Big Ten is Historically the Greatest College Football Conference

by Isaac

The Big Ten is historically the greatest conference in college football. The conference as a whole has won at least 33 national titles. The conference also has two teams (Ohio State and Michigan) in the top 5 teams with the highest winning percentage.

Two teams also that have won 800 games or more (Ohio State and Michigan). The Big Ten has also produced the most heisman trophy winners, at 16. And have the most bowl game victories.

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Nov 13, 2008
I may be a "Big Ten" fan but...
by: Jeffrey

when viewing the numbers that the conferences put up the claim that the Big Ten is better than the SEC is rather iffy.

As for what you're saying, I really have to wonder. The Big Ten has the most bowl game victories? Come on, how ignorant do you have to believe to even think that? Anybody that knows just a little about the history of the Big Ten knows that the Big Ten stayed out of bowl games until the 40s and at that point only went to one game a year up until the mid-70s. The bowl history after that is questionable. How can anybody square these common knowledge things with the claim that the Big Ten has the most bowl victories?

While you can claim 2 top 5 teams on winning percentage, the SEC can claim 6 teams in the top 20. Neither tells us much about either conference other than they both won a lot of games. Who'd they win them against? That's a matter for deeper thought which I doubt your interested in getting into.

The SEC is the #1 conference against ranked teams, the number 1 conference against top 10 teams, the number 1 conference against major teams and the number 1 conference in the rankings. In light of all that, I'd be uncomfortable saying the SEC is anything but the best conference ever.

Dec 30, 2008
SEC Home Games
by: Anonymous

Yes, however, when is the last time an SEC team traveled outside of the "cozy" south and played an away game having to face both a hostile environment and challenging weather? There are so many things that make me upset about the SEC that I am not even going to get into it. Congrats on winning bowl games that are virtual home games.

Jul 06, 2009
thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you for the congradulations buddy i think any SEC fan will take that

Aug 06, 2009
team speed
by: jason jones

the whole conference is fast!yankees dont understand when they here espn talk about team speed.yall say,we have fast players to!but you dont have a team of fast players.example:bama linebackers Rolando McClain 6-4 249 Dont'a Hightower 6-4 250 Brandon Fanney 6-4 257 Corey Reamer 6-4 234. they run a 3-4 that is the starting LBs. they drop back in coverage on wide receivers on one play,the next they are blitzing around the end.they can run like the wind!my point is they are the size of alot of big10 defensive ends but they are as fast as yankee cornerbacks.then you have someone like javier arenas who is arguabley the best kick returner in the country on a corner blitz hitting the q.b. before he even finishes dropping back,thats what 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 does for you. they recruit speed,they dont recruit 5.6 white linebackers like sean lee at penn st. or ross homan at ohio st. that is why ohio st. 0-9 vs s.e.c. in bowl games yankee teams are too slow! if you are on an s.e.c. team and you cant run you might get a chance to snap on field goals otherwise you might as well quitt cause you will not play!even the bottom tier teams like vandy or slip up and beat abig boy every year because they can run too.the slowest team in the sec is faster than the fastest big10 have to have more than a handfull of speedsters to cut it but you cant tell a yankee nuttin!

Sep 13, 2009
College football is more than a decade old...
by: SEC overrated

You SEC'ers seem to think that only the last few years count. Let's go as a whole. Michigan especially dominates the SEC with an overall record 23-5-1 and 7-3 in bowl games. Not only that, you SEC bandwagoners only started popping up a few years ago. Where were you for the other 60-70 years of college football? So, get off the band wagon, and look back at history. Not just the present, you *******. Plus, the SEC has 18 teams in the conference, where the big 10 has 11. And oh, learn how to spell, huh? I know a southern education is the worst in America, but my ***, you ******** can't spell to save your butts.

Oct 14, 2009
Sec overrated rebuttal
by: C. Potter

Listen, if you have to make jabs at peoples intellect or personality based off of where they are from, then you are probably just as ignorant as you think they are. Numbers tell the whole story and the stroy is that the SEC has the highest winning percentage against outside conferences ever. Also collectively in all sports there are more National Titles than any other conference. We are all proud of our conference but head to head n the best teams in the SEC beat the best in the Big Ten. Good day.

Jan 06, 2010
'Historically' is the Debate...not just 10 years
by: Anonymous

The point here being 'Historically' the Greatest College Football Conference. Nobody will debate that the SEC has more speed than the Big Ten. Additionally, this speed has translated well into Bowl victories in traditional warm climate southern bowl games. For the simple goal of winning games in your conference and bowl victories, the SEC teams are very successful. However, it's arguable that Big Ten teams are built to win in the midwestern / northern climates where speed gets you nowhere on a muddy and cold field. Example, Penn State vs. LSU in this years Capitol One Bowl. The field was a mess...negating SEC speed.

'Historically' speaking, the Big Ten has the most National Titles. Three of the top 5 all time NFL producing universities are from the Big a fact NONE of the SEC teams are in the top 10 all time NFL producing universities. If you look at fan draw then you have to consider three of the five largest football stadiums in the world are in the Big Ten. This can go on and on forever pulling out stats which are purely up to each individual to determine what they mean to them.

In the end, it's more important to enjoy the sport...ask that the system for determining a National Champion is made better (less dependant upon human input as on playoff victory). Bring SEC teams up north during a blizzard and see if they stand a chance against a smash mouth football team! Personally, I prefer to watch the smash mouth style of football and the Big Ten is best at that style...if I wanted to watch the fast paced Basketball style...I'd watch Basketball. Others probably like that style of football, so they choose to watch it!

Jan 06, 2010
sec domination?
by: Anonymous

as a southern boy, whose parents both went to penn st. i have had this battle over my head since i could speak. i am a penn st die hard who grew up in south carolina. this question is always bs. yes, in the last decade sec has dominated the NC game but overall bowl records are 15-14. with the 1 game edge to the sec. so, if you say NC game i would agree, but we are talking conference top to bottom. i say as always the sec is not any better at the end of the day they may look better, faster, or whatever but they are obviously equal. all sec fans know if they had to play up north in nov,dec,and jan it would be a different game. i hate cold could never play in it and do not want to. so, just be glad that current system favors us warm blood peeps in the south. (please reference the montana vs app st game this year in div II playoffs)

Jan 10, 2010
The Big 10 is Back
by: The North Has Risen Again!

The Big 10 went 4-3 overall, 4-0 against ranked teams in the bowl games this year. 2-0 in BCS games, defeating the Pac-10 champ (Oregon), the ACC champ (Georgia Tech), LSU (#3 SEC) and and Miami (#3 ACC). The evidence indicates that Big 10 football is possibly the best in the land, for this year at least.

Aug 24, 2010
sec overrated as always
by: Anonymous

red necks need to learn some facts... the only reason i figure out sec fanboys chanted sec^3 all the time is because they don't know how to spell other words, hahaha

Sep 04, 2010
Hey Crackers!
by: Anonymous

Hey ,Crackers! I know you're still fighting the Civil War. Well, guess who won that one. answer: The Big Ten!!!!!

Sep 24, 2010
Bowl Game Records
by: Archie

2009 (1-1)
Outback: Auburn 38, Northwestern 35
Capital One: Penn State 19, Louisiana State 17

2008 (1-1)
Outback: Iowa 31, South Carolina 10
Capital One: Georgia 24, Michigan State 12

2007 (1-2)
Outback: Tennessee 21, Wisconsin 17
Capital One: Michigan 41, Florida 35
BCS title: Louisiana State 38, Ohio State 24

2006 (2-1)
Outback: Penn State 20, Tennessee 10
Capital One: Wisconsin 17, Arkansas 14
BCS title: Florida 41, Ohio State 14

2005 (1-1)
Outback: Florida 31, Iowa 24
Capital One: Wisconsin 24, Auburn 10

2004 (2-1)
Music City: Minnesota 20, Alabama 16
Outback: Georgia 24, Wisconsin 21
Capital One: Iowa 30, Louisiana State 25

2003 (1-2)
Music City: Auburn 28, Wisconsin 14
Outback: Iowa 37, Florida 17
Capital One: Georgia 34, Purdue 27 (OT)

2002 (2-1)
Music City: Minnesota 29, Arkansas 14
Outback: Michigan 38, Florida 30
Citrus: Auburn 13, Penn State 9

For those of you that don't want to do the math, that's 11-10 in favor of the BigTen.

Nov 09, 2010
Simply Better ,Faster ,Stronger, More Heart
by: Anonymous

the big 10 is slow, too many slow white players,doesn't have the heart to compete. Every year a big 10 team goes to the rose bowl they are dominated by a faster and more hearted USC team until last year. And whats up with Ohio State going to the NC game and getting oliterated 2 times in a row!!!!
Conference Rankings are:
Pac 10
Big 12
Big 10
Mountain West
Big East

Just so you know I live in Big 10 country

Jan 02, 2011
Wake up SEC fans
by: Anonymous

All SEC fans are the same. They don't even know that football exists outside of their conference. I don't even know why they play bowl games, they should just give the National Championship to the winner of the SEC title game.

The kids from all of these schools come from all across America, not just the South. The talent is all the same. The biggest difference is the environment in whoch the game are played. Many times the SEC schools get virtually a home game. I realize it would be a great advantage for a northern team to play in Jan. up North. The same thing could be said the other way around.

By the way, I believe the SEC dishes out more scholarships, over the 85 limit, than any other conference. They then take them away from the kids that don't quite cut it.

It even blows my mind that you SEC'ers can't recognize USC as being one of the best teams over the last several years. Yeah, there may be reasons for that, but not much different than SCAM NEWTON.

Jan 05, 2011
Harder Bowls match ups proves SEC is the BEST!!!!!
by: Anonymous

The SEC schools are over-matched in all of their bowl games. You have ACC #2 vs. SEC #4/5, Big 10 #3 vs SEC #6, Big 10 #4/5 vs. SEC #7, Big East #5 Vs. SEC #10, Big 12 #2 vs. SEC #3, Big 10 #2 vs SEC #4/5, ACC # 5 vs. SEC #8, CUSA Champs vs. SEC #9.

We don't complain, we do what we need to do to get done. People brag when they beat a SEC school but the match-ups are not even. If they had even match ups, I promise the SEC would do no worse than 6-4(and i'm pushing it a little).

The worst lost was by by 9 in a game between Acc #2 vs. Sec #4/5. Big 10 (#1) vs. SEC #2 (that arguably should have been SEC #3 -- behind Bama -- caught breaks all year, and almost caught one tonight) lost by 5.

So brag all you want but it still doesn't change fact that match-ups are not even.

Jan 16, 2012
Weather excuse
by: Anonymous

I love when slow10 fans say "I'd like to see SEC teams play up north in a blizzard in Dec and Jan" hey nimrods you guys don't play in Dec and Jan and you can count on one hand how many times you played in snow. The last game of the year this past year it was 65 degrees in Ann Arbor. Lol

Oct 28, 2012
by: Sam

I cant stand some of these sec fans saying that they're the best conference out there. Yeah the last few years they have been. and yes, congratulations,you guys are fast.

So you keep bragging about your speed and we (the big 10) will keep being the best conference in the history of college football. By the way, nobody is worried about the sec, they just don't want to play Alabama.

So Alabama fans reading this, you guys are doing great! Congrats! Every other team has been hiding behind Alabama's dominant performances saying "yeah, were in the same conference as them so were good." no, your not. shut up.

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