Florida Gators Top BCS Team -- No Way!

by Danny

You are right on about a couple things.

First, I agree that you let your bias show. There is no way Florida should be at the top of the BCS poll -- they have 2 losses already.

But, the more serious issue is the problems you identify with the BCS. The main problem is only 2 teams make it to the BCS championship game. That's just not enough. We need some sort of playoff system that will allow more teams than 2 to compete at the end of the year.

The system really is biased against the SEC. Reason, as you say, is that the SEC is so tough. No one ever survives an SEC season without at least one loss.

Florida was clearly the best team in the country last year, yet they had one loss and were only very lucky to make it to the BCS Championship game.

This year, the SEC is even better, the Big Ten, even worse, so the problem will be more pronounced.

I agree that every SEC team will likely lose at least 2 games in conference and thus be ineligible for the BCS Championship game. Yet, I believe whoever comes out on top in the SEC championship game will be the best team in the country. But, not get to play in college football's NC game.

It will be a pity.

My solution:

Make 4 of the bowls "playoff bowls." Those 8 teams play each other. 4 advance to semi-final playoff bowls. Two advance to the real National Championship game.

I can't imagine we ever having more than 8 teams at the end of the year with legit. claims to the national championship.

4 teams would have to play an extra game. 2 teams would play 2 extra games.

all the bowls would be preserved.

I think this is the answer.

What do you think?

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Oct 17, 2007
College Football Needs a Playoff System
by: Mo

Danny -- great comments. I like your playoff system idea a lot. It would be much, much fairer.

I think we are headed for a BCS trainwreck this year. The only way it can be avoided is if LSU can win out and either South Florida or OSU loses a game.

The BCS folks should be on their knees praying this happens.

thanks again

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