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2011 SEC Football Week 5 Review

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Arkansas 42 - Texas A&M 38

Confusion reigned as two old Southwest Conference teams, which technically (well, sort of) played a Southeastern Conference game in Dallas, squared off in a preview of what the new SEC will look like next year.

We all know Dallas is a hot bed of SEC football, which added to the confusion. However, the folks in Big D were treated to another Aggie collapse for the second straight week as the Hogs rallied from a 35-17 halftime deficit to win 42-38.

Tyler Wilson set a school record for passing yards with 510 and Jarius Wright set another school record as his 281 yards receiving sparked a second half Hog comeback.

The Aggies fell to 0-4 in Cowboys Stadium, which is 0-3 vs. Arkansas and last year's Cotton Bowl loss to LSU. They are also 0-7 against SEC team since 1995. If you like to put it another way, they have never beaten an SEC team as a member of the Big 12. Since they are leaving for the SEC next year, who knows if they will ever get another win against the SEC?

Georgia 24 - Mississippi State 10

Apparently, it got a little chippy in the pre-game warm-ups as both teams had to be separated. Apparently, the Georgia players got the red ass when they thought the Mississippi State players were stomping on the large G in the middle of the field.

First of all, have you ever seen the G in the middle of Sanford Stadium? It stretches from the 50 to Savannah. I have even stepped on the G on the way to my seat, so fortunately, linebacker Christian Robinson didn't chase me into the third deck to give me an attitude adjustment.

Secondly, what is the college football world coming to? Is this a Fonzie thing? "Oh, they walked on our turf. They looked at our G and didn't curtsy." Pretty soon, you're going to have Potsie and Ralph Malph out there battling the Malachi Brothers since someone started a turf war.

That's the silliest thing I have ever seen and it seems to happen often, not just at Georgia. Grow up, guys. Save the energy for the field and not on some low class stunt. Let them stomp on the paint in the middle of the field since you will stomp on them during the game when it counts.

Just make sure the other team does not do a Malachi Crunch on you, or it will be all over and Pinky Tuscadro will not answer any of your phone calls.

LSU 35 - Kentucky 7

Jordan Jefferson returned to the lineup and scored a touchdown on the Tigers easy 35-7 win over the Mildcats.

Guess what? Tyann Mathieu forced another fumble, which is career best at LSU, as he took the ball to the house to give the purple and gold a 28-0 lead.

Kentucky's Morgan Newton missed on his first nine throws and finished 6 for 20 in the game. A Billy Jack Haskins, he is not. At this point, bring back Bill Ransdell (The last QB to beat Tennessee and Florida) or even Pookie Jones.

Tennessee 41 - Buffalo 10

Tyler Bray threw for 342 yards and four touchdowns as the Vols finished the third of the four non-conference patsies with a convincing 41-10 victory over the Buffalo Bulls.

Despite the impressive margin of victory, Tennessee had some lapses. The most notable was a 68-yard touchdown run by Buffalo QB Chazz Anderson. The slippery quarterback, who runs more like Chazz Bono, went straight up the gut for 68 yards to cut the Vols lead to 14-7. Was the Vol defense having a Chris Rainey flashback or what?

On the ensuing kickoff, Cameron Clear could not handle a squib kick, and the Bulls recovered at the Tennessee 21. However, kicker Peter Fardon was short on a 44-yard field goal attempt. 44 yards and he was short? Maybe next time they could put in the "Super Jock" kicker. Remember when you smack him on the top of the head and he kicks the ball? I know I could have launched one 44 yards with him.

Good thing the Vols won this one. See you in November when they have a chance to win another.

Alabama 38 - Florida 10

I'm sitting in front of my television looking like the drunken mother in Any Given Sunday as Florida scored on the first play of the game. A bomb down the sidelines from John Brantley to Andre Debose gave Florida a quick 7-0 lead, which made me believe we might just have a game here.

Um, bartender, cancel that order, will ya? Alabama showed why they are one of the best, if not the best, team in the nation as they withstood the opening punch in the nose and from that point on outscored the Gators 38-3 and won the game going away.

"Obviously, we didn't do many things well," Muschamp said after the game. "We have to correct the issues we have because we'll see them again."

Really? See them again? Well, William, the way you played, the only way you'll see them again is watching them from home on TV. You still have LSU, Auburn and Georgia left to play and without John Brantley, you'll need some help. Not that Brantley looks anything like Kerwin Bell, but he was the starter, so good luck having your backup playing in Tiger Stadium next week.

Did you like the Kerwin Bell reference? I was going to type Tim Tebow, but them Gary Danielson would start following my blog. If that ever happened, I would shoot myself.

Auburn 16 - South Carolina 13

I know a ton of moving men who have called Coach Spurrier to ask him if they can help. Since the South Carolina offense can't even across the street, they might pick up a new and lucrative gig.

Stephen Garcia, who I am sure has notched another place in my good buddy "Saucy" Stephanie's heart, was again brutal as he threw for 160 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. From the, "Oh, by the way," department, Auburn ranks last in total defense, so that makes his stats even more impressive.

There was some controversy in this one. Carolina was going to wear their new Nike Combat uniforms, but the refs saw the jerseys and determined the numbers were not legible, so they would not let them wear the new shirts and the Cocks had to wear the old black jerseys.

When have you ever seen that? Were the refs just having a bad day and wanted to bust someone's stones? Just goes to show you, this cool, jersey thing is not so much fun when it blows up in your face. I am sure whoever ordered the new duds might be looking for a new job as thousands of dollars has now been wasted as a box of jerseys is sitting in the corner of the Carolina locker room, will never be used. Now that's a good way to spend the taxpayer's money.

The second, and worse was the call at the end of the game. It looked like USC receiver Bruce Ellington had fallen to the ground at the Auburn 29 with a first down, which would have given the Cocks a chance to kick a tying field goal. Even the replay showed Ellington on the ground with two seconds left and he had the first down.

However, the refs did not see it that way, and the replay officials must have left early for a hoagie and a Fresca in the press room since they did not see it that way either. Guys, even Ronnie Millsap saw that one.

Ole Miss 38 - Fresno State 28

Coach Houston Nutt made a change at QB and it paid off as Randall Mackey was the spark that led the Rebs to the victory.

He won't remind anyone of John Fourcade (Bet you thought I was going to use one of the Manning's there, didn't ya?) as he was only 8 for 18, but made some plays with his feet to erase a 28-27 score at the end of the third quarter and get Ole Miss into victory lane with a 10 point victory.

Penalties almost doomed Ole Miss. Ten flags were thrown, and it could have been the difference the winning and losing. In fact, NFL Head of Officials, Mike Pereira threw a couple of flags, then spent the third quarter explaining why the flag was thrown. In fact, Pereira is so good at explaining penalties, he spent the evening with my four year old daughter to explain why she was not getting ice cream since she didn't finish her dinner.

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