SEC Football Week 7 Predictions

by DM
(A, G)

Last Week's Record

Season Record

13 misses this year and 5 of them are Georgia. Surely, they won't lose
to Vandy right? We've got Arkansas at Auburn, Bama coming into a
rebound game for the first time in two years, an energized South
Carolina team travels to Kentucky, Mississippi State going into the
swamp against Chris Rainey and the Gators and least (and last) LSU
hosts McNeese State.

Vanderbilt at Georgia
Mark Richt had his 11th player this year, arrested earlier in the
week. Miami has had 1 player arrested in the last 4 years. Thanks,
Georgia, Running back Caleb King will miss the next two games for
Georgia and Vandy is playing pretty good football. Still, Aaron Murray
and company should wear Vandy down. If Ealey and Thomas hold the
football, Georgia wins.

South Carolina at Kentucky
South Carolina
Does anybody think Stephen Garcia will complete 85% of his passes this week?
This is exactly where Champions are forged. Will South Carolina put
Kentucky away, as they should, or will they be satisfied with beating
Bama last week? Do you want to go to Atlanta or talk about going to

McNeese State at LSU
You don't really expect to to comment on this do you?

Mississippi State at Florida
I realize this is a prediction article and not an editorial but - no
wait, this is a Blog, I can write whatever I damn well please. Urban
Meyer allowed Chris Rainey to rejoin the team this week. Two weeks
after being arrested for sending his ex-girlfriend a text message
which read "time to die b-tch." Coach Meyer has had 27 players
arrested in 4 years. That's got to be some kind of record. So Jeffrey
Demps must still be injured.
The popular choice is to say that this one will be close. Not necessarily.

Ole Submissive at Alabama
Ole Miss fans let me tell you exactly how I feel about your new
mascot. I hope Bama beats you 150,000 to nothing. Do you mind if I
just call you "The Magnolia Blossoms?" You do? Too bad, cause I don't
really care. I stopped laughing at ya'll a long time ago.
Ole Miss DT Jerrell Powe was quoted earlier in the week as saying
"Almighty Alabama got exposed last week because they are one
dimensional." His own momma had the better quote-"Jerrell's a good
boy, he just can't read." Stick that in your Rebel Black Bear.

You know, because they had 13 men on the field against LSU. Yeah, it
was funnier last week.
Tennessee has the week off. We know that because they play Bama next week.

Arkansas at Auburn
Let's talk defense.
Arkansas is 2nd in the SEC and 13th Nationally in scoring defense (15
points per game) and 19th Nationally in total defense. They average
3.4 sacks per game, 4th best in the Nation.
Offensively I like future NFL'ers Ryan Mallett, DJ Williams, Joe
Adams, Ronnie Wingo, Jr., Jarius Wright, Greg Childs and ex-NFL'er
Bobby Petrino just a little better than I like Cam Newton and....wait,
I'm thinking...

Enjoy your weekend!

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