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College Football Statistics

From the Archives

College Football's Q & A
By Tex Noel

Ever been stumped on where to find an answer to a college football question? Or maybe you would just like to know when ... happened!

If so, then your wait and search is over. SEC SportsFan.com proudly presents this forum for fans looking for the answer to any college football question -- anything from the most obvious to the hardest. If that's you; you've come to the right place. I'm Tex Noel. I love college football and I'll be happy to help you out -- if I can.

I don't claim to know all that has taken place over the past 140 years; but with 27 years of statresearch and college football analysis experience under my belt, I will surely give it "The Old College Try". You can read some of the college football statistics I have compiled at SEC Football Statistics. I also have an awesome back of other researchers that I can call on or search their sites for your answers.

Speaking of which, if you are interested in college football history, then you should be receiving The College Football Historian — a monthly newsletter on the history of our great game — as written by subscribers.

Check out College Football Historian to subscribe for free.

Here's some interesting stats about AP No. 3's (besides 2012 Ok. State with more first place votes than the #2 team); Pre-BCS National Championship Bowl Game Stats and Conference Teams in the AP Pre-Season Poll.

OK, before getting started, please note the following types of question will not be answered:

  • Anything relating to any pro league (#1 draft choices of a respective college is accepted);
  • No info on Vegas or any other source as it relates to pre-game odds;
  • A question that I deem in questionable or not related to the college game.

Also, from time-to-time, I may insert here what I call a StatSearch—where I have found something that I think y'all would be interested in reading.

You can use the form below to submit a question directly to me.

Here's the first question:

Alabama is ranked #1 in the 2010 preseason polls. So, how accurate of a predictor are the pre-season college football polls?

The answer to that question is in this pdf: Accuracy of Pre-Season College Football Poll Rankings and Alabama First National Champion to Lose to a Number 1.

Here's some interesting stats about CFRA National Champion Press Release 2011; QPRS 2011 American College Football Rankings and Teams Ranked By Ap in 2011.

If you have a question relating to College Football, especially College Football Statistics, -- use the form below to ask Tex.

Ask Tex a Question

Do you have a college football stats question for Tex? Ask it!

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

1980 national championship winner 
Who won the NCAA Division 1 College Football national championship in 1980.

Record number of touchdowns for same team by different players? 
TXST 66 vs NMST 28 on 12/01/12. TXST scored nine touchdowns each by a different player and included offense, defense (fumbles), and special teams. Is …

what is the most points auburn has allowed in a football game 
auburn football points allowed in football game?

What was the year Lake Forest College joined the NCAA 
I would like to know the year Lake Forest College joined the NCAA.

When was the last time an opponent of Pitt had no penalties in a game? 
I've checked every game dating back to the 1979 season...before that I can't find anything on it.

1904 College Football National Champion: Minn, Mich, or Penn? 
Greetings from Minneapolis. I have a question about the 1904 college football season. The NCAA and Big Ten's official football records list Minnesota as …

Where RG III Ranks All Time 
2011 Robert Griffin III Baylor QB 179-699 (10) Rushing 35th/5th* 291-402-6 4293 (37) Passing 4th 581-4992 (10) Total Offense …

Why has Nebraska been able to dominate the SEC for decades? 
Nebraska is 19-6-1 or .750 vs. the current SEC teams. Including: 8-2 or .800 in last 10 meetings 12-4 in bowl games 3-0 at home (Alabama, …

what is the highest number of interceptions boomer esiason threw in a single game at maryland? 
A buddy bet me boomer esiason threw 18 interceptions in a single college game while he played for maryland in the early 80's. I said no way... ????

NCAA Pass Interference Rule 
Question: When was the NCAA rule for pass interference originally changed from a spot foul to a spot foul or fifteen yards whichever is less? …

What was the play that won the 1980 South Carolina-Wake Forest football game? 
South Carolina was down several touchdowns and came back. They won the game in the last minute. What was the play and by which player that won the game …

1960 Ohio University Was Best Football Team Ever  
What college team with a 10-0 season, had no more than 8 points scored on them and scored 269 points on their opponents? The answer is Ohio University …

What player won national championships with two different teams? 
Q: What college football player won national championships with two different teams? I have been trying to find this answer for weeks. Hope you can …

is a 1930 game ticket between pitt & waynesburgh worth anything? 
the ticket is in mint condition. date is Sat the 27th ,sec 2, row 41,seat #9. at 2:00 pm. cost is 1.50. at pitt stadium. the ticket was found in a book …

why did Notre Dame go 40+ yrs w/o playing in a bowl game? 
why did Notre Dame go 40+ yrs w/o playing in a bowl game?

when did college football start playing 11-men 
what year did colleges go to 11 man football

In what year did the preseason polls arrive? 
What year did the polls, AP, UPI, etc quit ranking teams after the season began and start ranking teams in the preseason with their rankings being relevant …

Which Was First CFB Team in Midwest? Was Walter Camp First to Assign Points?  
I have two questions: #1 Which college was the first in the midwest to field a football team? #2 Did assigning points to touchdowns, goals, safeties …

Most points ever scored by a team in a single game.  

Was ND the only NC to play and defeat 4 teams in the Top 7 final AP Poll? Not rated yet
Question: In the final AP poll in 1988 Notre Dame is the only undefeated team having beaten No. 2 Miami, No. 4 Michigan, No. 5 West Virginia and No. …

How Did Sportswriters Get Stories to Editors Before The Internet?  Not rated yet
Question: I've got a question. Back in the old days like the 30's-70's, when the games were over and sportswriters would write their stories -- …

what is the most points scored in the last two minutes of a college football game? Not rated yet
what is the most points scored in the last two minutes of a college football game?

Penalty Yards Stats?  Not rated yet
QUESTION: I am wondering where I might find team penalty yards broken down by game for a given year (e.g., 2008). Any suggestions? ANSWER: Hey …

Click here to write your own.

When did Univ of San Diego first have a football team? Not rated yet
Answer: San Diego 1956 >Played in NCAA III, 1973-92 >in CSD since 1993

Touchdown and First Down?  Not rated yet
Question: If a Touchdown (TD) is scored from 10 or more yards outside the opponent's endzone, is it also a First Down (FD)? I thought it had to be …

Did Bear Bryant ever beat Bob Neyland Not rated yet
In College football games,Did Bryant ever beat Neyland? Editor's reply: Hi James, I can answer that one. The answer is no. Bear Bryant was 0-5-2 …

When was the last time an SEC team beat a top 10 football team when the game was played outside the Southeast? Not rated yet
I've heard that SEC teams have never won a game against a top 10 opponent if the game was played outside the area of the Southeastern Conference. Is …

Who was the great DE for Michigan State in the mid 1960's? Not rated yet
Greetings Jim... Thank you for your question. And, yes I have an answer for you: As the Spartans fans would shout, Kill Bubba Kill...they were …

First white leather college football Not rated yet
I have a white leather football with the PAT#1621043-1730309-1890594. It was used in a night game between Denver U and George Washington U on Oct 5, 1934. …

NCAA 1A Coaches with the Most Wins in his First Season Not rated yet
NCAA 1A Coaches with the Most Wins in his First Season: Most Wins: (page 221, 2009 NCAA Division I Records Book) George Woodruff, Penn, 1892 15-1 …

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