Big Ten Scott

by Big Ten Scott
(Tempe, Az)

The Ohio State University Football team has already played a ranked team this year. Purdue was ranked 17th at the time of their contest. Also Penn State is currently ranked and so is scUM.

The Ohio State University Football program has the best defense hands down in the Divison 1-A today. Every team they have played so far has not been able to post more than 200 total yards of offense against them.

LSU is a very good team but they are beatable, so is Florida. Outside those two teams the SEC has nobody of real credibilty.

South Carolina? Nope not a chance. Kentuky? Not buying that turd of a team.

Don't try to convince me that the SEC is something special. They are just smoke and mirrors.

Florida and LSU is all you have.

Just like the Big Ten. The Ohio State University and scUM.

Deal with that cause it is true.

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Oct 28, 2007
by: Anonymous


Feb 23, 2008
You're an idiot
by: SEC Mike

The SEC has had a conference championship game ever since 1992 and all they have done is have 4 different teams win the National Championship and if you thro in the undefeated Auburn team in there from a couple of years ago then that would be 5 DIFFERENT teams to win the championship. Is there another conference that can come close to that stat? Talk about parity!!!

Sep 27, 2008
MAD SEC FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Alabama ASS Kicker

You stated that the SEC hasn't got any good teams besides Florida, and LSU let me tell you a little something, maybe you haven't seen the TIDE this year, or maybe you are just scared this is their year to shine? Me myself, I am a Auburn fan, and dont appreciate some piece of crap throwing off on the SEC, it is one of the toughest conferences around, you have got to be a yankee to be running off at the mouth!So the next time you want to go and have diareah of the mouth, think about the Alabama Crimson Tide may just be the team to win the national championship this year, smoke that in your pipe YANKEE!

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