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Which is the best SEC football stadium? Each of the 12 SEC schools has its own unique football traditions and stadiums. They are all special. So, how do you pick the top one? Is it the one with the biggest crowds, the most sellouts, the best record, loudest fans, or best tailgating experiences?

Here's our picks:

#5 -- Bryant-Denny Stadium (University of Alabama)

As the fourth largest stadium in the SEC, the Bryant-Denny Stadium (named after former coach, Bear Bryant and former Alabama president, George Denny) possesses a capacity of 92,158. In the nation, it serves as the seventh largest on-campus football stadium. Throughout its history, Bama has an impressive 187-32-3 record at Bryant-Denny.

To date, every home game at Alabama has been a sellout since 1988. The fans seem to show their reverence for the stadium in that its goal posts have never been torn down.

Bryant-Denny Stadium

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#4 -- Sanford Stadium (University of Georgia)

Sanford Stadium

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With a unique and well-known hedge-lined stadium, the eternally packed Sanford is located in the center of the Athens, Georgia-based campus. Not only does the hedge provide a visually appealing setting, but also helps with crowd control - keeping the Georgia fans on their p's and q's. The stadium has only seen one rushing of the goal posts, which occurred in 2000. Notable games in the history of Sanford Stadium include the first game ever played (October 12th, 1929); the first night game (October 26th, 1940); and the 18-17 upset over Bear Bryant's 1965 Crimson Tide team on September 9th.

#3 -- Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (University of Florida)

Aerial view of University of Florida football field and campus in late 1940's

1949 Aerial view of UF campus; football field in center. Florida Field has sure come a long way. Thanks to Historic Photos of University of Florida Football for this picture.

You can buy the book and read about and see many similar photo's by clicking on this ad:

With a stadium capacity of 90,714, the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium located in Gainesville, Florida, sets off one of the largest student-run pep rallies in the world - the Gator Growl. On the Friday of homecoming weekend, the school also brings in heavy spirit artillery with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.

Constructed in 1930, the stadium is positioned on Florida Field, which former coach, Steve Spurrier nicknamed "The Swamp" during the early 90s.

Game day traditions include shouting and chanting battles where the East and South stands scream, "ORANGE," and the West and North stands chants "BLUE."

#2 -- Tiger Stadium (LSU)

LSU Tiger Stadium

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The Louisiana State University football team plays on the 6th largest college football stadium in the nation, which is also the third largest in the SEC. 92,400 fans are allowed to fill the stands, which over the years, has earned the reputation as being one of the loudest and most energetic college football crowds in the country. The stadium has also earned the nickname of "Death Valley" because of its high noise levels. It's a tough place to be a visiting team.

#1 -- Neyland Stadium (University of Tennessee)

Neyland Stadium

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Situated in Knoxville, Tennessee, there is a stadium so large that it accommodates more than 100,000 people - 102, 037 to be exact. Neyland Stadium serves as the largest football stadium in the South and the third largest within the United States. Over the years, the stadium underwent several expansions to create the monster it is today. With a unique end zone paint design, the orange and white checkerboard pattern has received critical acclaim across the country.

Tennessee's Pride of the Southland band ads to the football ambiance - especially when you hear it playing "Rocky Top" over and over and over again. Also, when it comes to tailgating, it is hard to beat the "Volunteer Navy" and its "sailgate" which consists of hundreds of boats moored on the Tennessee River, just outside the stadium on game days. And the electricity in the air (and in the stands) when the Vols run through the "T" at Neyland - well, you can't beat that anywhere.

Check out a new SEC Football Stadium Rankings opinion. It has LSU #1 and Tenn #2.

Neyland Stadium Tennessee Band

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