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SEC Football Predictions

Another great year for SEC Football. Here's our 2012 - 2013 SEC Bowl Season Recap and SEC Bowl Games Review.

I ended the 2011 season with an 82-15 (.845) record. My best season ever. Of course, we have one more SEC vs SEC game this year. That's the national championship game. For the first time in the BCS era we have a rematch of a regular season game and we have two teams from the same conference.

You can read a preview of that game at 2012 BCS Championship Game: Alabama vs LSU Preview. I'm picking Alabama to win the game. But, it will be close. Here's our full 2011 - 2012 SEC Bowl Previews and Predictions. Of course the best place to get your tickets is Bowl Game Tickets.


I only missed one game last week (Tennessee...again). In the Championship Game I am going with LSU of course. And, it probably won't be close. BUT, I'm rooting hard for Georgia for the same reasons you can be sure the BCS is rooting for LSU over UGA. Here's a review of last week's games and preview of LSU vs Georgia.

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 13 Predictions (November 25-26 Games) I went 6-2 for the week

Big weekend in the SEC starts today! These will be the last regular season games. You can read more about the games and predictions at Week 13 Preview. The big games are Arkansas at LSU (Friday game; #1 vs #3 nationally); Alabama-Auburn in the "Iron Bowl"; and Tennessee at Kentucky. If Tennessee beats KY for the 26th straight time -- the Vols will get a bowl bid -- amazing! I agree with Coach Scooter on all his picks except I think LSU and Vandy both will win. We'll see. Will be a fun weekend.

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 12 Predictions (November 19 Games) WOW, I went 8-0 this week.

Really, the only game I'm not sure about is Vandy at Tennessee. Vanderbilt certainly has been the better team this year. But, this is the last home game of the year for UT and they desperately need a win. Losing to Vanderbilt would be a statement about how far the program has fallen and I just can't see it happening, especially with Tyler Bray returning. We'll see -- 7 pm ESPNU. I'm picking the Vols in an "upset." MSU can put up a fight -- in the first half -- at Arkansas. After that, the #6 ranked Razorbacks will run away with it. That game is at 3:30 on CBS. The rest of the games are mostly out of conference and should not be close. Get your tickets for any of these games at SEC Football Tickets. Here's Coach Scooter's comprehensive SEC Week 12 Preview. You can always catch the latest in Southeastern Conference football at our SEC Football Blog.

  • Mississippi State @ Arkansas [Arkansas]

  • Georgia Southern @ Alabama [Alabama]

  • Citadel @ South Carolina [South Carolina]

  • Furman @ Florida [Florida]

  • LSU @ Ole Miss [LSU]

  • Vanderbilt @ Tennessee [Tennessee]

  • Kentucky @ Georgia [Georgia]

  • Samford @ Auburn [Auburn]

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 11 Predictions and Results (November 12 Games) (6-1 on the week -- again; now .8375 on the year)

The games are listed below. I'm going with South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, LSU and Ole Miss. RESULT -- I went 6-1 -- only missing Ole Miss' loss to La. Tech. Here's the full SEC Week 11 Review.

Florida @ South Carolina 12:00 PM CBS
Alabama @ Mississippi St. 7:45 PM ESPN
Auburn @ Georgia 3:30 PM CBS
Kentucky @ Vanderbilt 12:21 PM SEC Network
Tennessee @ Arkansas 6:00 PM ESPN2
Western Kentucky @ LSU 7:00 PM ESPNU
Louisiana Tech @ Ole Miss 7:30 PM

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 10 Predictions and Results (November 5 Games) (winner picked -- in brackets) -- Alright, I went 6-1 on the week; only missing on the LSU vs Alabama game.

OK, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE week. We have the top two teams in the country facing off against each other in Tuscaloosa. It'll be LSU (ranked #1) at Alabama (ranked #2) (8 PM CBS). Since only one of the two teams can advance to the SEC Championship Game and then the BCS Championship Game -- this game is essentially the National Championship Game. Both teams are great. I'm going to go with Alabama since they are home and I think hungrier. I think Saban is a better coach than Miles. And, Trent Richardson will be the difference on the field. You'll see. The other huge game is Arkansas (ranked #7) at South Carolina (ranked #9) (7:15 ESPN). Arkansas is a top 10 team and South Carolina is technically, but not really they good since they lost their QB and RB. I'll go with the Razorbacks in this one. Vanderbilt will play it close again and lose again at Florida. Ole Miss at Kentucky is a toss up. Neither team is good. Ole Miss is better, but on the road -- I'm gonna go with Kentucky at home. You don't want to miss this GREAT LSU vs Alabama Preview.

  • LSU @ Alabama [Alabama]

  • South Carolina @ Arkansas [Arkansas]

  • Vanderbilt @ Florida [Florida]

  • New Mexico State @ Georgia [Georgia]

  • MTSU @ Tennessee [Tennessee]

  • Ole Miss @ Kentucky [Kentucky]

  • Tenn. - Martin @ Miss. State [MSU]

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 9 Predictions and Results (October 29 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) - I went 3-2 on this miserable week; running my ytd record to 55-11 (.833).

Well, I was right about one thing last week. I said I was probably getting cocky after going 5-0 the week before last. This week I picked two upsets and missed them both. Tennessee and Florida both lost. Oh well, c'est la vie. You gotta live dangerously. No time to dwell on the past. All eyes are on the huge game this weekend in Tuscaloosa (see above). You can read our full SEC Week 9 Review.
  • Georgia vs Florida in Jacksonville [Florida] I

  • South Carolina @ Tennessee [Tennessee] I

  • Arkansas @ Vanderbilt [Arkansas] C

  • Ole Miss @ Auburn [Auburn] C

  • Miss. State @ Kentucky [MSU] C

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 8 Predictions and Results (October 22 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) I went 5-0 to raise my record to 52-9 (.852) on the year.

Well, gotta say I nailed this week. Went 5-0; but also was right about how close the games would be. LSU steamrolled Auburn and Alabama dismantled Tennessee in the second half. Wow, can't wait till the match-up on November 5 between LSU and Alabama, the two best teams in College Football. It'll be the real national championship game. Here's "Coach Scooter's" detailed SEC Week 8 Review.

  • Tennessee @ Alabama [Alabama] C

  • Arkansas @ Ole Miss [Arkansas] C

  • Auburn @ LSU [LSU] C

  • Army @ Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt] C/li>
  • Jacksonville State @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 7 -- Predictions and Results (October 15 games) (winner picked -- in brackets). I went 5-0; now 47-9 (.840) on the season.

For the first time this year, no SEC teams went out of conference. So, this was a week where we definitely were in the meat of the SEC football schedule. I nailed all 5 games. Here's what I said in my predictions last week: "I would say that Florida at Auburn is probably the most interesting game of the week (7 PM ESPN). I'll go with the Tigers at home. CBS sadly is going with LSU at Tennessee in it's 3:30 national TV game. It should be a blowout. Tennessee is a badly injured team. And, not nearly as good as #1 LSU anyway.... Alabama at Ole Miss is at 6PM on ESPN 2. Georgia at Vandy is on ESPN 3 at 7PM."

Here's "Coach Scooter's" more detailed SEC Week 7 Review. Arkansas and Kentucky were off this week.

  • Alabama @ Ole Miss [Alabama] C

  • Florida @ Auburn [Auburn] C

  • South Carolina @ Miss. State [South Carolina] C

  • Georgia @ Vanderbilt [Georgia] C

  • LSU @ Tennessee [LSU] C

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 6 Predictions and Results (October 8 games) (winner picked -- in brackets). I went 5-1 to run my record for the season to 42-9 (.824)

I had a good week, picking 5 of the 6 games correctly. I would have had a great week had I not let my Tennessee bias get the better of me. That game really hurt the Vols. Not only was it a close loss, but the additional injuries; losing Tyler Bray was devastating. Arkansas big win over Auburn was surprising. Here's "Coach Scooter's" more detailed SEC Week 6 Review.

  • Vanderbilt @ Alabama [Alabama] C

  • Auburn @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

  • Florida @ LSU [LSU] C

  • Miss. State @ UAB [MSU] C

  • Kentucky @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

  • Georgia @ Tennessee [Tennessee] I

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 5 Predictions and Results (October 1 games) (winner picked -- in brackets). I went 5-2 on the week; now 37-8 (.822) on the year.

Well, I went for the upset, picking Florida over Bama. Big mistake. I also missed on the Auburn-SC game (though a blown call at the end could have changed that outcome). But, I got lucky with Arkansas and Ole Miss both coming back to beat their opponents. So, I guess it balances out. Here's more detailed SEC 2011 Week 5 Review.

  • Alabama @ Florida [Florida] I

  • Texas A&M @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

  • Kentucky @ LSU [LSU] C

  • Miss. State @ Georgia [Georgia] C

  • Auburn @ South Carolina [South Carolina] I

  • Buffalo @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

  • Ole Miss @ Fresno State [Ole Miss] C

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 4 Predictions and Results (Sept 24th games) (winner picked -- in brackets) I went 7-0 last week; now 32-6 (.842) on the season.

Wow, I went 7-0 last week. I think that may be my best week ever in 4 years of doing this. So, nothing really to comment on. LSU, Alabama, Florida and South Carolina all look tough. Here's some more SEC Week 4 Reviews.

  • Arkansas @ Alabama [Alabama] C

  • LSU @ West Virginia [LSU] C

  • Florida @ Kentucky [Florida] C

  • Georgia @ Ole Miss [Georgia] C

  • Vanderbilt @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

  • Louisiana Tech @ Miss. State [Miss. State] C

  • Florida Atlantic @ Auburn [Auburn] C

2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 3 Predictions and Results (Sept 15, 17 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) I went 6-3 last week; now 25-6 (.806) on the season.

Tough week last week. I went with my heart instead of my head in picking Tennessee over Florida. And, also missed the Kentucky and Auburn games. LSU sure looked great (especially defensively) at MSU on national TV last thursday night. And, how bout them Dores! Wow! Good for them. Here's our full SEC Football Week 3 Review.

  • LSU @ Miss. State (Thursday Night) [LSU] C

  • Auburn @ Clemson [Auburn] I

  • Tennessee @ Florida [Tennessee] I

  • Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt [Vandy] C

  • Coastal Carolina @ Georgia [Georgia] C

  • Navy @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

  • Louisville @ Kentucky [Kentucky] I

  • Troy @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

  • North Texas @ Alabama [Alabama] C

  • 2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 2 Predictions and Results (Sept 10 games) (winner picked -- in brackets). I went 9-1 to run my record for the year to 19-3 (.864).

    Cool, I went 9-1. Only missed the Miss. State - Auburn game which went down to the wire. Here's what I said when I made my predictions. We've got three great games this weekend. Alabama at Penn State; South Carolina at Georgia and Miss. State at Auburn. I'm picking the road teams to win each of those games. But, each could certainly go the other way. You can read more of the reasons why I say that at SEC Week 2 Preview. Here's our full Week 2 SEC Reviews.
    • Alabama @ Penn State [Alabama] C

    • South Carolina @ Georgia [South Carolina] C

    • Mississippi State @ Auburn [Miss. State] I

    • Northwestern State @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Southern Illinois @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    • UAB @ Florida [Florida] C

    • Cincinnati @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • Central Michigan @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • New Mexico @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • UCONN @ Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt] C

    2011 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 1 Predictions and Results (Sept 3 games) (winner picked -- in brackets). I went 10-2 (.833)

    Amazingly the best game of the week was Utah State at Auburn. Didn't see that coming. LSU looked really, really strong beating Oregon and Georgia looked equally weak losing to Boise State. Darn Ole Miss -- finding a way to lose...week after week. You can read more about last week's games at SEC Football Week 1 Review.

    • Oregon @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Boise State @ Georgia (in the Georgia Dome) [Georgia] I

    • BYU @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] I

    • Mississippi State @ Memphis [Miss. State] C

    • East Carolina @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • Florida Atlantic @ Florida [Florida] C

    • N. Texas @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • W. Kentucky @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • Utah State @ Auburn [Auburn] C

    • Kent State @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    • MO State @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • Elon @ Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt] C

    It's finally really time. Here's our 2011 SEC football week 1 preview.

    2010 SEC Football Predictions and Results

    We nailed the 2010 SEC and National Championship Games (played in Jan 2011) to run our record to 79-19 (.806) for the year. You can read our Auburn vs Oregon Prediction. The 2010 SEC Championship Game is Saturday in Atlanta. We're picking Auburn to win and go to the BCS Championship Game. Here's our Auburn vs. South Carolina Preview. Other hot stories are at our SEC Football Blog.

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 13 TV Schedule, Predictions and Results (November 26 and 27) (winner picked -- in brackets). I went 6-2 in a tough week; running my record for the season to 77-19 (.802). Incredibly I have the exact same record as last year at this point. But last year I wrongly picked Florida to win the SEC Championship Game. We'll see if I do better this year....

    Wow, we wrapped up the SEC football regular season with a bang. The Alabama vs Auburn Iron Bowl was an incredible, memorable, Tigers win. It likely will propel Auburn into college football's national championship game and Cam Newton to a Heisman Trophy. Tennessee and Georgia's wins qualified them for bowl games so that now we have Ten SEC Bowl Games upcoming. Here's how we did in each "Rivalry Weekend" game:

    • Auburn @ Alabama [Auburn] C 2:30 CBS (Friday the 26th)

    • LSU @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C 3:30 CBS

    • Kentucky @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C 12:21 ESPN3.com

    • Miss. State @ Mississippi [Miss. State] C 7 PM

    • South Carolina @ Clemson [South Carolina] C 7PM ESPN2

    • Florida @ Florida State [Florida] I 3:30 ABC

    • Georgia Tech @ Georgia [Georgia] C 7:45 ESPN2

    • Wake Forest @ Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt] I

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 12 TV Schedule, Predictions and Results (November 18 and 20) (winner picked -- in brackets). I went 6-0 for the week; now 71-17 (.807) cumulative for the year.

    It was overall a pretty lame schedule this week. Arkansas at Miss. State was a great game; as was Ole Miss at LSU. And, Tennessee got the win at Vandy to continue alive for a possible bowl game.

    • Ole Miss @ LSU [LSU] C 3:30 CBS

    • Arkansas @ Miss. State [Arkansas] C 7:00 PM ESPN

    • Tennessee @ Vanderbilt [Tennessee] C 7:30PM ESPN3.com

    • Georgia State @ Alabama [Alabama] C Nov 18; 7:30 ESPNU

    • Troy @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • Appalachian State @ Florida [Florida] C

    • Auburn, Georgia and Kentucky are off

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 11 Schedule, Predictions and Results (November 13) (winner picked -- in brackets) 6-1 for the week; 65-17 (.793)

    Alright, I went 6-1. Only missed the South Carolina - Florida game. Wow, Florida is getting worse as the season progresses. Good for South Carolina onto the SEC Championship Game for the first time ever. Auburn wrapped up the West with it's win. Then, how bout the Vols, a bowl game very much a possiblity.

    • Georgia @ Auburn [Auburn] C 3:30 CBS

    • South Carolina @ Florida [Florida] I 7:15 PM ESPN

    • Miss. State @ Alabama [Alabama] C 7:15PM ESPN2

    • Ole Miss @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C 12:00 CBS

    • Louisiana-Monroe @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Vanderbilt @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • Texas El Paso @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 10 Schedule, Results and Predictions (November 6) (winner picked -- in brackets) I went 6-2 this week running my record for the year to 59-16 (.787)

    Well, Bama's title hopes died at the hands of Les Miles and LSU. I was wrong about that. Darn that Mad Hatter. South Carolina certainly did have a tough home game against Arkansas as I predicted, but I didn't think they'd lose it! Oh well, the Gamecocks can still win the SEC East with a win over Florida this Saturday (see above).

    • Alabama @ LSU [Alabama] I 3:30 CBS

    • Florida @ Vanderbilt [Florida] C 12:21 ESPN3.com

    • Arkansas @ South Carolina [South Carolina] I 7PM ESPN

    • Idaho State @ Georgia [Georgia] C

    • Charleston Southern @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • UT Chattanooga @ Auburn [Auburn] C

    • Louisiana Lafayette @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    • Tennessee @ Memphis [Tennessee] C8 PM

    • Miss. State is off

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 9 Schedule, Predictions and Results (October 30 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) WOW, I went 5-0 this past week to run my record to 53-14 (.791)

    I'm gonna go with Florida in an upset in the Cocktail Party game. Cam Newton and Auburn will take care of business at Ole Miss.

    • Florida vs Georgia [Florida] C 3:30 CBS

    • Auburn @ Ole Miss [Auburn] C 7PM ESPN

    • Tennessee @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • Vanderbilt @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C 12:21

    • Kentucky @ Miss. State [MSU] C 7 PM ESPNU

    • Alabama and LSU are off; they face each other next week

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 8 Schedule and Predictions and Results (October 23 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) I went 4-2 again. Now, 48-14 on the year (.774)

    Well, I did ok in a tough week. The "Mad Hatter" (Les Miles) down at LSU didn't come through for me. And, Georgia played better than I expected. Otherwise, everything else went according to plan.

    • LSU @ Auburn [LSU] I 3:30 CBS

    • Alabama @ Tennessee [Alabama] C 7PM ESPN

    • Ole Miss @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • UAB @ Miss. State [MSU] C 12:21

    • South Carolina @ Vanderbilt [South Carolina] C

    • Georgia @ Kentucky [Kentucky] I

    • Florida is off

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 7 Predictions and results (October 16 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) I went 4-2 on the week; now 44-12 on the year (.786).

    With Alabama getting an "L" last week -- now nearly every SEC game potentially has national implications because so many SEC teams are in the running now to potentially go all the way; if they can win out. The top game this weekend was the Auburn Game. It turned out to be very controversial with some questionable officials calls. Auburn won. Then South Carolina's surprising loss at Kentucky, compliments of Randall Cobb and UK's resurgent QB Mike Hartline as well. Florida lost its third straight! Wow, crazy. Maybe Urban Meyer should have stayed retired. Seems he's lost the fire in his belly for big time college football.

    • Ole Miss @ Alabama [Alabama] C 9 PM ESPN2

    • Arkansas @ Auburn [Auburn] C CBS 3:30

    • McNeese State @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Vanderbilt @ Georgia [Georgia] C 12:21 ESPN3.com

    • Miss. State @ Florida [Florida] I 7 PM ESPNU

    • South Carolina @ Kentucky [South Carolina] I 6 PM ESPN 2

    • Tennessee is off

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 6 Schedule and Predictions and Results (October 9 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) 4-3 for the week; now 40-10 (.800) on the year.

    South Carolina - Alabama Football Tickets - 10/9/2010 - October 9

    Wow, what a day!! Alabama lost to South Carolina; LSU pulled a huge win out of Les Miles' "Mad Hatter" cap; and, Auburn eeeeked it out in Kentucky. Heck, without that, I would have had a losing record. As it was, I went 4-3 on the week. Which is a sure sign of great football games. I told you last week, these would be tough to pick. I was right about that ....

    • Alabama @ South Carolina [Alabama] I CBS 3:30

    • Auburn @ Kentucky [Auburn] C ESPN2 7:30 PM

    • LSU @ Florida [Florida] I ESPN 7:30 PM

    • Tennessee @ Georgia [Georgia] C

    • MSU @ Houston [Houston] I

    • Arkansas @ Texas A&M [Arkansas] C 3:30 ABC Gameplan

    • Eastern Mich @ Vanderbilt [Vandy] C

    • Ole Miss is off

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 5 Schedule; Predictions and Results (October 2 games) (winner picked -- in brackets). I went 6-1 this week to run the record for the year to 36-7 (.837)

    Huge day in SEC Football coming up this Saturday. The biggest game of the year so far will played in Tuscaloosa as Alabama faces Florida. Both teams undefeated, both ranked in the top 10. Just a huge game. The Tide and Gators have dominated the SEC for the past few years. This is the first time in a long time they've met in the regular season. OK, there's a few other games as well, but don't miss the biggest game of the regular season at Alabama.

    • Florida @ Alabama [Alabama] C 8pm CBS

    • Kentucky @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] CESPN3.com 12:21 PM

    • Louisiana-Monroe @ Auburn [Auburn] CESPNU 12:00 PM

    • Tennessee @ LSU, 3:30 CBS [LSU] C

    • Alcorn State @ Mississippi State [Miss. State] C12:00 PM ESPN3.com

    • Georgia @ Colorado [Georgia] I

    • Vanderbilt @ UCONN [UCONN] 12:00 C ESPN3.com

    • South Carolina is off

    • Arkansas is off

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 4 Predictions and Results (Sept 25 games) (winner picked -- in brackets). I went 5-2 on the week and now am 30-6 (.833) for the year.

    Great football day in the SEC this past Saturday. Arkansas nearly pulled the biggest upset of the year, but in the end Alabama showed why they are #1. Auburn stepped up; Georgia stepped further down; Tenn. survived in double OT what would have been a very bad loss. It was a fun day of SEC football.

    • Alabama @ Arkansas [Alabama] C

    • Kentucky @ Florida [Florida] C

    • South Carolina @ Auburn [South Carolina] I

    • West Virginia @ LSU, ESPN2, 9 PM [LSU] C

    • Fresno State @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    • Georgia @ Miss. State [Georgia] I

    • UAB @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • Vandy is off

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 3 Predictions and Results (Sept 18 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) I went 6-2 for the week; now 25-4 for the year so far .862

    No real shockers in last week's games. Georgia had another tough loss and dropped to 0-2 for the first time in Richt's career. I was also surprised at Ole Miss' loss to Vandy at home. Looks like former coach Ed Orgeron's recruting and coaching is wearing off and now the Reb's are just left with Nutt. He'll be gone at the end of the year. Exciting win for Auburn over Clemson, good for the SEC vs ACC Football Rivalry.

    • Arkansas @ Georgia [Georgia] I

    • Florida @ Tennessee [Florida] C

    • Mississippi State @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Clemson @ Auburn [Auburn] C

    • Furman @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • Akron @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] I

    • Alabama @ Duke [Alabama] C

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 2 Predictions and results (Sept 9 and Sept 11 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) WOW, great week. I went 9-0 with my picks. [19-2 for the year so far .905]

    Nice games this past weekend. Alabama looked great squashing the Big Ten's Penn State (rematch of 1978 National Championship Sugar Bowl which Alabama also won). Tennessee looked on the way to pulling a big upset over Oregon. Until the second half. Then the young Vols were squashed by #7 Oregon. (that Bama won 14-7). But wow, I picked all 9 games right -- including South Carolina's win over UGA. South Carolina looks like they will battle Florida for the SEC East crown this year.

    • Auburn @ Miss. State; Thursday Night, [Auburn] C

    • Penn State @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    • Oregon @ Tennessee [Oregon] C

    • Georgia @ South Carolina, [South Carolina] C

    • LSU @ Vanderbilt [LSU] C

    • Louisiana-Monroe @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • Western KY @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • University of South Florida @ Florida [Florida] C

    • Ole Miss @ Tulane [Ole Miss] C

    2010 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 1 Predictions and Results (Sept 2 and 4 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) [10-2 on the week .833]

    Week 1 was more interesting than normal with South Carolina, LSU, Kentucky, Miss. State and Vandy all playing tough games. Only Vandy lost, in another heart-breaker for the Dores. Ole Miss lost what should not have even been a close game. Houston Nutt: welcome to the hot seat. Kentucky surprised on the upside; as did South Carolina. LSU was unimpressive in their win.

    • Southern Miss @ South Carolina; Thursday Night, ESPN [South Carolina] C

    • LSU vs North Carolina [LSU] C

    • Miami of Ohio @ Florida [Florida] C

    • Louisiana Lafayette @ Georgia [Georgia] C

    • UT Martin @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • Jacksonville State @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] I

    • Kentucky @ Louisville [Louisville] I

    • Arkansas State @ Auburn [Auburn] C

    • Memphis @ Mississippi State [Miss. State] C

    • San Jose State @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    • Tenn. Tech @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • Northwestern @ Vanderbilt [Northwestern] C

    For more, check out SEC Football Week 1 Outlook.

    The 2009 SEC FOOTBALL (and National of course) Champion was the Alabama Crimson Tide. Congrats!! With Alabama's win in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game, we ended the season 78-20 (.796) (we had incorrectly picked Florida to beat Alabama in the 2009 SEC Championship Game) with our 2009-2010 SEC Football Predictions.

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 13 Predictions and Results (Nov 28 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) [6-1 on week; 77-19 (.802) on the year]:

    Wow, Auburn nearly pulled the big upset over Bama. Great game. Tennessee beat Kentucky (in OT) for the 25th straight time and took second in the SEC East. Then there were the big wins over the ACC (SEC 3 -0 over ACC). Miss. State won the Egg Bowl, beating Ole Miss. It was a great "final" weekend. Lot's more to come of course in the Bowl Season. Here were our picks for last week:

    • Alabama @ Auburn [Alabama] C

    • Florida State @ Florida [Florida] C

    • Arkansas @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Ole Miss @ Mississippi State [Ole Miss] I

    • Tennessee @ Kentucky [Tennessee] C

    • Georgia @ Georgia Tech [Georgia] C

    • Clemson @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 12 Predictions and Results (Nov 21 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) [5-1 on week; 71-18 on the year]:

    Florida and Alabama had cakewalks this week. Tennessee got an important win to qualify for a bowl game. Kentucky had a huge win at Georgia. That was the only game we missed. Ole Miss had a big, big win against LSU. Ole Miss is now 2d in the SEC West. Here were our picks and results:

    • Univ. Tenn Chatt @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    • Florida Int. @ Florida [Florida] C

    • Vanderbilt @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • LSU @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    • Miss State @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • Kentucky @ Georgia [Georgia] I

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 11 Predictions and Results (Nov 14 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) [5-2 on week; 66-17 (.795) on the year]:

    Tough games to pick last week. But we ended up going 5-2 on the week. Florida had a scare at South Carolina; LSU struggled; Georgia and Ole Miss had impressive wins.

    • Alabama @ Mississippi State [Alabama] C

    • Florida @ South Carolina [Florida] C

    • Tennessee @ Ole Miss [Tennessee] I

    • La. Tech @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Troy @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • Auburn @ Georgia [Auburn] I

    • Kentucky @ Vanderbilt [Kentucky] C

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 10 Predictions and Results (Nov 7 games) (winner picked -- in brackets) [8-0 on week; 61-15 (.803) on the year]:

    LSU at Alabama was THE game in the SEC this past week. Bama won it and clinched the SEC West. Miss. State was off. Hey, we had another great week. 8-0!! Our best week ever -- in 3 years of doing this. Here were our picks and results:

    • LSU @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    • Vanderbilt @ Florida [Florida] C

    • Northern Arizona @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    • Tenn. Tech @ Georgia [Georgia] C

    • South Carolina @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • Furman @ Auburn [Auburn] C

    • Eastern Kentucky @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • Memphis @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 9 Predictions and Results (winner picked -- in brackets) [5-2 on the week; 53-15 (.779) on the year]

    Florida was very impressive (finally) in their huge (41-17) win over Georgia in their annual "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" in Jacksonville, Florida. Tennessee was also impressive in it's big win over South Carolina. Look for Tenn. in the Outback Bowl. That's right, you heard it here first. Ole Miss disappointed at Auburn. I missed that one. Here were our picks and results:

    • South Carolina @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • Florida vs Georgia (in Jacksonville) [Florida] C

    • Ole Miss @ Auburn [Ole Miss] I

    • Georgia Tech @ Vanderbilt [Georgia Tech] C

    • Eastern Michigan @ Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • Tulane @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Mississippi State @ Kentucky [Kentucky] I

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 8 Predictions and Results (winner picked -- in brackets) 6-0 on the week; 48-13 (.787) on the season:

    Wow, did you see that Alabama - Tennessee game? Wow, great game. Bama did what they had to do to win. Barely. Tennessee earned a lot of respect. Florida looked ok winning at Miss. State. You can read lots more about the nation's top 2 college football teams at our Florida and Alabama pages. Oh, hey we had our first perfect record of the season going 6-0 with our picks!

    • Tennessee @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    • Florida @ Miss. State [Florida] C

    • Auburn @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Vanderbilt @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • Arkansas @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss]C

    • La Monroe @ Kentucky [Kentucky]C

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 7 Predictions and Results (winner picked -- in brackets) 5-1 on the week; 42-13 (.764) on the season:

    Nice week. Ended up going 5-1. Missed on Kentucky's first win over Auburn since 1966. Alabama looked awesome. Florida had a tough win over Arkansas.

    • Arkansas @ Florida [Florida] C

    • South Carolina @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    • Kentucky @ Auburn [Auburn] I

    • UAB @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    • MTSU @ Mississippi State [Miss. State] C

    • Georgia @ Vanderbilt [Georgia] C

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 6 Predictions and Results (winner picked -- in brackets) (4-3 on the week; 37-12 on the season):

    Wow, great weekend of SEC football. #1 Florida, with Tim Tebow got it done at Death Valley, mostly with their tremendous defense. Alabama looked great smothering Ole Miss, again, mostly with defense. And, how bout those Vols -- 45-19 over the Bulldogs, wow!

    • Florida @ LSU [Florida] C

    • Alabama @ Ole Miss [Alabama]C

    • Kentucky @ South Carolina [South Carolina]C

    • Auburn @ Arkansas [Arkansas]C

    • Houston @ Mississippi State [Miss. State]I

    • Vanderbilt @ Army [Vanderbilt]I

    • Georgia @ Tennessee [Georgia]I

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 5 Predictions and Results (winner picked -- in brackets) [We're now 33-9 (.786) cumulative now on the year]:

    As predicted, it was a tough week, prediction-wise. We had 4 "toss-up" games. And missed on 3 of them, to go 4-3 on the week.

    • Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt [Ole Miss] C

    • Alabama @ Kentucky [Alabama] C

    • Auburn @ Tennessee [Tennessee] I

    • Georgia Tech @ Mississippi State [Miss. State] I

    • LSU @ Georgia [Georgia] I

    • South Carolina State @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • Arkansas @ Texas A&M [Arkansas] C

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 4 Predictions and Results (winner picked -- in brackets) (29-6 cumulative now on the year):

    Had a great week, going 7-1. Only missed the Ole Miss-South Carolina pick. Georgia had a nice SEC win over the Pac-10. Florida showed why they are #1. Glad I had a good week as next week is looking really tough as 4 games are in the toss-up column. (See above).

    • Ole Miss @ South Carolina [Ole Miss]I

    • Florida @ Kentucky [Florida]C

    • Arkansas @ Alabama [Alabama]C

    • LSU @ Mississippi State [LSU]C

    • Arizona State @ Georgia [Georgia]C

    • Ohio @ Tennessee [Tennessee]C

    • Vanderbilt @ Rice [Vandy]C

    • Ball State @ Auburn [Auburn]C

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 3 Predictions and Results (winner picked -- in brackets):

    We had a great week for SEC Football as Auburn beat West Virginia in an exciting, come from behind, fight through the downpour kind of game. Similarly, Kentucky beat its in-state rival, Louisville, who happens to be another Big East team. The Tennessee-Florida game turned out to be a good one; if only Tenn. had a QB.... Georgia got a very big SEC road win at Arkansas. Miss. State did as well at Vandy. Those games were our 2 misses for the week. Our 2009 SEC Football Predictions record is now 22 right; 5 wrong.

    • Georgia @ Arkansas [Arkansas] I

    • Tennessee @ Florida [Florida] C

    • North Texas @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    • Mississippi State @ Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt]I

    • Louisville @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • Southeast Louisiana @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    • Louisiana Lafayette @ LSU [LSU] C

    • Florida Atlantic @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • West Virginia @ Auburn [Auburn] C

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 2 Predictions and results (winner picked -- in brackets):

    OK, now the real SEC football season starts as we get into the conference schedule. Also, we can't wait to watch Tennessee wallop the Pac-10's UCLA. It's payback time in Tennessee!! Here's our picks for the second week of the 2009 college football season:

    Results: Pretty good week actually, picking 5 of 6 winners. Just missed on Tennessee. Who knew their passing game would be horrible; and they'd get a bad fumble call at the end. Oh well. Can't win them all. We are now 15 of 18 on the year for a .833 percentage.

    • South Carolina @ Georgia [Georgia]C

    • UCLA @ Tennessee [Tennessee]I

    • Florida International @ Alabama [Alabama]C

    • Mississippi State @ Auburn [Auburn]C

    • Troy @ Florida [Florida]C

    • Vanderbilt @ LSU [LSU]C

    2009 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 1 Predictions and Results (winner picked -- in brackets):

    The weekend of September 5th will be very full as all 12 SEC football teams play their first game. These first week games are traditionally easy and this year, as usual, most are. But, not all. Alabama takes on Va. Tech at home. Georgia plays Ok. State at home. South Carolina plays at NC State and LSU goes to Washington. So, 4 big inter-conference match-ups. The odds makers are predicting that South Carolina and Georgia will lose; but the other 10 SEC teams are all favored. We have no problem going for the 10 favored SEC teams, though you never know for sure the first week of the season. And, we'll go with Georgia to upset OSU at home. So, the only SEC team we are predicting will lose is South Carolina. Though, we'd not be surprised to see them pull off the upset in Raleigh. So, here's our picks for the first week of the 2009 college football season:

    Results: Bummer, well you can see we guessed wrong. We thought there'd be 1 SEC loss and that it would either be Georgia or South Carolina. We picked South Carolina and as a result missed both games. Major bummer. The thing that kills me is we had bad info and thought the Georgia game was at home. Had I known it was at Ok State, I would have switched the picks and been a perfect 12-0. As it is, we went 10-2. Not bad I guess. Very good first week, all in all, for the SEC. Bama's win especially nice.

    • South Carolina @ North Carolina State [NC State]I

    • Georgia @ Oklahoma State [Georgia]I

    • Kentucky @ Miami (OH) [Kentucky]C

    • Western Kentucky @ Tennessee [Tennessee]C

    • Virginia Tech vs Alabama (in Atlanta) [Alabama]C

    • Louisiana Tech @ Auburn [Auburn]C

    • Western Carolina @ Vanderbilt [Vandy]C

    • Charleston Southern @ Florida [Florida]C

    • Jackson State @ Miss. State [MSU]C

    • Missouri State @ Arkansas [Arkansas]C

    • LSU @ Washington [LSU]C

    • Ole Miss @ Memphis [Ole Miss]C

    You can read our predictions for every single SEC game for the past two years (2007 and 2008) below.


    FLORIDA GATORS WIN 2008 SEC FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!! We picked the Gators, so our final 2008 SEC Football Predictions Record ends up 73-24 (.753).

    Can't wait for 2009 SEC Football to do this again.

    Meanwhile, the Gators are heading back to College Football's BCS Championship game (in Miami this year) for the 2nd time in 3 years to face the Oklahoma Sooners. Of course, we think Florida will make it three straight BCS Championships for SEC football teams.

    All together, eight SEC teams will be playing in bowl games. Get your tickets at SEC Bowl Tickets.


    The undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide face off against the one loss Florida Gators. We think the Gators will win the game. We just think Florida is a great team and more experienced than Bama. Tim Tebow will not be denied. But, we certainly could be wrong. It should be a great game. Some would say it will be the real national championship game. You can read more about that at SEC Football.

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 14 Results (winner in brackets):

    It was the last weekend of the regular season and virtually every team in the Southeastern Conference had big rivalry games. You can see the SEC didn't fare too well overall (1-3) against out of conference foes. We went 4-4 on the week to run our cumulative 2008 record to 72-24 (.750). Here's our picks and results this past week:

    • LSU @ Arkansas (Friday) [LSU] I

    • Mississippi State @ Ole Miss (Friday) C[Ole Miss]

    • Auburn @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    • Florida @ Florida State [Florida]C

    • Georgia Tech @ Georgia [Georgia] I

    • Kentucky @ Tennessee [Kentucky] I

    • South Carolina @ Clemson [South Carolina] I

    • Vanderbilt @ Wake Forest [Wake Forest] C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 13 Results (winner in brackets):

    Wow, tough week. Our worst ever -- missing on 3 of the 4 games. That drops us to 68-20 (.773) cumulative so far this season. That's SEC football for ya. Every game is tough and unpredictable.

    • Ole Miss @ LSU [LSU] I

    • Tennessee @ Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt]I

    • The Citadel @ Florida [Florida] C

    • Arkansas @ Mississippi State [Arkansas] I

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 12 Results (winner in brackets):

    Another very solid week. Went 5-1. We are now 67-17 (.798) cumulative so far this season. Here's our picks and results for Week 12:

    1. Vanderbilt @ Kentucky [Kentucky]I

    2. Georgia @ Auburn [Georgia]C

    3. South Carolina @ Florida [Florida]C

    4. Mississippi State @ Alabama [Alabama]C

    5. Troy @ LSU [LSU]C

    6. Louisiana- Monroe @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss]C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 11 Results (winner in brackets). We bounced back with a good week. Went 5-1. (Only missed Tennessee). We are now 62-16 (.795) cumulative so far this season. Here's our picks and results for Week 11:

    1. Georgia @ Kentucky [Georgia]C

    2. Wyoming @ Tennessee [Tennessee]I

    3. Florida @ Vanderbilt [Florida] C

    4. Tennessee Martin @ Auburn [Auburn] C

    5. Arkansas @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    6. Alabama @ LSU [Alabama] C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 10 Results (winner in brackets). We had a bad week. Worst we've had in two years of doing this. Our record only 3-4. We are now 57-15 (.792) cumulative so far this season. Here's our picks and results for Week 10:

    Florida's win over Georgia was huge. The Gators are in the drivers seat in the SEC East; Bama in the West.

    1. Georgia vs Florida (in Jacksonville) [Georgia] I

    2. Tennessee @ South Carolina [South Carolina]C

    3. Auburn @ Ole Miss [Auburn] I

    4. Tulsa @ Arkansas [Tulsa] I

    5. Kentucky @ Mississippi State [MSU] I

    6. Arkansas State @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    7. Tulane @ LSU [LSU] C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 9 Results (winner in brackets). We had a another great week; going 5-1. We are now 54-11 (.831) cumulative so far this season. Here's our picks and results for Week 9:

    1. Georgia @ LSU [Georgia] C

    2. Alabama @ Tennessee [Alabama] C

    3. Auburn @ West Virginia (Thursday Night; ESPN) [West Va.] C

    4. Ole Miss @ Arkansas [Ole Miss] C

    5. Middle Tennessee @ Mississippi State [MSU] C

    6. Duke @ Vanderbilt [Vandy] I

    7. Kentucky @ Florida [Florida] C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 8 Results (winner in brackets). We had a another great week; going 5-0 again. We are now 49-10 (.831) cumulative so far this season. Here's our picks and results for Week 8:

    1. LSU @ South Carolina [LSU] C

    2. Vanderbilt @ Georgia [Georgia] C

    3. Arkansas @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    4. Ole Miss @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    5. Mississippi State @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 7 Results (winner in brackets). We had a tough week, going only 3-2; and that was with picking the South Carolina win at Kentucky!! That's the tough SEC for you (sorry Vandy). We are now 44-10 (.815) cumulative so far this season. Here's our picks and results for Week 7:

    1. LSU @ Florida [Florida] C

    2. Tennessee @ Georgia [Georgia] C

    3. Arkansas @ Auburn [Auburn] I

    4. South Carolina @ Kentucky [South Carolina] C

    5. Vanderbilt @ Mississippi State [Vanderbilt] I

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 6 Results (winner in brackets). We had a terrific week; even picking both upsets (Vandy and South Carolina). Ended up 5-0 for the week; 41-8 (.837) cumulative so far this season. Here's our picks and results for Week 6:

    1. Auburn @ Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt] C

    2. Kentucky @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    3. Florida @ Arkansas [Florida] C

    4. South Carolina @ Ole Miss [South Carolina] C

    5. Northern Illinois @ Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 5 Results (winner in brackets) We had an ok week considering the upsets of Georgia and Florida (missed both). Ended up 5-2 for the week; 36-8 (.818) cumulative so far this season

    Alabama at Georgia was the game of the week in the SEC. Each team is arguably the best in it's division. If you've followed this site, you know we've been predicting Georgia to win the SEC East and Bama the West. If so, this game was a preview of the SEC Championship game. Bama rocked UGA in the first half, but Georgia came back, only to lose in the end. Alabama looks awesome at this point in the season. But, it is still early. Ole Miss' win at Florida was a shocker.

    1. Alabama @ Georgia [Alabama] I

    2. Tennessee @ Auburn [Auburn] C

    3. Ole Miss @ Florida [Florida] I

    4. UAB @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    5. Arkansas @ Texas [Texas] C

    6. Western Kentucky @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    7. Mississippi State @ LSU [LSU]C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 4 Results (winner in brackets) We had another great week; going 6-1; 31-6 (.838) -- only missed Vandy win at Ole Miss -- 2008 cumulative record

    Florida's win over Tennessee was huge for both teams. Both headed in opposite directions. Georgia's convincing win at (Pac-10) Ariz. State was very sweet for the Bulldogs and for SEC football. Then, LSU got a big win at Auburn and also found it's QB: Redshirt Freshman Jarrett Lee.

    1. Florida @ Tennessee -- [Florida] C

    2. Georgia @ Arizona State [Georgia] C

    3. Auburn @ LSU [LSU] C

    4. Alabama @ Arkansas [Alabama] C

    5. Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] I

    6. Wofford @ South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    7. Mississippi State @ Georgia Tech [Georgia Tech] C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 3 Results (winner in brackets) We went 9-0 for week; 25-5 2008 cumulative record

    Great weak for our predictions! Georgia pulled a nice win at South Carolina. It wasn't pretty, but you need some wins like that if you are going to win a National Championship. Auburn vs Miss State was "interesting." Auburn won 3-2. Was it a great defensive game or a terrible offensive game? We'll know the answer to that question as the season progresses.

    1. Georgia @ South Carolina [Georgia] C

    2. Auburn @ Miss. State [Auburn]C

    3. Samford @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    4. UAB @ Tennessee -- [Tennessee] C

    5. Southern Miss @ Auburn � [Auburn] C

    6. North Texas @ LSU � [LSU]C

    7. Western Kentucky @ Alabama [Alabama] C

    8. Arkansas @ Texas [postponed]

    9. Middle Tennessee State @ Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    10. Rice @ Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt]C

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 2 Results (winner in brackets) We went 7-2 for week; 16-5 2008 cumulative record

    Vandy was a surprise. Thought it might be a good game. Didn't think Vandy would beat South Carolina for the 2d year in a row. No one can say the Gamecocks were surprised. Look for Spurrier to be on the hot seat for the first time at USC, really hot I mean. We may have to move them out of the cellar of the SEC as we currently have them predicted. But, it's too soon to say for sure. The SEC is so competive this year. I'd not be shocked to see Vandy not win another SEC game. I'd also not be shocked to see them win 3 more. Too soon to say.

    Tennessee was off. LSU - Troy was postponed due to hurricane after effects. The Florida - Miami game showed how stong the gators are as they easily lapped the Hurricanes without much effort.

    1. Miami @ Florida � [Florida] Correct

    2. South Carolina @ Vanderbilt � [Vanderbilt] Incorrect

    3. Wake Forest @ Ole Miss [Ole Miss] Incorrect

    4. Central Michigan @ Georgia -- [Georgia] Correct

    5. Southern Miss @ Auburn � [Auburn] Correct

    6. Troy @ LSU � [LSU] Postponed

    7. Tulane @ Alabama [Alabama] Correct

    8. La. Monroe @ Arkansas (in Little Rock) � [Arkansas] Correct

    9. Norfolk State @ Kentucky [Kentucky] Correct

    10. SE La. @ Miss. State [MSU]Correct

    2008 SEC FOOTBALL WEEK 1 Results (winner in brackets):

    Well, things went close to how we thought they would. It was almost a perfect week. Alabama won a big game, destroying, 9th ranked Clemson (supposedly the top team in the ACC; with according to Kirk Herbsteit, the top running back duo in the nation; Bama held them to 0 yards!) Kentucky dismantled in-state rival Louisville (at Louisville). We missed that one. South Carolina took care of business against another ACC team, NC State.

    But, Tennessee was a huge disappointment, losing in OT at UCLA. So, we ended up 9-3 for the week. Not terrible, but not great either.

    1. Tennessee @ UCLA � [UCLA] Incorrect

    2. Appy State @ LSU � [LSU] Correct

    3. Ole Miss @ Memphis [Ole Miss] Correct

    4. Georgia Southern @ Georgia -- [Georgia] Correct

    5. Louisiana-Monroe @ Auburn � [Auburn] Correct

    6. Alabama vs Clemson @ Atlanta � [Alabama] Correct

    7. Western Illinois @ Arkansas � [Arkansas] Correct

    8. Hawaii @ Florida � [Florida] Correct

    9. Kentucky @ Louisville [Kentucky] Incorrect

    10. NC State @ South Carolina � [South Carolina] Correct

    11. Vanderbilt @ Miami University � [Vanderbilt] Correct

    12. Miss. State @ La. Tech [La. Tech] Incorrect

    Looking for an overview of each 2008 SEC football team? If so, check out 2008 SEC Football Preview. It is great to be back, talking about college football again. And we'll be watching it in just over a month!

    So, to kick things off, here is my prediction for how everything will shake out by the end of the season. This is after all the bowl games are done (and we have a new President-elect). I am a voter in the 2008 College Rivals.org fan poll. So, this covers not just the SEC -- but all Division I teams. Here's my list:

    1. Georgia
    2. OK
    3. USC (California version)
    4. OSU
    5. Florida
    6. WV
    7. Clemson
    8. Missouri
    9. Ariz. State
    10. VA Tech
    11. TX
    12. AL
    13. Oregon
    14. Auburn
    15. Kansas
    16. Penn State
    17. LSU
    18. Wisconsin
    19. Pitts.
    20. Ill.
    21. USC (Carolina Version)
    22. Michigan
    23. UCLA
    24. Texas Tech
    25. Miss. State.

    I've got seven Southeastern Conference teams in the top 25. And, really an 8th SEC team (Tennessee) belongs. But, if you notice -- I've got GA, FL, South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn and Mississippi State in the top 25. The Vols play each of those teams this year. Of those 6 games, they are only likely to win one I think (either Alabama or Miss. State who they play at home). So, I see those as 5 likely conference losses. And, they also play at UCLA (another Top 25 team). So, I see the Vols coming in 4th in the SEC East this year; too many loses to be in the top 25. Now, if they were in the ACC or Big Ten -- it would be much different....

    Some will be surprised I've got Alabama at # 12. But, I think this is Bama's year to win the SEC West. Check out our Alabama football page to find out why.

    SEC Football Season is almost here....

    Here's the week-by-week SEC Football predictions I made last year (2007):

    Final cumulative 2007 SEC Football Predictions Record: 75-22 (.773)

    WEEK 14 (December 1) SEC Championship Game Prediction

    LSU vs Tennessee. Predicted winner: TENNESSEE

    Winner: LSU Tigers!!

    As a Tennessee alum, I'm sure I let my personal preference influence the pick. But, it was a close game. A couple interceptions at the end won it for LSU. LSU had a great year and deserved to be SEC Champs. Certainly more than Tennessee who was just lucky to be in the SEC Championship game. Very lucky.

    Now it's on to hopefully the BCS Title game for LSU and the SEC! Discuss the BCS at What Do You Think of the BCS?

    WEEK 13 Results: 5 Correct; 3 Incorrect [Predicted winner in brackets]:

    So many amazing games. LSU's loss to Arkansas in 3 OT's. Tennessee's amazing 3 OT win at Kentucky. Auburn's 6th straight win against Alabama in the Iron Bowl. Mississippi State qualifying for a bowl game and winning the Egg Bowl. It was yet another fantastic weekend of SEC football.

    • Alabama at Auburn [Alabama] I

    • Tennessee at Kentucky [Tennessee] C

    • Wake Forest at Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt] I

    • South Carolina at Clemson [Clemson] C

    • Mississippi State at Ole Miss [Miss. State] C

    • Arkansas at LSU [LSU] I

    • Georgia at Georgia Tech [Georgia] C

    • Florida at Florida State [Florida] C

    WEEK 12 Results: 5 Correct; 1 Incorrect
    Tennessee was lucky (again) and Alabama disappointed (again). In fact, Alabama's loss to Louisiana-Monroe was worse than disappointing. Otherwise, things went as expected. Actually, I'd predicted a Tennessee win, just didn't think it would take a near miracle to pull it off.

    • Mississippi State at Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • Kentucky at Georgia [Georgia] C

    • Vanderbilt at Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • LSU at Ole Miss [LSU] C

    • Florida Atlantic at Florida [Florida] C

    • Louisiana-Monroe at Alabama [Alabama] I

    WEEK 11 Results: 4 Correct; 2 Incorrect

    Well, I said last Monday that we had an AWESOME week of SEC football (lots of close games) in store and that I'd be happy to go 4-2 on the week. I went 4-2 and we had some great games. Congrats to Mississippi State. With their upset of Alabama, the Bulldogs are now bowl eligible. That's the 10th bowl eligible team in the SEC. I think Vandy will also end up bowl eligible.

    So, here are the results:

    • Auburn at Georgia [Georgia] C

    • Alabama at Mississippi State [Alabama] I

    • Arkansas at Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • Florida at South Carolina [Florida]C

    • Kentucky at Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt]I

    • Louisiana Tech at LSU [LSU] C

    WEEK 10 Results: 7 Correct; 0 Incorrect

    Hey, 7-0; not bad. Got lucky with the LSU pick. LSU seems to be the team of destiny in the SEC this year. They had a tough loss at Kentucky; but were very fortunate (lucky) in their wins over Auburn and now Alabama. Anyway, that's good news for the SEC as LSU is the only SEC team with a shot at the BCS Championship Game. Boston College's loss was big as it should move LSU into the #2 spot nationally. Will we see an Ohio State vs. LSU national championship game. I hope so. I have an idea who we'll predict to win that one.

    The other noteworthy game was South Carolina at Arkansas. Arkansas finally put together a great game offensively. South Carolina (especially their defense) looks worn down. We thought all along that the Gamecocks murderous schedule would catch up with South Carolina. Looks like that is happening.

    OK, here's the results from Saturday:

    • LSU at Alabama [LSU] C

    • South Carolina at Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    • Vandy at Florida [Florida] C

    • Troy at Georgia [Georgia] C

    • Northwestern State at Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    • Tennessee Tech at Auburn [Auburn] C

    • Louisiana-Lafayette at Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    WEEK 9 Results: 4 Correct; 2 Incorrect

    It's a tough year to pick games in the SEC. Parity has definitely arrived. Most anyone can beat most anyone on any given Saturday. Great games though!

    Tennessee had a huge (very lucky) win against South Carolina. Of course Georgia's win over Florida was big as well. Who would've thunk it, but the Vols are in the driver's seat in the SEC East. Both teams have 2 SEC losses, but Tennessee beat Georgia, so they win the head-to-head tie breaker if both teams win out. Of course, winning out will not be easy for either team this year. So, the race is still very much open.

    You'll recall that back in August, we predicted that any of the six teams in the SEC East could legitimately beat any of the others this year. That prediction has certainly proven true. There are no doormats in the SEC East.

    • South Carolina at Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • Florida vs Georgia (Jacksonville) [Florida] I

    • Ole Miss at Auburn [Auburn] C

    • Mississippi State at Kentucky [Kentucky] I

    • Miami of Ohio at Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt] C

    • Florida International at Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    WEEK 8 Results: 4 Correct; 2 Incorrect

    Just have to say SEC football is amazing this year. Week after week, we have huge games, great games, huge upsets. It's really incredible. And, LSU pulled out another miracle win -- this time against Auburn. South Carolina's loss to Vandy was a surprise, but not a shock. I've been saying all along that Vandy would be the surpise team this year in the SEC and that South Carolina would end up at the bottom of the SEC East. I've caught lots of flack for those predictions, but I think both are the way to happening. 7 SEC teams in the top 25. That's got to be close to a record. Will have to research that.

    • Auburn at LSU [LSU] C

    • Tennessee at Alabama [Tennessee] I

    • Vanderbilt at South Carolina [South Carolina] I

    • Florida at Kentucky [Florida] C

    • Arkansas at Ole Miss [Arkansas] C

    • Mississippi State at West Virginia [West Virginia] C

    WEEK 7 Results: 5 Correct; 1 Incorrect

    As predicted, Georgia vs Vandy and Auburn vs Arkansas were both close games and we picked the winner. We missed Kentucky's upset of LSU (but who didn't). Of course that was a 3OT game, so we almost got that one and would have picked 100% again. Oh, well, 5 out of 6 isn't bad.

    I do have comment on how silly it is to see Ohio State ranked #1 when they have beaten exactly -- NO ONE! I mean before Kentucky's game, LSU had already defeated Va Tech, South Carolina and Florida. If you ask me the two best teams in the country are LSU and Florida. But, with 2 losses, Florida is already out of the National Championship hunt and if LSU loses one more game, they'll be out of it too. And they still have to play Auburn and Alabama, as well as Arkansas and then the SEC Championship game. What a tough row to hoe! As I've often said, the SEC is severely disadvantaged by not having a play off system.

    Along these lines, check out What Do You Think Of the BCS?

    And, speaking of Arkansas, 3 straight SEC losses, all in the last minute. Wow. There is nothing like SEC football!

    OK, here are the results from last Saturday:

    • South Carolina at North Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • Alabama at Ole Miss [Alabama] C

    • Georgia at Vanderbilt [Georgia] C

    • LSU at Kentucky [LSU] I

    • Tennessee at Mississippi State [Tennessee] C

    • Auburn at Arkansas [Auburn] C

    WEEK 6 Results: 8 Correct; 0 Incorrect

    Hey, what a great week. 8-0!! Tennessee finally came through. [The "Fire Phil Fulmer Club" can pack it in for another year.] And I got lucky with LSU pulling out their win. Florida played em tougher than I expected. LSU and Florida are the best two teams in the country.

    • Vanderbilt at Auburn [Auburn] C

    • Houston at Alabama [Alabama] C

    • La. Tech at Ole Miss [Ole Miss] C

    • Georgia at Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    • Kentucky at South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • UAB at Mississippi State [Mississippi State] C

    • Florida at LSU [LSU] C

    • Chattanooga at Arkansas [Arkansas] C

    WEEK 5 Results: 6 correct; 2 incorrect

    Well, last week I told you the two tough games to call. They were the Florida - Auburn and Alabama - Florida State games. Sure enough, both games were close. I missed them both! But, otherwise, the other 6 games went true to form.

    • Auburn at Florida [Florida] I

    • Alabama at Florida State [Alabama] I

    • Ole Miss at Georgia [Georgia] C

    • Eastern Michigan at Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt]C

    • Florida Atlantic at Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • Mississippi State at South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • LSU at Tulane [LSU]C

    • North Texas at Arkansas [Arkansas]C

    WEEK 4 Results: [6 Correct 1 Incorrect]

    What a great Saturday night for SEC football. Both the Alabama- Georgia and Kentucky - Arkansas games were spectacular. I nailed the Georgia win over Bama (got lucky); but missed the Kentucky win (unlucky). Oh well, 6-1 is pretty good.

    • Florida at Ole Miss [Florida] C

    • Georgia at Alabama [Georgia] C

    • New Mexico State at Auburn [Auburn] C

    • Kentucky at Arkansas [Arkansas] I

    • South Carolina at LSU [LSU] C

    • Gardner-Webb at Mississippi State [Mississippi State]C

    • Arkansas State at Tennessee [Tennessee] C

    WEEK 3 RESULTS: [6 Correct; 2 Incorrect]

    Well, I was just a bit off on my prediction of a Tennessee upset. Obviously since I am a UT fan, my better judgment was clouded. I know I said last week the UT - Florida game was the season for Tennessee. But, I don't exactly feel that way today.

    That doesn't just apply to Tennessee, but also teams like Auburn (wow, what a win by MSU!) which has also disappointed so far. Seeing the Alabama upset of Arkansas (great game!) just reminded me how competitive the SEC is. Even a team like Florida is likely to lose a couple games in the SEC this year (hey they play LSU in a couple weeks for one thing).

    So, it's just a bit too early to write anyone off yet. But, certainly, in Tennessee's case -- it doesn't look good at the moment.

    I called the Kentucky - Louisville game (another fantastic game). That was a big win for the Wildcats and also for the SEC. There had been a lot of talk about Big East football. So, having one of the lower-rated SEC teams beat one of the top Big East teams was a big win for SEC football. But, that debate will surely continue -- see SEC vs Big East Football.

    Here are the results from week 3:

    WEEK 3 (predicted winner in brackets)

    • Tennessee at Florida [Tennessee] I

    • Arkansas at Alabama [Alabama] C

    • Miss. State at Auburn [Auburn] I

    • Ole Miss at Vanderbilt [Vanderbilt] C

    • Louisville at Kentucky [Kentucky] C

    • South Carolina State at South Carolina [South Carolina] C

    • Western Carolina at Georgia [Georgia] C

    • Middle Tennessee at LSU [LSU] C

    WEEK 2 RESULTS: [5 Correct; 4 Incorrect]

    Tough Week! Wow, that was a rough weekend. Who would have predicted the University of South Florida would beat Auburn at Auburn? You can read some discussion about that game at SEC vs Big East Football. Then, I just made the wrong calls on Georgia and Vanderbilt. South Carolina's win at Athens particularly surprised me. And Bama looked good -- especially for their first game under a new coach. It's shaping up to be an interesting season. Thank goodness for LSU -- they looked awesome!

    WEEK 2 (predicted winner in brackets)

    • Alabama (1-0) @ Vanderbilt (1-0) [Vanderbilt] I

    • South Carolina (1-0) @ Georgia (1-0) [Georgia] I

    • Troy (0-1) @ Florida (1-0)[Florida] C

    • Mississippi State (0-1) @ Tulane (0-0) [Miss. State] C

    • Southern Miss (1-0) @ Tennessee (0-1) [Tenn.] C

    • Virginia Tech (1-0) @ LSU (1-0)[LSU] C

    • South Florida (1-0) @ Auburn (1-0)[Auburn] I

    • Missouri (1-0) @ Ole Miss (1-0)[Ole Miss] I

    • Kent State (1-0) @ Kentucky (1-0) [Kentucky] C

    WEEK 1 RESULTS: [10 Correct; 1 Incorrect]

    Southeastern Conference football had a solid first week of the 2007 college football season.

    The only SEC team to lose to a non-conference team was Tennessee who lost on the road to favored and higher-ranked, Pac-10, California. Nevertheless, it was a great disappointment -- especially the way UT's defense played.

    But, Georgia and Auburn both pulled out nice wins vs Big 12 schools to salvage the weekend.

    1. Tennessee @ California � [Tennesse] I

    2. LSU @ Mississippi State � [LSU] C

    3. Ole Miss @ Memphis [Ole Miss] C

    4. Oklahoma State @ Georgia -- [Georgia] C

    5. Kansas State @ Auburn � [Auburn] C

    6. Western Carolina @ Alabama � [Alabama] C

    7. Troy @ Arkansas � [Arkansas] C

    8. Western Kentucky @ Florida � [Florida] C

    9. Eastern Kentucky @ Kentucky � [Kentucky] C

    10. Louisiana Lafayette @ South Carolina � [South Carolina] C

    11. Richmond @ Vanderbilt � [Vanderbilt] C

    What do you think?

    We'd love to hear your comments and/or opinions. If you submit them here, other visitors can read them, rate them and comment on them. An e-mail address is not required.

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