There is no SEC in the BCS

by Rance Morrison

The pallbearers are present with shovels in hand. The mighty SEC is no more and the first games this season have thrown gasoline on the funeral pyre. The SEC must understand Mark Twain's answer of learning he had passed away. All around us are cries but not wailing but more closely to the Wizard of Oz......Ding dong the SEC is dead. Is it so? Let's study the past for a few moments.

2011-Jerry's house the Cotton bowl the Big 12 champions roll in with the reporters all parroting what a mismatch the game would be Arkansas finished third in the WEST SIDE of its conference. I don't know how many fans actually remembered that game but by halftime they shouldn't be faulted. The game was never in doubt and the big twelve champs looked like a Vanderbilt in the SEC. Skip forward to the conclusion of the season.

Once again the site was the house Jerry built,and it featured the 2012 Big twelve co-champs versus the 3rd place west side A&M aggies. This game varied much from the previous year. It was boring much sooner and turned in to a route courtesy of Johnny Football. Every conference has a good team and in a one game format they can triumph over a better team but to stand toe to toe week after week against the teams of the SEC. Lets just step back and consider....Everyone is trying to bury Arkansas after the release of Bobby Petrino but stop and think....Petrino is gone and yes some really good players left also but I assure you. Offensively Petrino recruited some of the best offensive players in the country.

Yes they run a different type offense, which one must run in order to win an SEC championship, however what people forget is that Biliema excels in the development of athletes. This team is picked last in the SEC in the majority of polls but, in my opinion, last year was an aberration and these razorbacks will NOT finish last but be bowl elgible! A brutal schedule is not their friend. In a given season just these teams on your schedule would be tough but read this; 9/28. Texas A&M, 10/5 at Florida, 10/12 South Carolina, 10/19 at Alabama....

Please note that these games ARE in sequence, no week off no Kansas games. This is what makes someone a top SEC caliber school, there is no "OFF" weeks only a grueling war that if survived makes one able to stand eye to eye with anyone. It's very possible that this grueling conference may eliminate itself from the BCS National Championship game. War is funny concerning survivors. I would almost bet that the way to steal the BCS from the SEC is by attrition. Hope and pray BIG 12, PAC, BIG 10 and you other hopefuls. Pray that they kill each other and by the virtue of mercy, there is no SEC in the BCS.

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