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Something can irrefutably be smelled in the air when St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke has thrown a proposal of a new stadium in Inglewood, and the owners of San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders intending to compete at the same level in Carson. It seems like the league is going to bring up the solution to a riddle that hovered around for 20 years and return to LA. But, it is not also wrong to say that it could just disappear like other plans. Discover betting NFL preseason games here.

However, there are a few predictions that seem to be unfolded within next few months as it is directly related to NFL in LA.

NFL owners meeting scheduled on Aug 11 won't bring up any major development.

Roger Goodell has acknowledged clubs there won't be any votes at this meeting. So it's not as though we'll get an in number sign which way the proprietors intend to lean. They'll presumably come up with remarks that are bland and commonplace, for example, "It's empowering that we have two practical choices in Los Angeles," and, "We're closer to returning than we've ever been, yet there's a ton of work to be finished."

On Aug. 10, agents from the San Diego and St. Louis will make presentations to the NFL's panel on L.A. opportunities. This will be the first run through most proprietors will hear full presentations on the two proposition.

In the long run, the association will pack and climb (to the fall) the window for teams to document relocation applications, yet that is uncertain to evoke at the August gatherings. Right now, that six-week window opens on Jan. 1, yet that doesn't give a migrating team much time to settle up in its new city.

The league has a lot of background work to be handled before the teams officially make an announcement to leave their current market.

Home markets will be the focus of discussion in October meeting, but only two of these three cities will participate.

St. Louis and San Diego have put up some definite proposals though the Chargers and Rams aren't much convinced. But Oakland is least interested hence they won't be a part of invitation to this meeting. If the league invites Oakland, the owners will have an opportunity to assess the progress of this city.

It is nearly certain that leases will be signed by NFL with two temporary stadiums this year and the Coliseum is expected to be one of these stadiums.

The rose stepped out of this mania but the Coliseum is still in the game. Apparently, after the failed negotiations of the Chargers with this venue last year, the NFL should not have any hurdles in signing a deal with the Coliseum. The Coliseum can be a home for either the Rams or the Chargers, but USC will tend to put the Raiders back into it.

If the league focuses on signing a lease with the Coliseum ignoring StubHub Center, Dodger Stadium and Angels Stadium, the relocation of the Rams is not certain. Previously, the league did manifest scenarios when two teams move with the availability of only one venue in L.A. These scenarios include the Raider's two seasons stay at Oakland while an L.A. stadium is under construction, or the Chargers participating in two games per season in London while staying in San Diego.

The potential L.A. season ticket holders will start to pass through counting process that is expected to be initiated by The NFL this fall.

Observe the league's moves and look for the moment when it starts collecting refundable deposits on season tickets to build a priority list of potential customers. The discussion on this priority list fee is still rotating on the tables but the NFL intends to support this fee in order to sort out genuinely interested fans. After the teams and venue are finalized, people can either get their refunds or apply it on season tickets.

The NFL will presume higher profiles in San Diego, St. Louis and Oakland in the next few months.

Public meeting, discussions with business guns and regular fans will be an indication that will make it simple to evaluate the full scenario.

The process of confronting Kroenke versus the Chargers' Dean Spanos and Raiders' Mark Davis will never be resolved for all the rewards.

The worst that is expected out of this scenario is the return of one team to the city it intends to leave. This musical-chair-like game will decide who is staying and who is going back.

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