Ohio State and the Big Ten are #1

by Tony Smith (Big Ten Tony T)

It sounds like you want to use the rankings for your own good. If they don't mean anything then how can you say that the SEC teams should use their rankings if you are discounting the rankings for the top 25? Get your logic together and don't get emotional about this. Let's use statistics and facts for this debate.

Ohio State has played in the toughest conference in the nation. Based on that fact they have faced Penn State (Bowl Eligible) Wisconsin (Bowl Eligible) Illinois (Bowl Eligibel)and Michigan (Bowl Eligible)Indiana( Bowl eligible).

Any team that can make it through that schedule should ranked number one. If you take away the Championship game. Which was the worst game played by Ohio State in 4 years under Jum Tresell, then they have the nation longest winning streak. One more National Championship (which would make 2 under this coach). Now going for a third under Tressel this year. Which was considered a rebuilding year.

They have over 70% of the talent coming from instate. They have 4 senior starters on both sides of the ball. Everyone else will be back next year SEC. 1 Game in two seasons. How can you deny that number one ranking this year?

Statistics and legacy does carry weight in a college program (So Florida). They have been ranked the top school this decade second to USC?

This is a legitimate #1 team. What SEC School Team can claim that or say that they are in the same class? Please let me know. This is not an overnight success story. This is a franchise football program that built to be number one. That built to challenge the nation for a national championship. History will tell you that.

Woody Hayes built a team built on that philosophy and it has continued through to this day.

We will close with that it was not Florida that beat Ohio State's best team last year. It was Ohio State who beat themselves. It won't happen with this coach again.

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