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Great Early College Football History Book

Are you looking for a great book about the early years in college football history? If so, I have found the book for you.

The title is Stars of an Earlier Autumn: College Football from 1869-1936 and it is due to be published on November 6, 2007. It is written by Tex Noel, one of the leading college football historians in America. His research is often quoted and has been published in many places - including USA Today and ESPN.com. Tex has a passion for college football statistics research. He has spent decades doing it. And, his years of work have culminated in this masterpiece.

Stars of an Earlier Autumn documents the many stories and records that were established in college football between 1869 and 1936. These were the formative years of the sport that has grown to become arguably the most important sport in America today.

Unfortunately, the early years of college football are largely forgotten and unknown. Tex has done a great service to the sport and to each of its fans by documenting its early history - before it was forever lost.

How did Tex Noel find the information he documents? He spent over 17 years researching school record books, newspaper accounts, audio interviews, and various other publications to uncover many, otherwise unknown, all-time game, season, and career marks for all statistical categories.

The book has numerous lists and ratings of teams and players that played in eras when national football rankings were sporadic and scores were often astronomical. However, the most interesting parts of the book are the stories and anecdotes that are uncovered.

There is a particularly interesting eyewitness account of the very first college football game (between Princeton and Rutgers). This first game was played with a rugby ball that players lifted and ran some "unusual" plays. So, it was from a game of rugby that football first evolved.

Stars of an Earlier Autumn discusses how college football became entwined with American culture, such as how it was used during the Great Depression to raise money to assist the needy.

The book contains many interesting insights into the origins of various aspects of college football that we take for granted today. For instance, it is interesting to read about how players in that earlier era transferred schools frequently and how that often led to eligibility disputes between colleges. Those issues, in turn, led to the current "National Letter of Intent" and other procedures that today govern college football eligibility.

SEC football may be the best today, but there was time when the Ivy League dominated. The author does a great job of giving the Ivy League the credit it deserves for developing our modern game. [You can read more about Ivy League football at SEC vs Ivy League Football.]

The book enlightens us with details you won't find anywhere else about the accomplishments and contributions of the many early stars of college football. Some of the names you'll read about include:

  • Parke Davis

  • Walter Camp

  • Sammy Baugh

  • Chris Cagle

  • Jim Thorpe

  • Jess Neely and,

  • Bobby Wilson

If some of these names don't ring a bell - you should read this book. If they do ring a bell, you will appreciate reading this book.

Thanks to Tex Noel, college football fans will forever have a window they can look through to see the early, formative years of American college football.

If you are interested in purchasing Stars of an Earlier Autumn, clicking the link below will take you to the best place to do it:

If you are in need of assistance with some independent StatResearch you are compiling, you can contact Tex directly through using the form located at SEC Football Statistics.

Here's a great place to find other college football books and videos. If you are interested in early college football history -- take our poll of the best SEC football team ever at Top All-Time SEC Football Team Survey.

Check out STARS Table of Contents

College Football Stars of an Earlier Autumn

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