SEC Predictions- Week Twelve

by Dyke Marler
(Atlanta )

November 19, 2010
Dyke L. Marler

Atlanta, Georgia

I’m taking a mulligan on posting my picks the day after the
Alabama/Georgia State game. If you think I would have missed that
one, you are denser than “Peggy” from the Capital One credit card
Every team scheduled for Saturday, with the exception of South
Carolina, is playing for the second longest straw. Tennessee and Vandy
are essentially playing for the second longest one in the State, and
by “one” I mean straw.

Georgia State at Alabama
Call me a visionary.
Arkansas at Mississippi State
Relf has to beat a team with his feet, Mallett has Joe Adams and
Kniles Davis for that. Am I the only one who mentally inserts Cam
Newton into Chris Relf’s jersey and thinks about “what if?”
Ole Miss at LSU
If Jordan Jefferson’s Cinderella slipper is still fitting.
Masoli, Bolden, Enrique Davis and Markeith Summers are capable of the
upset but the defense remains suspect. I think LSU is still hoping for
the Cam Newton bomb to drop so they can slip through the side door and
into the SEC Championship Game and, hopefully, the NC game.

Appalachian State at Florida
Could App. State do this again? In the swamp? They did it in the Big House.
Troy at South Carolina
South Carolina
Now you know I’m an expert.
Tennessee at Vandy
There could be an upset but there is more of a chance that Barry Bonds
WAS NOT on steroids.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Nov 22, 2010
by: Mo Johnson

November 22, 2010

Dyke L. Marler

Atlanta, Georgia

A perfect 6-0. I guess it would have made sense to pick Mississippi
State at home but Arkansas has gotten a lot better. I could have seen
Ole Miss as a trendy upset pick but eventually LSU’s deep pool of
talent will drown you and Ole Miss can be counted on to do one super
dumb thing per game. DO YOU HEAR ME MARKEITH SUMMERS?!!

Let’s explore this subject a little deeper. Most folks like their
reality in small doses and if you are one of those people now would be
a good time to click the mouse on the little x up there in the corner.

Attention whores. That is the label I’ve affixed to it. Markeith
Summers caught a pass-well he is a wide receiver-and raced toward the
end zone with the potential winning touchdown but when he got there he
did an odd thing. He dove, ball outstretched, over the goal line. In a
classic “look at me, look at me, my Daddy didn’t give me enough
attention, I’m so selfish I don’t care about my teammates or this
penalty I’m about to cause for 104 of them, my grandiosity and
arrogance is a ruse to cover my deep insecurities, Markeith Summers
cost his team a 15 yard penalty with less than 2 minutes to go in the
game. The resulting kickoff was from the 15 yard line and returned by
Patrick Peterson to the 50.

By that time the sun had set and it suddenly turned into LSU playing
in Death Valley on Saturday night under a full moon. We know how
those usually end. My opinion is that Mr. “Somersault” Summers, and
those like him, don’t have the intellectual capacity to process that
much information that quickly. If you have another explanation, feel
free to offer it up.

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