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2010 - 2011 SEC Bowl Predictions

Here were our predictions -- (note, the SEC ended up going 5-5 and we were 6-4 in our predictions -- that missed extra point, double OT loss by Tennessee and Arkansas failing to run the blocked punt in for the easy TD -- hurt us both):

BCS Championship Game -- Auburn vs Oregon -- Auburn Wins -- Got it
Sugar Bowl -- Arkansas vs Ohio State -- Arkansas Wins -- Missed it
Capital One Bowl -- Alabama vs Michigan State -- Alabama Wins -- Got this one
Cotton Bowl -- LSU vs Texas A&M -- LSU Wins -- Got it
Outback Bowl -- Florida vs Penn State -- Florida Wins -- Got this one
Chick-fil-A Bowl -- South Carolina vs Florida State -- Florida State Wins -- Got this one
Music City Bowl -- Tennessee vs North Carolina -- Tennessee Wins -- Missed this one
Liberty Bowl -- Georgia vs UCF -- Georgia Wins -- Missed this one
Gator Bowl -- Mississippi State vs Michigan -- Michigan Wins -- Missed this one
BBVA Compass Bowl (formerly the Birmingham Bowl) -- Kentucky vs Pittsburgh -- Pittsburgh Wins -- Got it

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Be sure to read our updated, complete and comprehensive 2010 - 2011 SEC Bowl Predictions & Previews; as well as our 2010 - 2011 SEC Football Bowl Reviews and Auburn vs Oregon Preview and Review.

Visitors to SEC Sports Fan have also submitted the following bowl previews:
Bowl games are the culmination of the college football season. They are a reward for players, coaches and fans for their hard work and achievements during the season. And, of course, bowl games bring lots of money to the various college football programs and provide great entertainment throughout the holiday season.

Of course the BCS National Championship Game on January 10, 2011 will determine College Football's 2010 National Champion. Here was our preview of last year's Alabama vs Texas NC Game. The Crimson Tide victory gave the SEC it's 4th straight BCS Championship and 5th in the past 7 years. This recent domination is one reason the SEC is the top all-time college football national championship conference.

The Alabama win also provided further ammunition for the argument that the Crimson Tide is the best all time NCAA college football program.

During the regular season, teams in the six BCS conferences rarely play teams from another BCS conference, so, the Bowl season offers the best opportunity to compare the quality of football in the various conferences. This is especially true because the bowls strive to obtain relatively even match-ups. So, if one conference wins more than another, that is a telling indication that it is in fact -- "better."

AU Terrell Zachery
Auburn Tigers Terrell Zachery.
Thanks to Victorie@flikr.com for this photo.

Historically, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) has been the top college football bowl conference. Over the past three years, for instance, the SEC has gone 19-8 in bowl games; the Pac-10 has been second at 11-7. You can read more about the SEC vs Pac-10 debate.

One thing to keep in mind, however, and this further supports the SEC's case, is that -- almost always -- the SEC team will be matched up with a team from another conference that is higher seeded in its conference. This is due to several factors.

First, the SEC usually sends more teams to bowl games (10 of 12 teams the past two bowl seasons). So, this means relatively weaker SEC teams will be playing in bowl games. In other words, the Big East or Pac-10 (for instance) won't be sending their #8, #9 or #10 teams to bowl games; only their top teams will be competing in the post-season.

Second, the SEC, more than any other conference, has its top team in the BCS Championship Game which bumps it's other bowl games down a notch.

Third, the disparity is also due to the established conference tie-ins the various bowls have. For instance, here are the conference tie-ins for the 2010 - 2011 SEC Bowls:

BCS Championship - January 7, 2010 ( SEC #1 vs. Big 12 #1)
Sugar Bowl - January 1, 2010 (SEC vs. At Large)
***ads-468x60.shtml***Capital One Bowl (SEC #2 vs. Big Ten #2)
Cotton Bowl (SEC #3/4/5 vs. Big XII #2)
Outback Bowl (SEC #3/4/5 vs Big Ten #3)
Chick-fil-A Bowl (SEC #3/4/5 vs. ACC #2)
Music City Bowl (SEC #6/7/8 vs. ACC #5)
Liberty Bowl (SEC #8/9 or Big East #5 vs. C-USA #1)
Gator Bowl (SEC #6 vs. Big 10 #4)
Birmingham Bowl (SEC #8/9 vs. Big East #5)

Given the above, it's pretty amazing that the SEC still wins more of it's bowl games than any other conference. Anyway, everyone already knows that SEC Football is the best. Last year the SEC tied an all-time record for most bowl bids by any conference ever in college football history -- with 10!! Yes, 10 of the 12 teams in the SEC had winning records and played in post-season bowls. We forecast the same thing this year -- 2010-2011 (and were right).

Here is the list of SEC Bowl Games and our predictions in last years 2009-2010 Bowl season. Click on the link below to read the full preview of each game that we published last year.

1. BCS Championship Game: Alabama vs Texas. We predict an Alabama blowout.

2. Sugar Bowl: Florida vs Texas. We predict a close Florida win.

3. Capital One Bowl: LSU vs Penn State. Look for an LSU win.

4. Cotton Bowl: Ole Miss vs Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State will take this one.

5. Outback Bowl: Auburn vs Northwestern. Northwestern wins.

6. Chick-fil-A Bowl: Tennessee vs Virginia Tech. We are picking Tennessee.

7. Music City Bowl: Kentucky vs Clemson. Clemson, with CJ Spiller, will beat Kentucky.

8. Liberty Bowl: Arkansas vs East Carolina. Arkansas wins.

9. Independence Bowl: Georgia vs Texas A & M. Georgia wins.

10. Papajohns.com Bowl: South Carolina vs Connecticut. Look for UCONN in this one.

Sea of Orange
Sea of Orange.
Thanks to Victorie@flikr.com for this photo.

If you need information about the time and place of the various bowl games, check out 2010 - 2011 College Football Bowl Game Schedule. You might be interested in reading our entire list of '10 - '11 college football bowl predictions. If you need tickets to any bowl game, you can find them at SEC Bowl Game Tickets or

If you plan to go to any of these games, here's the place for links to SEC Bowl Trip Tips.

Check out our NEW ARTICLE about the history of the SEC in BCS Bowl Games. Or, go from SEC Bowl Predictions to SEC Football Bowl History. Below are visitor comments submitted mostly about last year's bowl games. So, feel free to submit your own about this years' games.

What do you think?

We'd love to hear your comments and/or opinions. If you submit them here, other visitors can read them, rate them and comment on them. An e-mail address is not required.

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