College Football Needs To Give Underdogs A Chance To Compete For Championship

After two years, it is safe to say the college football playoffs have been a huge success because the best team in the country has gone on to win the national championship the past two seasons, which has also reduced the amount of complaints from schools that felt robbed by the BCS selection process. With a system most can't complain about in place, college football fans are eagerly anticipating next season's action, and sportsbooks have started releasing their NCAA football betting lines.

While everything seems to be falling in place with college football, the ongoing College World Series has us thinking there are still a few things we would like to see in college football.

At the CWS, Coastal Carolina is currently playing the University of Arizona for the title. That's right, Coastal Carolina, a team you probably did not know existed until the CWS started this year. With a small school like that playing in the CWS, and teams like Leicester City winning the Premier League, you have to wonder why college football doesn't have an underdog story like that.

The problem with the college football system when it comes to underdogs getting a chance to compete for the national championship is the fact that the system only allows four teams into the playoffs. The four teams that participate in the playoffs are always going to come from a power 5 conference because the best teams in the country play in those conferences.

When the BCS system was still being used, teams from small schools like Boise State were able to crash big bowls whenever they finished their season undefeated. Some of those teams had success against big schools in the BCS bowl games they played in, while others didn't.

Despite the success that some of the small schools had, they were never able to play in the BCS Championship game, which like the system we currently have, also favored the big schools, even when some of them had losses during the season because of the strength of their schedules.

The way the current system is setup, it is impossible for a small school to get a chance to play in the national championship game due to the reasons mentioned above, but it is also something that can be remedied if college football wants to attract more audiences to the sport.

The biggest change that has to be made is to expand the current number of teams that are allowed to participate in the college football playoffs. By expanding the number of teams, the committee can include the power 5 conference teams that usually select, and also invite smaller schools that had great seasons, like the Houston Cougars did last year, which will make the playoffs more interesting.

Other collegiate sports like basketball and baseball, decide the national championship with a tournament that gives underdogs a chance to compete for the national championship. Some of those teams have come close by advancing to the Final Four or in Coastal Carolina's case, the CWS.

By giving these teams a chance to compete for the national championship, people who love rooting for underdogs will tune in to watch teams from small schools try to achieve something they have been told they can't do, which is to become the national champions.

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