SEC vs Pac-10 Football (actually Pac-12 now)

The SEC went 1-0 vs the PAC Ten in 2011 – 2012. The SEC and Pac-10 met in a BCS Bowl Game for the first time ever on January 10, 2011. Who won? Well, if you are here, you probably already know (hint: SEC fans are smiling), but read more about it anyway at Auburn vs Oregon.

The Southeastern (SEC) and Pacific Ten (Pac-10) conferences are probably more different, from one another, than any other two college football conferences.

First, of course, there is a vast geographic distance that separates the SEC schools of the interior Southeast and the Pac 10 schools along the West Coast.

Perhaps it is that geographic distance that contributes to the cultural (generally conservative South vs. generally liberal West Coast) and language divides (Southern drawl).

What do you think of the USC Sanctions?

As for football, the SEC is all about defense and running the ball; the Pac 10 is all about wide-open offenses and passing the football.

The SEC vs. Pac-10 rivalry seemed to really heat up when USC (University of Southern California; not the University of South Carolina) had its great run from 2003 – 2005. In fact, at that point, Pacific-10 (Pac-10) fans actually could make legitimate arguments that their conference was the better football conference – at least on the gridiron.

[Of course, no one ever argued that Pac-10 football tradition or culture was anything close to that of the SEC. But, on the field, the case could be made.]

But, even that is behind us now. Florida won the 2006 college football national championship; LSU won it all last season. No objective, and informed, observer of college football doubts now that the SEC is the best college football conference.

Although, there was talk again in 2009 that maybe the Pac-10 was the best college football conference. That was quashed by this 2009 SEC vs Pac-10 Comparison.

So, the rivalry remains (of course); but the SEC is clearly #1. At least we think so.

The Pac-10 is now called the Pac-12 or Pacific-12 or Pacific Twelve because two new schools (Utah and Colorado) just joined. The conference is now composed of the:

  • University of Arizona Wildcats
  • Arizona State University Sun Devils
  • University of California (Berkeley) Golden Bears
  • University of Oregon Ducks
  • Oregon State University Beavers
  • Stanford University Cardinal
  • UCLA Bruins
  • University of Southern California Trojans
  • University of Washington Huskies
  • Washington State University Cougars
  • University of Colorado Buffaloes
  • University of Utah Utes

As for the SEC vs Pac 10 (Pac-12) football, all-time, head-to-head record (through the 2011 season; excluding Colorado and Utah) – here it is:

The SEC leads the Pac-10 64-40-5 (.610). However, over the past 14 years (1998 - 2011), the Pac-10 actually leads the SEC 12-11 (.522). Last season (2011-2012), the SEC went 1-0 vs the Pac-10.

The above calculation is based on "historical conference affiliation." If you run the same SEC vs Pac-10 numbers based on "current conference affiliation" and do it all-time, back to before the SEC was formed in 1932, you find out that the SEC leads 70-42-7 (.618) as reported at the end of this pdf: SEC vs Everyone.

If you'd like to see how the SEC and Pac-10 compare in bowl wins, go to Top College Football Bowl Conference.

For details of how we arrived at the above numbers, go to Big Ten vs SEC.

Pac 10 team Fan Apparel and Merchandise:

Read more about 2010 Preseason College Football Conference Comparison.

SEC vs Pac-10 Football
SEC vs Pac-10 Football
SEC vs Pac-10 Football

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