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What Do You Think of the BCS?

For more current discussion of the BCS controversy, go to College Football Playoff, BCS Unfair to SEC, and BCS Controversy.

I was talking to a friend on the phone a few minutes ago about the state of college football. And, the conversation got me a bit worked up.

Not anything he said. But, the more we talked the more ridiculous college football's Bowl Championship Series (BSC) system seemed.

I mean, did you see that brand new BCS Poll that just come out on Sunday? It has Ohio State ranked #1. Give me a break! Is that a joke?

Sure, the Buckeye's are undefeated -- but who exactly have they played? Can you say NO ONE?

"No one" is the correct answer.

I admit up front that I'm biased. Very, very biased. I think SEC football is awesome and Big Ten football not even close to awesome. Certainly not in 2007 anyway.

But, even I was shocked to find that Ohio State has not played a team that is in the top 25. Please check it out and correct me if I'm wrong. But I tripled checked the BCS and AP Top 25's and there was only one team that Ohio State plays all year on that list.

And the Buckeye's haven't even played them yet.

Who's that one OSU opponent in the Top 25?


That's right, the same Michigan Wolverine team that lost earlier in the year to the Appalachian State Mountaineers. You remember, the only Division 1-AA team to ever beat a ranked Division I team.

[Yes I realize that College Football's Division I is now called the "Football Bowl Subdivision"; and Division 1-AA is now called the "Football Championship Subdivision." (thanks Tex:)]

Anyway, Michigan is the only team ranked in the top 25 that Ohio State will play this year and they face off with the mighty Wolverines in the last game of their regular season.

I say "regular season" because Ohio State is certainly a lock for a post season bowl game. In fact, OSU is a virtual lock for the BCS Championship Game.

It would take an incredible upset for Ohio State to lose a single game on their schedule. After all, they don't play a team ranked higher than 24th.

Oh, sorry, I didn't mention that the one ranked team they play -- Michigan -- is barely ranked at all. They are 24th in this week's AP poll and 25th in the BCS.

Anyway, something is very, very wrong when a team can go to the BCS championship game having played no one. And a team like...say...LSU doesn't because it lost a game. Sure LSU lost to Kentucky on Saturday -- in three overtimes. But, they had already beaten Virginia Tech, South Carolina and Florida.

I'm not saying LSU should be #1. But when it comes to BCS rankings, you should not be eligible to be ranked until you have played someone ranked in the top 25.

As it is, odds are high that neither of the two best teams in the country will play for in college football's national championship game.

Those two teams are LSU and Florida. Told you I was biased.

But seriously, both of those teams have proven their talent against tough opponents. But, Florida already has 2 losses which knock them out of the BCS title hunt.

LSU has one already and still has to play Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas and (if they make it) the SEC Championship Game. Odds are high they will lose one of those games, thus being knocked out of contention.

So, something is seriously wrong in college football when the system doesn't ensure the best teams get to play for the Championship.

Please, share your thoughts below.

What do you think?

We'd love to hear your comments and/or opinions. If you submit them here, other visitors can read them, rate them and comment on them. An e-mail address is not required.

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Are you serious? Not rated yet
The Buckeyes have played 4 ranked teams this year. They play a tough non-conference opponent every year. LSU should have 3 losses already. …

Buckeye Ball Not rated yet
It does not matter WHO you play, but HOW you get there. Last year, OSU beats #2 Texas, #5 Iowa, #17 Penn State, and #2 Michigan. But, nobody seems to remember …

Ohio State and the Big Ten are #1 Not rated yet
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It seems the SEC fans , teams, and coaches, whine and cry when the bowl system doesn't benefit them, but when it does...they just slink off with their …

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I don't understand your reasoning... You say the big ten is not even close to the awesomeness of the sec however results of ball games does not represent …

The NCAA Got It's Parity -- Now What? (rammerjammer_99) Not rated yet
The NCAA wanted parity in college football. They got it. Now they have to figure out how to rank parity. It should all start with conference championship …

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