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Alabama football took a nice step forward with its 30-24 win over Colorado in the Independence Bowl. It was an important win to ensure they ended the season on an up note and with a winning (7-6) record. Alabama showed great potential early this season. We think they will be stronger under Nick Saban next year and probably challenge for the SEC-West crown.

And the Tide took a bigger step forward with their 2007-2008 recruiting class. In fact Rivals.com says that Bama had the top recruiting class in the nation.

Rivals says Alabama coach Nick Saban got commmitments from 3 5-star players (including the top wide receiver prospect in the country, Julio Jones) and 19 high school players rated by Rivals as 4-stars.

So, the future is bright for Alabama football fans.

We recently added a great new Bear Bryant Story. You'll want to read that. What follows on this page is our 2007 pre-season analysis.

Alabama football certainly has the strongest tradition of any SEC football program. Indeed, you could argue they have the best football tradition in America. For substantiation of that, check out the links at the bottom of this page.

Rooted deep in tradition, thanks to football legends like former head coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, Alabama has arguably the most dedicated fan base in college football. Tide fans flock by the tens of thousands to Bryant-Denny Stadium to cheer on their team.

Fan interest in Alabama football has peaked in anticipation of new coach Nick Saban returning the Tide to glory. To accommodate the Bamanation at Bryant-Denny, the University is implementing a new system to allow more fans to attend games and is working on improving traffic and safety conditions.

Alabama Football Warmup

Alabama Football Warmup. Thanks to mrsbalentin at flickr.com for the picture.

Having won 21 SEC Titles and 12 National Championships, Alabama Crimson Tide Football knows how to win. In fact, Alabama football fans expect to win championships.

Of course, Alabama is also widely known for its long-standing, cross-state rivalry with the Auburn Tigers. The Iron Bowl is probably the top college football rivalry game in America. Alabama leads the all-time series record (38-32), but has lost the Iron Bowl to Auburn each of the past five years!!

Mike Shula was Alabama football's head coach for the past four Iron Bowl losses and is the only Crimson Tide head coach to ever lose four straight Iron Bowls. This, as much as anything else, probably cost Shula his job.

With a disappointing 6-7 record last year and tying for fourth in the SEC West, Alabama football was in need of some changes.

One positive aspect of last season was the unexpected success of new quarterback John Parker Wilson, who replaced veteran Brodie Croyle. Wilson was able to pass for 2,707 yards and had a 57% pass completion record.

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium. Thanks to mrsbalentin at flickr.com for the picture.

The addition of new offensive coordinator Major Applewhite will help begin to turn Bama's offense around. Obviously John Parker Wilson has proved his worth after surpassing all expectations of him last season.

Other members of the Crimson Tide who are expected to shine are receivers D.J. Hall and Keith Brown, who had 1,646 rushing yards between them.

After having only 13 sacks, the lowest in the SEC, last season, Coach Saban is planning for a more aggressive defense. Linebacker Prince Hall is sure to shine, as is Simeon Castille on the secondary.

Five Alabama football players were named to the pre-season All-SEC team. Simeon Castille and Andre Smith both made first team. Castille, who led Alabama in interceptions and fumble recoveries last season, also received the Jim Thorpe Award.

Andre Smith, who was named an All-American last year, had the honor of being the youngest offensive player on the first team.

Nick Saban recently said that he thinks Alabama is a stronger team than ever before and he is confident they will have a winning season this year.

We think Alabama football, under Saban's direction, will eventually return to the top of the SEC. But, we don't think that will happen this year. It takes a while for a new coach to instill his new offensive and defensive schemes and philosophy.

Obviously, Saban wasn't able to do much recruiting at all before his first year.

So, you'll see a new Alabama Football winning attitude in Tuscaloosa. And the Tide will be in most all its games. But, ultimately (even with their favorable schedule -- most tough games at home), Alabama's record will end up only a little better than last year's.

But, look out for 2008!

Also, we think Alabama will pull a big upset over Auburn in this year's Iron Bowl. Remember where you heard that first!

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2007 Alabama Football Schedule:

  • Sep. 1 Western Carolina Home
  • Sep. 8 Vanderbilt Away
  • Sep. 15 Arkansas Home
  • Sep. 22 Georgia Home
  • Sep. 29 Florida State Away
  • Oct. 6 Houston Home
  • Oct. 13 Ole Miss Away
  • Oct. 20 Tennessee Home
  • Nov. 3 LSU Home
  • Nov. 10 Miss. State Away
  • Nov. 17 La.-Monroe Home
  • Nov. 24 Auburn Away

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2007 Alabama Football Roster:

#1 LB, Fr., Rolando McClain
#2 CB, Sr., Simeon Castille
#3 CB, Fr., Kareem Jackson
#4 WR, Fr., Marquis Maze
#4 SE, Sr., Tyrone Prothro
#5 TB, So., Roy Upchurch
#6 OLB, Sr., Marcel Stamps
#6 QB, Fr., William Vandervoort
#7 P, Fr., Adam Hill
#7 SE, Jr., Will Oakley
#8 S, So., Chris Rogers
#9 SE, Jr., Nikita Stover
#9 P, Fr., Heath Thomas
#10 TB, Jr., Jimmy Johns
#10 P, So., Justin Martin
#11 Sr., Matt Caddell
#11 P, So., P.J. Fitzgerald
#13 QB, Fr., Nick Fanuzzi
#13 OLB, So., Cory Reamer
#14 QB, Jr., John Parker Wilson
#15 K, So., Andrew Friedman
#16 QB, Fr., James Denton
#16 CB, Jr., Lionel Mitchell
#17 QB, Fr., Greg McElroy
#18 WR, Fr., Brandon Gibson
#19 P, Jr., Patrick Eades
#19 WR, So., Darwin Salaam
#20 S, Sr., Marcus Carter
#20 WR, Jr., Jonathan Lowe
#21 ILB, So., Prince Hall
#22 DB, So., Austin Clifford
#22 Sr., DJ Hall
#23 CB, Fr., Tremayne Coger
#24 CB, So., Marquis Johnson
#24 WR, So., Chris Pugh
#25 LB, Fr., Alex Benson
#25 WR, Jr., Aaron McDaniel
#26 DB, Fr., Hampton Gray
#26 S, So., Ali Sharrief
#27 S, So., Justin Woodall
#28 CB, So., Javier Arenas
#29 TB, Fr., Terry Grant
#29 DB, Jr., Tyrone King
#30 FB, Fr., Patrick Hanrahan
#30 DB, Fr., Rajiv Lundy
#31 CB, Sr., Forress Rayford
#31 K, So., Leigh Tiffin
#32 LB, So., Eryk Anders
#33 RB, Fr., Demetrius Goode
#34 RB, Fr., Jeramie Griffin
#34 DB, Jr., Courtny Moore
#35 DL, Fr., Charlie Kirschman
#36 CB, Sr., Eric Gray
#37 DB, Jr., Trent Dean
#38 TB, So., Glen Coffee
#38 LB, So., Joel Nix
#39 LB, Fr., Justin Dunn
#40 LB, So., Tucker Calhan
#40 FB, So., Baron Huber
#41 DB, Fr., Chris Lett
#41 WR, So., Cliff Murphy
#42 LB, Fr., Jennings Hester
#43 S, So., Sam Burnthall
#44 FB, Fr., Jacob Vane

#44 ILB, Sr., Demarcus Waldrop
#45 ILB, Fr., Charlie Higgenbotham
#45 WR, So., Reyn Willis
#46 OLB, So., Zach Schreiber
#47 OLB, Jr., Ezekial Knight
#48 WR, Fr., Travis Sikes
#49 S, Jr., Rashad Johnson
#50 OG, Sr., Justin Britt
#50 LB, So., Cy Ellis
#52 DL, Fr., Alfred McCullough
#54 DL, Fr., Jeremy Elder
#54 LS, Fr., Brian Selman
#55 LB, Fr., Chavis Williams
#56 ILB, Sr., Matt Collins
#57 OL, Jr., Morgan Garner
#57 ILB, Sr., Darren Mustin
#58 DL, Fr., Nick Gentry
#59 OG, Jr., Antoine Caldwell
#59 LB, Fr., Mitch Ray
#60 OG, So., Scott Deaton
#61 OT, Jr., B.J. Stabler
#62 OT, Fr., Alex Stadler
#62 DL, Fr., Lance Vickers
#64 DT, Jr., Layne Rinks
#65 NT, Jr., Joshua Curry
#66 DT, Fr., Brian Motley
#68 OT, Fr., Taylor Pharr
#69 OL, Fr., Patrick Crump
#70 C, So., Evan Cardwell
#71 OT, So., Andre Smith
#72 OT, Sr., Chris Capps
#73 OL, Fr., William Vlachos
#74 OG, Fr., David Ross
#75 OT, Jr., Cody Davis
#76 OG, Jr., Marlon Davis
#77 DT, So., Byron Walton
#78 OT, So., Mike Johnson
#79 OT, So., Drew Davis OT
#80 So., Mike McCoy
#81 Sr., Keith Brown
#82 SE, Fr., Earl Alexander
#83 TE, Jr., Travis McCall
#84 WR, Fr., Jake Jones
#85 TE, Fr., Preston Dial
#86 K, Sr., Jamie Christensen
#86 WR, Fr., Darius Hanks
#87 TE, Fr., Chris Underwood
#87 LB, Fr., Alex Watkins
#88 TE, Jr., Nick Walker
#89 TE, Jr., Charles Hoke
#90 DE, Fr., Milton Talbert
#91 DE, So., Stabler Gray
#92 DE, Sr., Wallace Gilberry
#93 DE, Jr., Bobby Greenwood
#94 DE, Sr., Keith Saunders
#94 K, Fr., Mike Sparks
#95 DE, So., Brandon Deaderick
#96 DL, Fr., Luther Davis
#96 TE, So., Daniel Wood
#97 DT, So., Lorenzo Washington
#98 OLB, So., Brandon Fanney
#99 DL, Fr., Josh Chapman

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