SEC is Top College Football Conference in 2009 -- Again!

by Bo

The Florida Gators have such a great football team. Their defense and offense have proved to the entire nation that they are the best. Tim Tebow is the best QB to play in college football over the last 2 seasons. Winning the Heisman in 2007 and leading his team, the Florida Gators to a National Championship last year explains it all. After accepting the loss to Ole Miss this season, his post game speech was able to motivate his team to continue to play as hard as they could.

Percy Harvin was one of the most explosive players in all of college football. Had it not been for his injuries, he could have been a top prospect in winning the Heisman Trophy himself this past season.

Brandon Spikes is the best linebacker in college football and his stats back this up.

Besides the Florida Gators, the SEC also has the Alabama Crimson Tide. This team was ranked #2 until they lost to the Gators in the SEC championship game.

In addition, the Georgia Bulldogs had the number 1 draft pick this year in the NFL draft, Matthew Stafford. Not to mention they also have the talented Knowshon Moreno, one of the top running backs in all of college football last year.

You can make the argument that the Big Ten is better than the SEC, but the Gators beating Oklahoma in the National Championship explains it all. The SEC has the best team, the Florida Gators; the best quarterbacks, Tim Tebow and Matthew Stafford; the most explosive players Percy Harvin and Knowshon Moreno; the best linebacker, Brandon Spikes; and the best defenses thanks to the Gators and the Crimson Tide.

So, no doubt the SEC is the best college football conference.

Watch out next year for the Florida Gators again as Tim Tebow will lead his Gators to another (the 2009) BCS College Football Championship.

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Jul 09, 2009
Gators will be the BCS Champion Again if...
by: Jack

The gators will need to replace two offensive tackles and Percy Harvin. Percy was not just fast. He was extremely elusive. They could have nick named him "the ghost", because trying to tackle him was like trying to tackle a vapor.

Last year's team gave up yards to Okalahoma on the outside, which indicated that their weakest position was the outside linebackers. If they can improve that position, their defense can be significantly better, which can help should the offense have trouble replacing the productivity of Percy Harvin.

One thing is for sure. The Gator's won the BCS championship last year because they not only had talent, but because they worked very, very hard. This year, in 2009, will be no different. If they get complacent they will be good, but they will come up short. However, if they work hard, no one will be able to beat them.

Aug 01, 2009
Florida,Bama and Ole Miss 3 of the best.
by: Anonymous

Florida,Bama and Ole Miss the class of the SEC in
2009.Along with the best coaches in the country.Let's go Bama Roll Tide Roll!!!

Nov 21, 2009
PAC-10 is the Top
by: Anonymous

5, count them FIVE PAC-10 teams going into week 13. The PAC leads 10-7 against SEC opponents SEC vs Pac-10. GO UCLA!!!

PAC-10 is not a 2 team conference, sorry SEC but having Florida and Alabama 1-N-2, doesn't make you the best conference, it makes you top heavy (period).

Cal Bears are #25th in the nation, and 6th in PAC-10 play. Can't blame it on that "west-coast bias", ludicrous!

The PAC-10 will only get stronger, just look at the recruiting statistics for the west-coast.

So before you self-loath on your own site "SEC SPORTS FAN," check the facts. I would take USC over Florida, Oregon over Alabama, Stanford over LSU, UCLA over Tennessee, Oregon State over Georgia ANY DAY!

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