving in two separate directions. The SEC women, which are very strong throughout history, have tapered off lately and given way to other programs from the Pac-10 and Big 12. The men, on the other hand, are a historically weak division that has really taken strides the past couple of years, especially in Arkansas and Georgia.

UK Golfer Places Ball

UK golfer places ball. Thanks to ukathletics for the photo.

The conferences fall like this:

  1. Pac-10 - The Pac-10 has been by far the deepest of all the conferences the past few years. Arizona State, Stanford, USC, UCLA, and Washington are all great programs that should not be taken lightly in any golf competition.
  2. SEC - The SEC is number two in the golf conference race, but it definitely has the chance to close the gap over the next couple of seasons if it can get some strong performances from both the men and women of each program.
  3. Big 12 - The Big 12 is home to one of the best men's programs in the country in Oklahoma State. They are ranked number one in the nation right now, and they look to continue their winning ways. Texas and Texas A&M are also valuable golf programs in the Big 12.
  4. ACC - The ACC has one major player in the race in the women's division, and that is Duke. Other than the Lady Devils, the conference really does not have much in the way of great programs. Georgia Tech is, however, ranked in the Top 5 in the men's division.
  5. Big Ten - The Big Ten has never won a women's championship, and is nearly a decade removed from their last men's title. They have no spectacular programs, and none of them are featured in the Top 25 polls.

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The SEC is much more difficult to pinpoint with great accuracy:

1. Florida Gators - The Gators are the best in the SEC in golf, but there are schools that are closing in on them. They have the number 3 ranked men's club, however, and they should be in the title hunt this season.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide - The Crimson Tide has closed the gap on the Gators, and are actually ranked higher in one poll than the Gators. They are the best bet to pass the Gators on the SEC this season, and they have national title dreams of their own.

3. Georgia Bulldogs - Georgia is a historically strong program, and is only a couple years removed from being ranked the best men's team in the nation. If they can recapture that magic, they could still make their way into the national title picture.

4. Arkansas Razorbacks - This is the surprise program of the past few seasons. They competed strongly for the national title in both the men's and women's programs, and they are ranked in both polls at this time.

5. LSU Tigers - The Tigers are in the top half of the SEC, but they are in jeopardy of losing that position if they can not put together a couple great season in a row. They are actually looking very strong this season with the program being ranked in both polls for the first time in quite a while.

6. Tennessee Volunteers - The Vols are ranked 17th in one poll, and they have a great shot at climbing up in the rankings as the season goes along. They are historically a mediocre program.

7. Auburn Tigers - Auburn is another program that has enjoyed success in the SEC, but has fallen short on the national stage. Their women are very strong, and are consistently ranked in the Top 15.

Kentucky Golfers Swing

Kentucky Golfers Swing. Thanks to ukathletics for the photo.

8. South Carolina Gamecocks - The Gamecocks are another program that are better in the women's division. Their women are a great boon to the SEC, but their men have not been ranked in quite some time in any polls.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores - Vanderbilt's strength lies in its women's program. They are ranked in the Top 25, and they are in position to compete in the SEC this season. Their men are not at the level yet of competing every year.

10. Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears - Ole Miss has a decently strong program in both the men's and women's divisions. They are simply missing a few pieces that would help them to move into contention for the SEC.

11. Kentucky Wildcats - The Wildcats have much work to do before they are able to compete in either division at this point. The women are barely in the Top 50, while their men have trouble competing with anyone that high.

12. Mississippi State Bulldogs - The Bulldogs are the whipping boys of the SEC in the golf world. They just do not have the talent in either program to compete in the SEC at this point.

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University of Kentucky Golfer's Swing

University of Kentucky golfer's swing. Thanks to for the photo.

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