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2011 SEC Football Week 6 Preview

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Week 6 Predictions

Last week 7-0 - Season 31-7

Mississippi State at UAB

I got an email from someone on Sunday that was not happy with my pre-season Mississippi State dark horse pick.

"Coach, you are the stupidest, least knowledgeable, pea brained, jack ass to ever write a blog. If I were you, and thank my personal God I am not, I would do everyone a favor and shoot myself. By the way, we need milk and eggs. Love, your wife."

Gee, I sure hope State wins this weekend since I don't like being talked to that way. Imagine that, she does not have faith in my intelligence. Doesn't she know I can buy eggs and milk better than anyone else in our neighborhood?

Mississippi State 35 - UAB 20

Kentucky at South Carolina

To quote from Bernie Litgow in About Last Night, "Are you kiddin' me? Are you kiddin' me? Are you pullin' my leg?"

If you like offense, this one has all the appeal of a lanced boil.

You have the Kentucky offense, ranked last in Scoring (15 points a game), last in Total Offense (255 yards a game), 11th in Rushing (116.2 yards a game), 11th in Passing Offense (139.4 yards a game), and last in Passing Efficiency (94.1)

South Carolina doesn't look like the Air Coryell offense from the old San Diego Super Chargers salad days either.

The Cocks are 7th in Scoring (31 points a game), 7th in Total Offense (372 yards a game), 9th in Passing (174 yards a game, thanks to Stephen Garcia), and 11th in Passing Efficiency (101.9).

But it's not all bad as Kentucky does lead the SEC in one category, and that's Punting! They have the most punt yards, most punts and best net average per punt. Maybe because their kicker gets so much game action?

And Carolina fans, I did not forget you. The Cocks lead the conference in Interceptions. Hey, congratulations, Stephen Garcia! Given all that, Carolina is still the better team, but not by much these days. I am going out on a limb here, and if this one stinks like I think it might, I might have to jump before it's over.

South Carolina 3 - Kentucky 2

Florida at LSU

The Bengal Tigers get their first real test as the Gators come to town.

Last week, they billed the game as the Gators speed against the Bama strength and look who won. This week, you have about the same matchup, only the Tigers might be just a little less potent than the Crimson Tide on offense.

I would say the Gators might of have had a chance in this one, if John Brantley was not injured. As bad as he is, you have to figure if they had anyone better than him, he would be playing and not sitting on the bench.

Tigers win with defense as they stop Rainey and Demps and make whoever the QB is beat them. Look for the big players to make big plays in big games, and that means Cornerback Tyrann Mathieu will be money again this Saturday.

LSU 28 - Florida 14

Auburn at Arkansas

Auburn continues to mystify the college football world. Do you know they are in first place in the SEC West and control their own destiny?

Yeah, haha, I know it's early, but they have turned things around since their early season nightmare.

And now they got to Hog Heaven to see if Bobby P. and the Swine have recovered from their annual Alabama hangover.

I don't know why, maybe because Auburn never seems to lose a game these days, but I have a feeling about this one. Can the Tigers pull off another upset? The Old Blog Coach smells something here and it might just be a pig roast.

Auburn 35 - Arkansas 28

Vanderbilt at Alabama

Vanderbilt is catching Alabama at the right time. After an emotional victory in Gainesville last Saturday, the Tide could be in store for a letdown. Even the best teams cannot be at the top of their game every Saturday, and that is the challenge the Nick-tator has in front of him.

It seems every time they play the Crimson Tide, Vandy hangs around until the fourth quarter, only to see Bama make the one play the Doores cannot.

I know this one is a mismatch on paper, but the games are played on the field, not in the notebooks. There is no way the Tide loses, but once again, this one goes into the final quarter very much in doubt.

Alabama 24 - Vanderbilt 17

Georgia at Tennessee

Speaking of Vanderbilt, Tennessee continues its quest to pull a Commodore (For those of you reading this column for the first time, that means you pull an 0-8 in the SEC) as they welcome the suddenly hot Georgia Bulldogs to Neyland Stadium.

Aaron Murray and Isaiah Crowell have started to get rolling and as long as Murray takes care of the ball, the offense should have another good day.

For the Vols, Tyler Bray and Da'Rick Rogers look like the second coming of Montana to Rice. If Justin Hunter had not gotten hurt, this offense would be even more trouble to stop. However, the difference is Georgia is balanced, Tennessee is not. The Vols are dead last in Rushing in the conference, and sooner or later, when you go one dimensional in the SEC, you will lose. And to quote Lt. Caffee in A Few Good Men, "We are going to lose. And we are going to lose big."

Give the Vols number two in their Commodore Quest since it's coming Saturday night.

Georgia 31 - Tennessee 14

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