Top All-Time SEC NFL Draft Teams

Which college football program leads the SEC in players drafted -- all-time -- in the first round of the NFL draft?

The answer is - it's a tie!

There's been a long-standing, friendly, competition between Florida and Tennessee over which school has had the most #1 draft picks sent to the NFL.

Coming into the 2008 NFL draft, the Vols and Gators led the SEC in all-time NFL #1 draft picks. Historically, each had 37 players selected all-time in the first round of the NFL draft - before the 2008 NFL draft.

After 2008 - each had 38.

And guess, what? Same thing happened in 2009. Each had 1 more player picked in the first round. In 2009, Tennessee 's (LB) Robert Ayers was taken with the 18th pick by the Broncos. Florida 's (WR) Percy Harvin was taken as the 22nd overall pick by the Vikings. By the way, Georgia's QB Matt Stafford was taken #1 overall by the Lions. Georgia had 2 players picked in the first round; Ole Miss also had 2. Overall, the SEC led all conferences (again) with 8 players taken in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft.

So, the great SEC-East rivalry between UF and UT rages on for another year in yet another venue.

Wondering which SEC school has the most players in the NFL? Wonder no longer. The answer is -- Georgia.

According to NFL statistics, 2008 opening day rosters of NFL teams showed 36 former UGA players; 35 former LSU Tigers; 34 Tennessee Volunteers; 30 Florida Gators; and, 27 Auburn Tigers. Of course the SEC, with 259 total players in the NFL led all NCAA conferences -- again.

Below is a list of the players each Southeastern Conference football program has had selected in the first round of the NFL draft (through the 2008 draft). This list only includes first round NFL and AFL (1961-65) picks (no no USFL, CFL, WFL #1s). An asterisk next to a players' name indicates he was the very first player taken in the draft that year (so #1 overall).

You'll see that the great Alabama-Auburn rivalry also continues here -- amazing -- ranked right on top of each other!

The Ole Miss - Miss. State Rivalry also continues here.

Gotta love SEC football rivalries!!

Also -- check out LSU!! What's amazing about the Tigers is you'll see they had 4 players drafted in the 1st round of the 2007 NFL draft. Then, of course, LSU followed that up by winning college football's 2008 BCS National Championship game -- without those 4 players. Amazing!!

  1. Tennessee Volunteers (39)
  2. Florida Gators (39)
  3. LSU Tigers (33)
  4. Alabama Crimson Tide (30)
  5. Auburn Tigers (25)
  6. Arkansas Razorbacks (24) (but only 7 while part of SEC)
  7. Georgia Bulldogs (23)
  8. Kentucky Wildcats (14)
  9. Ole Miss Rebels (16)
  10. Mississippi State Bulldogs (10)
  11. South Carolina Gamecocks (9) (but only 5 while part of SEC)
  12. Vanderbilt Commodores (8)
  13. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3) (while part of SEC)
  14. Tulane Green Wave (1) (while part of SEC)

Looking for more info about the history of overall #1 NFL draft picks? Check out Top NFL Draft Choice History.

Thanks to Tex Noel for the info that went into these charts. The charts will tell you the name and year of every SEC player ever drafted in the first round of the NFL draft.

Also, you can find out which conference has had the most players drafted by the NFL at NFL Draft College Conference History.

Yr Draft-Player-School
1945-Paul Duhart-Florida
1950-Chuck Hunsinger -Florida
1967-Steve Spurrier-Florida
1969-Larry Smith-Florida
1970-Steve Tannen-Florida
1971-Jack Youngblood-Florida
1972-John Reaves-Florida
1975-Glenn Cameron-Florida
1978-Wes Chandler-Florida
1983-James Jones-Florida
1984-Wilber Marshall-Florida
1985-Lomas Brown-Florida
1985-Lorenzo Hampton-Florida
1986-John L. Williams-Florida
1986-Neal Anderson-Florida
1987-Ricky Nattiel-Florida
1988-Clifford Charlton-Florida
1989-David Williams-Florida
1989-Louis Oliver-Florida
1989-Trace Armstrong-Florida
1990-Emmitt Smith-Florida
1991-Huey Richardson-Florida
1995-Ellis Johnson-Florida
1995-Kevin Carter-Florida
1997-Ike Hilliard-Florida
1997-Reidel Anthony-Florida
1998-Fred Taylor-Florida
1998-Mo Collins-Florida
1999-Jevon Kearse-Florida
1999-Reggie McGrew-Florida
2000-Travis Taylor-Florida
2001-Gerard Warren-Florida
2001-Kenyatta Walker-Florida
2002-Lito Sheppard-Florida
2003-Rex Grossman-Florida
2007-Jarvis Moss-Florida
2007-Reggie Nelson-Florida
2008-Derrick Harvey-Florida

Yr Draft-Player-School
1944-Steve Van Buren-LSU
1946-Dub Jones-LSU
1951-Ebert Van Buren-LSU
1951-Kenny Konz-LSU
1951-Y.A. Tittle-LSU
1957-Earl Leggett-LSU
1960-*Billy Cannon-LSU
1960-John Robinson-LSU
1962-Earl Gros-LSU
1962-Wendell Harris-LSU
1963-Jerry Stovall-LSU
1965-Dave McCormick-LSU
1966-George Rice-LSU
1973-Bert Jones-LSU
1975-Mike Williams-LSU
1977-A.J. Duhe-LSU
1979-Charles Alexander-LSU
1988-Wendell Davis-LSU
1989-Eric Hill-LSU
1991-Harvey Williams-LSU
1996-Eddie Kennison-LSU
1997-David LaFleur-LSU
1998-Alan Faneca-LSU
1999-Anthony McFarland-LSU
2004-Michael Clayton-LSU
2005-Marcus Spears-LSU
2006-Joseph Addai-LSU
2007-*JaMarcus Russell-LSU
2007-Craig Davis-LSU
2007-Dwayne Bowe-LSU
2007-LaRon LandryGlenn Dorsey-LSU
2008-Glenn Dorsey-LSU

Yr Draft-Player-School
1950-Travis Tidwell-Auburn
1955-Dave Middleton-Auburn
1956-Joe Childress-Auburn
1958-Jim Phillips-Auburn
1959-Jackie Burkett-Auburn
1961-*Ken Rice-Auburn
1965-*Tucker Frederickson-Auburn
1968-Forrest Blue-Auburn
1972-Terry Beasley-Auburn
1978-Reese McCall-Auburn
1981-James Brooks-Auburn
1986-*Bo Jackson-Auburn
1986-Gerald Robinson-Auburn
1987-Brent Fullwood-Auburn
1988-*Aundray Bruce-Auburn
1994-Wayne Gandy-Auburn
1996-Willie Anderson-Auburn
1998-Takeo Spikes-Auburn
1998-Victor Riley-Auburn
2002-Kendall Simmons -Auburn
2005-Carlos Rogers-Auburn
2005-Carnell Williams-Auburn
2005-Jason Campbell-Auburn
2005-Ronnie Brown-Auburn
2007-Ben Grubbs-Auburn

Yr Draft-Player-School
1945-Charley Trippi-Georgia
1948-Dan Edwards-Georgia
1953-Harry Babcock-Georgia
1969-Bill Stanfill-Georgia
1972-Royce Smith-Georgia
1982-Lindsay Scott-Georgia
1989-Tim Worley-Georgia
1990-Ben Smith-Georgia
1990-Rodney Hampton-Georgia
1993-Garrison Hearst-Georgia
1994-Bernard Williams-Georgia
1998-Robert Edwards-Georgia
1999-Matt Stinchcomb-Georgia
2001-Marcus Stroud-Georgia
2001-Richard Seymour-Georgia
2002-Charles Grant-Georgia
2003-George Foster-Georgia
2003-Johnathan Sullivan-Georgia
2004-Ben Watson-Georgia
2005-David Pollack-Georgia
2005-Thomas Davis-Georgia

Yr Draft-Player-School
1950-Harper Davis-Mississippi State
1956-Art Davis-Mississippi State
1959-Bill Stacey-Mississippi State
1963-Jim Dunaway-Mississippi State
1975-Jimmy Webb-Mississippi State
1982-Glen Collins-Mississippi State
1982-Johnnie Cooks-Mississippi State
1983-Michael Haddix-Mississippi State
1996-Eric Moulds-Mississippi State
1996-Walt Harris-Mississippi State

Yr Draft-Player-School
1952-*Bill Wade-Vanderbilt
1956-Charles Horton-Vanderbilt
1958-Phil King-Vanderbilt
1960-Tom Moore-Vanderbilt
1984-Leonard Coleman-Vanderbilt
1986-Will Wolford-Vanderbilt
2006-Jay Cutler-Vanderbilt
2008-Chris Williams-Vanderbilt

Yr Draft-Player-School
1961-*Tommy Mason-Tulane

Yr Draft-Player-School
1940-*George Cafego-Tennessee
1952-Bert Rechichar-Tennessee
1953-Doug Atkins-Tennessee
1964-Dick Evey-Tennessee
1965-Steve DeLong-Tennessee
1968-Bob Johnson-Tennessee
1970-Jack Reynolds-Tennessee
1977-Stanley Morgan-Tennessee
1979-Robert Shaw-Tennessee
1980-Roland James-Tennessee
1982-Anthony Hancock-Tennessee
1983-Willie Gault-Tennessee
1984-Clyde Duncan-Tennessee
1985-Alvin Toles-Tennessee
1986-Tim McGee-Tennessee
1988-Anthony Miller-Tennessee
1988-Terry McDaniel-Tennessee
1989-Keith DeLong-Tennessee
1991-Alvin Harper-Tennessee
1991-Antone Davis-Tennessee
1991-Charles McRae-Tennessee
1992-Chris Mims-Tennessee
1992-Dale Carter-Tennessee
1993-Todd Kelly-Tennessee
1995-James Stewart-Tennessee
1998-*Peyton Manning-Tennessee
1998-Marcus Nash-Tennessee
1998-Terry Fair-Tennessee
1999-Al Wilson-Tennessee
2000-Jamal Lewis-Tennessee
2000-Shaun Ellis-Tennessee
2002-Albert Haynesworth-Tennessee
2002-Donte' Stallworth-Tennessee
2002-John Henderson-Tennessee
2006-Jason Allen-Tennessee
2007-Justin Harrell-Tennessee
2007-Robert Meachem-Tennessee
2008-Jerod Mayo -Tennessee

Yr Draft-Player-School
1948-*Harry Gilmer-Alabama
1951-Clarence Avinger-Alabama
1953-Bobby Marlow-Alabama
1963-Lee Roy Jordan-Alabama
1965-Joe Namath-Alabama
1967-Leslie Kelley-Alabama
1968-Dennis Homan-Alabama
1973-John Hannah-Alabama
1974-Wilbur Jackson-Alabama
1976-Richard Todd-Alabama
1978-Bob Cryder-Alabama
1978-Ozzie Newsome-Alabama
1979-Barry Kraus-Alabama
1979-Marty Lyons-Alabama
1980-Don McNeal-Alabama
1981-E.J. Junior-Alabama
1983-Mike Pitts-Alabama
1985-Emanuel King-Alabama
1986-Jon Hand-Alabama
1987-Cornelius Bennett-Alabama
1989-Derrick Thomas-Alabama
1990-Keith McCants-Alabama
1993-Eric Curry-Alabama
1993-George Teague-Alabama
1993-John Copeland-Alabama
1994-Antonio Langham-Alabama
1997-Dwayne Rudd-Alabama
1999-Fernando Bryant-Alabama
2000-Shaun Alexander-Alabama

Yr Draft-Player-School
1938 -Jack Robbins -Arkansas
1940 -Kay Eakin -Arkansas
1948 -Clyde Scott -Arkansas
1954 -Lamar McHan -Arkansas
1956 -Preston Carpenter -Arkansas
1962 -Lance Alworth -Arkansas
1963 -Danny Brabham -Arkansas
1967 -Harry Jones -Arkansas
1967 -Loyd Phillips -Arkansas
1978 -Steve Little -Arkansas
1979 -Dan Hampton -Arkansas
1981 -Keith Van Horne -Arkansas
1983 -Billy Ray Smith -Arkansas
1983 -Gary Anderson -Arkansas
1984 -Ron Faurot -Arkansas
1989 -Steve Atwater -Arkansas
1989 -Wayne Martin -Arkansas
1994 -Henry Ford -Arkansas
2004 -Ahmad Carroll -Arkansas
2004-Shawn Andrews-Arkansas
2005-Matt Jones-Arkansas
2007-Jamaal Anderson-Arkansas
2008-Darren McFadden-Arkansas
2008-Felix Jones-Arkansas

Yr Draft-Player-School
1951-Bob Gain-Kentucky
1952-Vito Parilli-Kentucky
1958-Lou Michaels-Kentucky
1962-Irv Goode-Kentucky
1963-Tom Hutchinson-Kentucky
1966-Rick Norton-Kentucky
1966-Rodger Bird-Kentucky
1966-Sam Ball-Kentucky
1977-Randy Burke-Kentucky
1977-Warren Bryant-Kentucky
1978-Art Still-Kentucky
1985-George Adams-Kentucky
1999-*Tim Couch-Kentucky
2003-Dewayne Robertson-Kentucky

Yr Draft-Player-School
1942-Merle Hapes-Mississippi
1954-Ed Beatty-Mississippi
1961-Robert Crespino-Mississippi
1966-Mike Dennis-Mississippi
1966-Stan Hindman-Mississippi
1971-Archie Manning-Mississippi
1985-Freddie Joe Nunn-Mississippi
1990-Tony Bennett-Mississippi
1994-Tim Bowens-Mississippi
1998-John Avery-Mississippi
2001-Deuce McAllister-Mississippi
2004-Eli Manning-Mississippi
2005-Chris Spencer-Mississippi
2007-Patrick Willis-Mississippi

Yr Draft-Player-School
1979 -Rick Sanford -South Carolina
1981 -*George Rogers -South Carolina
1981 -Willie Scott -South Carolina
1988 -Sterling Sharpe -South Carolina
1993-Ernest Dye-South Carolina
2000-John Abraham-South Carolina
2004-Dunta Robinson-South Carolina
2005-Troy Williamson -South Carolina
2006-Johnathan Joseph-South Carolina

Yr Draft-Player-School
1955-Larry Morris-Georgia Tech
1963-Rufus Guthrie-Georgia Tech
1964-Ted Davis-Georgia Tech

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