We Need a Playoff

by Tex Noel, 1st-N-Goal StatHistorian
(Bedford, IN USA)

I agree! Ohio State hasn't played anyone this year.

And Michigan could be out of the Top 25 by the time they play.

Say, for arguments sake, OSU wins the title. Would they be the first #1 team to go through the entire season and NOT play a team in the final poll?


Oklahoma's 1956 champion not only failed to play any team in the Final AP Top 20....but of its 10 opponents, 9 finished the season with a losing record; and yet this team is considered one of the greatest in college football history.

Also, in 1984 BYU also won the title and failed to play an opponent within the final poll.

Personally, I want to see a team, that has never won a title win one this year. (Florida's initial title--1996--was the last time there was a first-time champion.)

Even with one loss, LSU could still come back and advance to the BCS Championship Game; and should OSU continue and make it to the BCS Championship, look for the SEC to come out victorious again this year.

Without a doubt, a playoff would settle many on-going "arguments."

Smaller schools find it successful--having a playoff structure to determine their #1, then Bowl Subdivision can AND should construct something...with all the revenue and sponsorships they bring in, more games would bring it even more of what seems to be the norm in intercollegiate athletics, money!!

How would it be determined? Good question!!

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Oct 17, 2007
We have a good college football playoff idea
by: Mo


Thanks a lot for your contribution. Good stuff! Your information about the 1956 Oklahoma and 1984 BYU teams was interesting to say the least!

Further confirmation that we have a problem, and have long had a problem, determining the Division I College Football National Champion.

I agree with you that we need a playoff. And..actually, an earlier poster (Danny) has a pretty good idea for a fix. See College Football Playoff Idea.

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