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SEC vs Ivy League Football

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, Ivy League Football was the best.... Oh sorry, I was off daydreaming again.

But, the Ivy League really was great at one time. In fact, the Ivy League is the Grandaddy of college football conferences.

From 1900 and 1925, Ivy League teams won 20 out of 25 college football National Championships! Talk about domination.

Princeton, still, has actually won more recognized college football national championships (24) than anyone else. Yale has won 19. Yale's famous football coach, Walter Camp, is commonly referred to as the "Father of American Football."

Indeed, Yale continued to have more all-time wins than any other college football team until Michigan passed it on November 10, 2001.

But, my how times have changed. College football is much, much bigger and the Ivy League is a much, much smaller player in it. No Ivy school has won another college football National Championship since 1925. In fact, the Ivy League no longer participates in the top NCAA football Division, which is the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS); but instead is part of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) -- which has a playoff system. Before 2006 this was known as the NCAA Division I-AA Football Championship.

However, since dropping out of the "elite" football competition; the Ivy League Champ, although invited to the playoffs has always declined citing the strict academic schedule in December. Refreshing I suppose. Football is the only sport that the Ivy League simply doesn't compete for a national championship.

One reason is that, unlike other Division 1 college football conferences, the Ivy League does not offer athletic scholarships. Its schools only offer scholarships based on need.

Now, Ivy League teams are never ranked in the top-25; nor do they go to bowl games. The last time an Ivy League school won a bowl game was in January of 1934 when Columbia won the Rose Bowl.

For the record, the Ivy League conference is made up of the:

  • Brown University Bears

  • Columbia University Lions

  • Cornell University Big Red

  • Dartmouth College Big Green

  • Harvard University Crimson

  • Princeton University Tigers

  • University of Pennsylvania Quakers

  • Yale University Bulldogs

The all-time SEC vs Ivy League football record is:
8-4 (.667) in favor of the SEC.

Officially, no SEC ever played an Ivy League team. The reason for that is because the Ivy League didn't "officially" form until 1956. Before that, there were no official Ivy League standings. This is why you sometimes read that Army or Navy were in the Ivy League.

However, between '33 (when the SEC was formed) and '56, SEC and Ivy league teams played 12 times; with the SEC team taking 8. [Georgia 5-1; Tulane 1-0; Vanderbilt 2-2; and Sewanee 0-1.]

The current record is likely hold indefinitely because the two conferences don't play each other any more. And since no one from the Ivy League goes to bowl games any more -- well, it's hard to see how the current 8-4 record will change.

That's based on "historical conference affiliation." If you base the stats on "current conference affiliation", you find the SEC leads 7-3-0 (.700).

Thanks to Jeff at Sports Link Network for the above info.

To find out how we obtained the all-time record, (and the difference between historical and current conference affiliation) go to Big Ten vs SEC.

You can find out how SEC schools have done all-time versus

Ivy League football team fan Apparel and Merchandise:

Check out this 2010 Preseason College Football Conference Comparison

SEC vs Ivy League Football
SEC vs Ivy League Football
SEC vs Ivy League Football

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