BCS is BS by manipulation

by jrwhiterabbit

This is what my take on last year was. Based on the last years teams and though some teams have changed the idea and the selection process remain the same. Here are my points to why it’s unfair.

I don’t like that they hold the Conference Championship games against teams.
Until they come up with a standard method. There is no way that they
can be using the same criteria across the board. You have in the top
five teams. One team with a perfect season. Only should the conference
game into play when there is a clear need to break a tie. You have 3
of the four teams who have the same regulated games of 12 but you have
one rated ahead of the others that only played 11 Which is Texas.
Number 5 USC has 11 too. So how can they be judged the same? When you
add in the Conference game you have 2 more games so clearly that is
out of whack. but here are the thoughts. I clearly think that at minimum
Alabama should have played Texas or USC not Utah.

Alabama declared after the late October loss of Texas the top #1
position. Bama being the #5 team of the year to move there. Held it to
season end. The fact that every one yields Texas as the only shafted team
here, I beg to disagree. At the very least there should be a rematch
of Florida and Alabama. or pull Florida out and make it a Texas vs
Oklahoma NC. Here is my reason.

1. Florida lost to Ole Miss. Point blank no way around it ..don’t give
a dang about a Tebow speech of motivation. They lost to a lowly rank
outside the top 25 team. That should be recognized.

2. Alabama held the #1 position longer than anyone this year. Clearly
that should account for something. Every one talks about how they had
a less than tough schedule. They beat several teams ranked . At one
time I think Georgia was number one, Auburn was pre-season pick to win
all in SEC. They were ranked like 3 or 4 at one time. LSU, etc. You
can find those stats.

3. MOST IMPORTANT…….Alabama finished their season at perfect.
Everyone else in the top 5 had a loss. Alabama was beaten by a number
4 in the nation team who got beat earlier by a non ranked team. But
better than that….it was regulated conference play that Florida

Which the SEC game is not regulated play. I do not think the wins or losses should
carry the same capital punishment. A Championship game should be used only if there
is need for a tie breaking season. WE did not have that when we went
into that game. First and Foremost ,regardless, we had the better
record. I don’t give a damn about style points. Just out right season

4. Alabama handled their own and at one time could have won the game.
Far stretch from the run off the media and naysayers were giving us
credit for.

5. There should be a match up for tie breaker Fl vs AL and
Texas vs Ok. That is a no brainer. If Florida beat us outright again
I would be happy to wish florida much success. Whereas now …they are
there on a fall through the cracks technicality.

6. There should be standardization. Period. Until all conferences
alike play a Conference championship game…it should be for title
only and bragging rights ,….not to effect the National Championship
standings. Matter of fact….Look at the stats. WE PLAYED one more
game of regulated play than one of the top 4 teams ahead of us,. THAT
is plain BS.

7. and OPINION ONLY-This championship game is much like everything
else going on in the world. Seems that since the economy is screwed up
as bad as it is….they want to make sure sports fit the trend. The NC
game is now about as screwed up as the whole general world. Not just
that game but other things as well, namely, the Auburn situation. But
this NC championship is the battle between who the media and the
Football god’s decided it would be against. It will forever be to me
the year that the National championship game was nothing more than a
technical fallacy. If I was Fl or Oklahoma I would
want a rematch… because no matter what happens…….in the back of
their mind they will know that many think that it was a farce. Racket
if you will. Because there are plenty of people like myself …that
forgets nothing. I know from an ethical stand point the only fair
thing to have done would have been to create a mini playoff game.
Why? some of these kids won’t get a chance to have next year.

I am not mad about it because of me…I am very much upset about it
because of the kids and the heart of the game.

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